31.3.2002 Amiga Arena - Fullversion / Source Code
In co-operation with David Ekholm you can Download the final Version from the DataBase Programm "DBase 3.4" inclusive free Source Code! The source code for DBase will compile under the SAS compiler (6.xx). More information see Downloadarchive or mail to David Ekholm!

Amiga Arena website
31.3.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020331).

Amiga Update website
31.3.2002 GFX-BASE interview with Darius Brewka
GFX-BASE interviewed the author of the startmenu called AmiStart, Darius Brewka. AmiStart is a new startmenu-clone for AmigaOS featuring the usual options but also unique features like transparency, shortcuts, drag'n'drop and much more. We were talking about his plans for his new beta of AmiStart, which he is going to release soon, opinions and our usual questions. Read it here.

GFX-BASE website
31.3.2002 the Amiga Future Homepage change the server
Andreas Magerl: "Now we have any problems: our URL www.amigafuture.de damaged :( I hope we can restart in some days. You can use now the URL www.amiga-future.de but some links and features are broken :( ALL @amigafuture.de emails are broken. please use af@apc-tcp.de."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
31.3.2002 AmigaZone SPECIAL Price on Amiga Forever V5.0 FULL CD Version!
AmigaZone's new Web Store is offering for a limited time, Cloanto's fantastic Amiga Forever V5.0, the full retail registered CD version at less than half normal retail price and more... Check it

Harv Laser, AmigaZone
30.3.2002 Nicolas Mendoza' s AmigaAnywhere Tutorial (Part 1)
This is the first part in a series of tutorials made by Nicolas Mendoza. They are intended to lower the steepness of starting developing for AmigaAnywhere.

AmigaAnywhere Tutorial part 1

Amiga Flame website
AmigaDE at polarBoing

30.3.2002 Ben Hermans on audio stream from Amiga Expo
Some interesting snippets of information could be made out on the rather poor audio stream:
- Screenshots of OS4.0 will be published in the first part of april
- Magic Menu and Birdie (among others) will be seamlessl integrated into the interface.
- The new OS will look quite different (i.e it will not just look like a fast OS3.9)
- Opus Magellan 2 has been licensed for OS4.0 (not certain about the details)
- For the moment, no new printer system, it will arrive in BoingBag/OS4.1

Amiga.org website
30.3.2002 Innovative's server offline for maintainence...
Felix Schwarz, Innovative: "Dear visitor, our server is currently offline for maintainence and hardware upgrade. We will be fully back online in a few days. Stay tuned!"

Felix Schwarz
29.3.2002 Akiko 1.5 Released
Akiko 1.5, the CD32 & CDTV emulator for Windows was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This version is a major update with many new features and cool improvements: For example it's now possible to boot CD32 & CDTV games directly from their ISO image or from a folder on your harddisk. Additionally you can put the audio tracks as MP3s on your harddisk and Akiko will use and play them also (so you can also replace the music with your favorite soundtracks!). Finally Akiko supports some new CD32 & CDTV games and some fixes were done (concerning CD audio and Joypad emulation). And I removed the code protections for Speris Legacy, Worms and Alien Breed 3D because they are no longer necessary these days and so they only nerv the users. Akiko 1.5 can now be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair web page.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
29.3.2002 Amiga User Group Network Broadcast of AmigaExpo starts today!
"Starting today at 5 EST (-5GMT) the Amiga User Group Network will start broadcasting live from the AmigaExpo 2002 show floor!
Don't miss a minute of the exciting action! See half-man half-beast in cage match combat with 19 foot tall robots... wait that's the other show. This is just Amiga fans at their best!
Visit the ugn website for information how you can watch, listen and particpate."

Amiga.org website
Bill "tekmage" Borsari
28.3.2002 Amiga Expo Starts Tomorrow! (Friday)
Amiga Expo is starting tomorrow (Friday) at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Maryland. Expect great sales, fantastic door prizes, special guest speµakers, robots, a few surprises, and Amigas Amigas Amigas!!

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
28.3.2002 The future of Digital Almanac
"I request all users of Digital Almanac to send back to me this filled-in form. [..] The Amiga market is more and more collapsing. There are almost no new publications, just some new games are attracting our attention for a short time. The number of sold copies of DA III were acceptable at the minimum but have been much lower than predecessor versions. This is not caused by poor quality but the more and more Amigans are leaving the Amiga in favour of different operating systems. This fact is sad bud must not be ignored. That's why I have to face this market situation and must decide, if and how far Digital Almanac is developed for the future or if it will be ported for the new Amiga boards (Pegasos and AmigaOne).
Your opinion is decisive for the future of the last remaining astronomy software for the Amiga! Read more

Digital Almanac Homepage
28.3.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
Codename "Petunia"!
After the last "Executive Update" from Amiga Inc. it is officielle that this will be the "Just In Time" compiling based Motorola 68040 emulator for the Amiga OS 4.0!
Read im the Interview about Álmos Rajnai the developer from "Petunia" and how the developing starts!

Amiga Arena website
27.3.2002 No more Picasso96 V2
Mr. Tobias Abt (one of the original P96 prorammers): "Would there have been proper funding of our work because of licence fees or at least a steady stream of registrations, we could have provided the user base with Picasso96 v2 updates and new drivers. But that never happened, so we concentrate our own efforts to work on projects that will bring some cash in. Which means better support for Amithlon and OS4. We will now mainly concentrate on v3 and OS4, so don't expect any more v2 releases."

CyberGraphX homepage
27.3.2002 Pegasos release date
"As stated in an e-mail of Mr Oliver Does, Vesalia Computer, bplan GmbH has announced to deliver the Pegasos PPC board in week 20."

MorphOS ML
27.3.2002 Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ updated
Added two entries to the Compatibility page dealing with the release of Boing Bag 2.

Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ website
27.3.2002 Samplitude Opus FULL version free of charge
Samplitude Opus FULL version can now be used free of charge. Note that there is currently NO official support - please visit our mailinglist (see Samplitude web-site for details) or ask by email and be (very) patient.
A general keyfile activating all features of Samplitude Opus is this: anFq7aDFba2qq0BqCaFAa0pEa0mAqFqFqFqFqFoF

Albrecht Computer Technik website
27.3.2002 Audio Evolution News
"We are very proud that Audio Evolution got mentioned in the latest Executive update by Bill McEwen on the Amiga Inc. website. [..] The OS4 CD will include a (limited) lite version of Audio Evolution for you to try out. Audio Evolution 4 will include:
Non-linear editing on time line, including cut, copy, paste, move, split and trim actions
Unlimited undo
Many grid options to align your samples
Improved automation editing on time line
Track height adjustment
Metronome with freely adjustable time signature
Control the mixer remotely with external MIDI hardware
Native OS4 effect plug-ins
Automate effect parameters
WAV import
256 color palette
More information will follow in a couple of weeks.

Audio Evolution is an audio harddisk recording system primarily aimed at musicians who want an easy-to-use multitrack recorder for home-studio applications.

Amiga Future website
Audio Evolution website

27.3.2002 BarsnPipes News
BarsnPipes v1.10 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (Freeware).
New in this version: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more. For further information read the included BnP_Addenum.guide.

Alfred Faust's homepage
27.3.2002 More Audio related Software News
mpega_libmad r3 - WarpOS version of the mpega.library clone. This is the third release for WarpOS which should finally fix those nasty lockups with the expense of some speed.

Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen
27.3.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.42 R4 implements the artillery. There is light, medium and heavy artillery using 4 types of weapons: small and large ballista, catapult and war catapult. These are the weapons of choice to capture towns and castles.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Tales of Tamar homepage

26.3.2002 Executive Update - Bill McEwen gives a status update of Amiga projects (AmigaOS, AmigaOne)
Fresh from a fantastic showing at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco where Amiga Anywhere wowed and amazed commentators, developers and potential customers alike, Bill gives us an update on projects of Amiga Inc and its partners. Read the March 25, 2002 Executive Update here.

Bill McEwen: "I wanted to take the time to get the Amiga community caught up on our flagship project, the AmigaOS."

AmigaInc website

26.3.2002 Amiga Expo Events Schedule Finalized with LOWER prices!
Amiga Expo has posted the finalized events schedule on their web site along with a low flat-rate pricing for people to take as many classes as they like for only $20.
"You'll find classes on programming for AmigaDE, building a Video Toaster[2] system, panels with Amiga celebrities such as Dave Haynie, Andy Finkel and perhaps some surprise guests!"

Kermit R Woodall via ANN
Amiga Expo website
26.4.2002 The winners of the DBPro Music-Compo
Today the winners of the Digibooster Professional Mod Competition admits given! Here you can download all tracks

The Unofficial Homepage of DigiBoosterPr
26.3.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
"Many people like me love the Sound from the C64! With 'Sid4Amiga' you can listen to all the great 'Sid Tunes' from the C64!
Read all about the new in development version of "Sid4Amiga" and some more interested infos from the developer 'Paul Heams'.'

Paul Heams: "Just to let you all know that a new version of the Sid4Amiga package is currently being worked upon. Encouraged by the latest happenings in the Amiga market (and my order of one of the first batches of the Amiga One mother board) I have started work once again. Beta testers are required - if you can help then please contact me!"

Amiga Arena website
Paul's Space website

26.3.2002 Alan Redhouse Interview Amiga2001, St.Louis
"Clearly, the recent Eyetech announcements have rendered obsolete much of the technical information on the Amiga One contained in this interview. (Even the picture of the board in the title graphic on this page is outdated!) On the other hand, the interview contains some interesting insights into the origin of and thinking behind the Amiga One project, and it may also give the reader some better sense of who Alan Redhouse is as a person." Interview

Amiga.org website
25.3.2002 Project Petunia - Official Part of AmigaOS 4.x
Project Petunia is an experimental Motorola 680x0 processor emulation for PowerPC based Amigas with dynamic recompilation.
Dynamic recompilation (or also called just-in-time compilation or simply JIT compilation) is a technique of translation of the emulated processor machine code to an executer processor machine code on-the-fly. This technique is a common method nowadays, usually used in JAVA applications, and it is also used with success in several emulators.
Petunia officially will be a part of AmigaOS4. Read more

Ben Hermans, Hyperion: "The benchmarks on the Petunia homepage are outdated. Current performance is a lot better. Plus don't forget that these benchmarks were taken from the JIT emulator running on a BlizzardPPC with very slow 32 bit memory access and no L2 cache. Memory bandwith is a key consideration with JIT emulators."

Amigart website
Álmos Rajnai's website

24.3.2002 Apus PPC kernel for Prometheus board
Early beta version of Apus PPC kernel for Prometheus board is now available here. instructions

Matay website
23.3.2002 Amiga Expo 2002 News
Cool Stuff Happening at Learn Lightwave/Amiga Expo
Here's the latest news on the Worldwide LightWave Training Tour that is coming to Amiga Expo on March 29th-31st at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Maryland. Read more

Mr. Hardware Computers to show new Mouse/Keyboard Adapters
Mr. Hardware Computers is pleased to announce two new products for the Amiga market. The "MRH Mouse Adapter" and the "MRHK-2D Multimedia Keyboard Adapter". These adaptors are the most advanced adaptors on the market today. They come with full printed documentation as well! Read more

Amiga Expo website

23.3.2002 Epic Interactive News
Paul Burkey of Epic Interactive talked about the difficulties associated with porting a game to the Amiga. He revealed in the Amiga Newsgroups that, "It was possible to port Feeble Files to the Amiga because we (Epic) had ported it to MacOS already where the licence and development costs were covered. This means the Amiga version only has to cover cost of duplication (and some extra development time)". As result it is clear that Amiga only conversions are out of the question, as "developers really have to include Mac (or Consoles) into their Port to survive". Paul Burkey has suggested that two new game ports to MacOS may be ported to Amiga and has also not ruled out games for AmigaOne. Read more

AmigaFlame website
Epic Interactive
23.3.2002 CompuQuick's update before Amiga Expo
"Next Friday we shall be participating in the exciting Amiga Expo in Maryland. Please come in large numbers and be sure to visit our booth. We have consistently attended and participated in all major Amiga Shows in the U.S. since the last six years and have smilingly served all our long time customers. At the show we will be taking further preorders for the upcoming Amiga One G3-SE that is slated for release in May 2002. Our website has been updated for you to place your pre-orders under our New Amigas section. Your credit cards will not be charged till the product ships to us from Eyetech in England. Please check the details at www.compuquick-amigadirect.com and email us at sales@compuquick-amigadirect.com. As always thank you for your support and Long Live the Amiga. Randhir & Sarla Jesrani COMPUQUICK MEDIA CENTER 3758, TOWN & COUNTRY ROAD COLUMBUS. OH. 43213. TEL: 614-235-1180 & 614-235-3601 FAX: 614-235-1180

CompuQuick via ANN
23.3.2002 Missing ScreenModes with OS3.9BoingBag2 & CyberGraphX?
Did all your screenmodes disappear when you installed OS3.9 BoingBag2? If so this is the same error that happened a few months back when a newer version of BlizKick was released. The problem is related to a version check of exec.library. Newer exec versions (> v40) cause problems when scanning the display database for cgxsystem.library less than version 42.6. Any exec.library patch or hack with a version > v40 runs into this problem.
You will need cgxsystem.library 42.7 or higher. This can be found in the CGX 4.2pre11 or later release [found here] for normal Amiga graphics card users, or G-Rex PCI card users can use the CGX V4.3beta R3 for G-Rex archive [found here].

CyberGraphX homepage
23.2.2002 Software News
MagicMenu v2.35 (beta) released. MagicMenu is popUp menus for OS 2.x or later with optional 3D-Look and transparency. readme

MagicMenu homepage
22.3.2002 Pegasos & AmigaOne
Vesalia advertises the Pegasos with G3 600MHz for EUR 650.0.
Features: microATX mainboard, 133 MHz CPU slot, 600 MHz G3 PowerPC upto Dual G4 PowerPC, PC133 RAM (2 sockets), AGP slot, PCI subsystem with three slots, IEEE1394 (Firewire) with 100/200/400 MBit data transfer, 10/100 MBit Ethernet, USB, AC97 sound subsystem, IRDA, ATA100 and more.

Or you can preorder AmigaOne G3-SE motherboard incl. Linux & UAE for EUR 695.00.
Features: standard ATX manboard, 600 MHz G3 CPU, PC133 RAM (2 sockets up to 2GB), AGP slot, 4x PCI slots, 10/100 MBit Ethernet, USB, sound, modem & gameport I/O via the AMR header, ATA100 and more.

Vesalia Computer website

22.3.2002 Pegasos Art Gallery
Pegasos ART Gallery These are raw pictures taken from a working board. For viewing in original size select the images directly.

bplan website
22.3.2002 Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.14
The MM CD 1.14 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD, has also been released by ELBOX Computer.
The update includes the latest version of the driver for the Voodoo card family:
- Voodoo.card ver. 4.14
The new driver includes the workaround to the P96 system to prevent graphic corruption when graphic card memory overflow occurs.

22.3.2002 Mediator UP 3.0
The MediatorUP 3.0 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users has been made available today.
The update includes the latest version of the driver for the Voodoo card family:
- Voodoo.card ver. 2.14
The new driver includes the workaround to the P96 system to prevent graphic corruption when graphic card memory overflow occurs.
The update includes a new version of the S3 ViRGE driver:
- Virge.card ver. 1.6
The blitter function, which is responsible for displaying text, has been slowed down to prevent lockups in some S3 ViRGE chipsets.

22.3.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
One of the most popular paint programm for the Amiga is the freeware PerfectPaint! Read all about the future and some more in the interview with Halvadjian Georges the developer of PerfectPaint!

Amiga Arena website
22.3.2002 BlizKick 1.24 RC3
This is the latest Blizkick direct from the author for CSPPC/BPPC/MKIII cards, 1.24 Release Candidate 3. Changes since RC1:
- Updated romupdatesplit to handle OS 3.9 BoingBag2. It kind of worked before too, but named some modules unknown.
- Fixed V45 exec.library of AmigaOS 3.9 BoingBag2. It use quite crude hack to enable it, you'd better have true 32bit memory that doesn't go away at reset for this to work. Works on my BlizzPPC, Wizor's & SMF^'s Blizzard 1260, Cyber2th's CSMkII and Zerohero's Blizzard 2060 at least. YMMV. Note that this hack automagically fix some buggy programs that peek $f80000 for version information. - Improved romfixes module: No longer fail whole module if some sub-patch fail. Now it should be possible to use romfixes as the last module.
download / readme

Am*ga software by Harry Sintonen
22.3.2002 MRH Mouse adapter & MRHk-2D keyboard adapter
Mr. Hardware Computers is happy to announce 2 new products for the Amiga market. The MRH Mouse adapter & MRHK-2D multimedia keyboard adapter.
The MRH Mouse adapter supports most PC mouse standards (Logitec, Microsoft, Genius etc...) Works with KVM's (keyboard,video,& mouse) switches, automatic and manual. Supports up to 5 button mice, dual scroll mice, optical mice. Scroll works on ALL screen modes. Has Joystick pass thru's, so you can keep your Joysticks plugged in. Built in Auto Joystick Mouse switch. Works on all Amigas. 5 year warranty. A limited time special for the Baltimore Maryland Amiga show: $32.

The MRHK-2D multimedia keyboard adapter works with 100% of Windows keyboards! Works with KVM's. Multimedia key support. It naturally maps multimedia keys to Amiga keymaps. Built in keyboard short cuts (copy, paste, print screen, EOL, beginning of line, page up, page down, warm boot). Correctly maps USA keyboards. International versions available. Works with A2000, 3000(T), 4000(T), CD32 Versions available for A1200, A600, A500, A1000. Buffered to protect your computer. Supports multiple key presses. Comes with a 6ft extension built in. Guaranteed to work with your Windows keyboard. 5 year warranty. A limited time special for the Baltimore Maryland Amiga show: $37.

Russ Norrby, Mr. Hardware Computers

21.3.2002 AmigaInc.: Clarification from Fleecy
"After the recent MS announcement, I decided that I wanted a few clarifications from Amiga Inc, as there seemed to be a lot of Amigans shouting about the press release for no real reason. So here's a transcript of an email conversation I had with Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc's Chief Technical Officer.

Amiga.org website
21.3.2002 Mirage 4000 Pro is coming
We would like to inform all the interested Amiga 4000D users that the first batch of the Mirage 4000 Pro System has already been sent to our distributors.

To become a happy owner of Mirage 4000 Pro contact immediately:
U.K. - Power Computing
Germany - Vesalia or KDH Datentechnik
Sweden - GGS-Data
In other countries: see our distributor page.

The detailed specification of the Mirage 4000 Pro System: see the product page.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER

21.3.2002 Pagan Games fully supports AmigaInc.
"A lot of recent negative posting about Amiga -- Microsoft deal has caused some concern and back biting in the community. Pagan Games fully supports Amiga in its decisions and path for the future, be that with Nokia, Microsoft, Sharp etc. We will be fully supporting Amiga DE now and in the future. - Pagan Games."

Pagan Games website
21.3.2002 GFX-BASE.com
Change your GFX-BASE bookmark to www.gfxbase.com!
GFX-BASE interview with Nikolaj Thygesen
Nikolaj Thygesen is the author of a professional paint- and image authoring application. He is currently working on a new beta, which is now featuring (besides an improved layer-system, lots of cool paint-effects, the usual drawing tools, etc.) splines, anti-alias font engine, an improved GUI and much more.
"We were interested in this new beta, that's why we had a little chat with Nikolaj about his new beta, future plans, his new website, his opinion on recent Amiga news and more. Read it here now."

GFX-BASE website
20.3.2002 OS 3.9: Boing Bag 2 available now!
H&P is proud to announce the availability of Boing Bag 2 for AmigaOS 3.9. Boing Bag 3.9-2 contains many bug fixes, small enhancement and new features in the areas multimedia (AMPlifier, PlayCD, sound datatype), shell, Workbench (Find, AsyncWB, UnArc, XAD v10), ReAction and harddisk support. The Boing Bag is delivered in three parts: The main archive with all the files needed to update AmigaOS 3.9, the translations into different languages and the contributions (CDDB library, OpenURL, ClassAction). We want to thank all people that made it possible.
Please download at least the main archive and the translation(s) for the language(s) you desire. The contributions are optional.
Note: This Update requires AmigaOS 3.9 with Boing Bag 1. AmigaOS XL users can install the Boing Bag 2 directly.

Haage&Partner website
Amiga Expo 2002
20.3.2002 Amiga Expo - Advance Ticket Sales almost Over
The last day for advance registration for Amiga Expo will be Monday March 25th. You need to call 1-800-932-6442 right now to get your Amiga Expo and banquet tickets!
If you're attending the Learn LightWave seminars at this show you need to buy that special pass from www.learnlightwave.com which also gives you admission to the dealers floor and other classes. You'll still need to book your banquet tickets at the above number!
Pre-orders for tickets will not be accepted at this number after Monday. You will then have to purchase your tickets the day(s) of the show on March 29th-31st. Remember that Banquet tickets are limited and we cannot promise to have enough at the door on Friday or Saturday - so preorder your banquet tickets NOW to be sure you will be there!
The Amiga Expo banquet will open Saturday night at 6:30pm with a cash bar and dinner will be served at 7pm. You have a choice of Chicken Picatta, London Broil, or vegetarian platter. After dinner we will be entertained by the Unplanned Swampland Band featuring Dave Haynie, Bob Fisher, Andy Finkel, Jim Davis and perhaps a few more Amiga and Toaster guys! They may not be a seventies superband, but they're gonna be fun!
If you haven't booked your hotel room yet, just call the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn Maryland at 1-410-785-7000 to book your room now before space runs out. If you mention Amiga Expo you will get a discounted rate of only $99 per night for a single, double, triple or quad room!
We look forward to seeing you at the largest Amiga Show of the year - Amiga Expo!

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
20.3.2002 UGN on Amiga Expo 2002
"Welcome to the UGN live audio, webcam and ICQ from the First AmigaExpo2002! We could not have made this possible with the help of Amiga Inc, AmigaExpo, NovaDesign and AudioLabs. The planned start time of the webcast will begin Friday March 29th at 5:00 PM EST (GMT -5) and will end on Sunday March 31st at 5 PM EST. Please remember that the 5 PM EST start time is dependant on getting all the equipment setup. Read more

Amiga User Group Network website
20.3.2002 Flash player source
Gary Peake, AmigaInc.: "In truth, Macromedia, a company who is very friendly to us, decided to release the Flash Player source after discussions with us. They will be releasing other Player source as well. Macromedia won't "help" developers other than to provide the source and the docs to do the porting. We discussed that."

Ben Hermans, Hyperion: "I'm sure we can persuade our friends at Amiga to give it to us. That's one of the advantages of having a good relationship with Amiga Inc. rather than engaging in silly boycots. You'd be surprised how much cross-development is taking place/planned between Amiga OS 4.x and Amiga DE. There really is no need to reinvent the wheel all the time, API's can be shared, developers can work on similar aspects on both DE and OS 4 etc."

General discussion list for readers of Amiga Active magazine
ANN website

20.3.2002 Exotica News
Updated the Demo Scene Reference Manual. Current version is now 4.16. Changes since v4.12
In November 2001 last year, ExoticA held a competition to see who could come up with the best logo for the Intro Page at ExoticA. All entries were judged by XtC, the main ExoticA graphics artist. All the results are now online at the Intro Logo Competition Page.
Some days/weeks ago the ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection was updated. This brings it to version 4.5. The collection now contains 18,133 C64 tunes.
ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. To see whats new you can check out the e-mail announcement text - update30.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

Exotica website
20.3.2002 Software News
A new update of xvs.library v33.38 has been released today. If you are using VirusZ, VirusExecutor, VirusChecker, Safe, or CheckX, this is a MUST for you. You can find the update Right Here. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
19.3.2002 AmigaOne update: AmigaOneG3-SE
The AmigaOneG3-SE (Eyetech has renamed the AmigaOnepoint5 to AmigaOneG3-SE) is now production ready and orders for discounted developer/dealer/OS4 beta-tester boards/systems are now being taken (but only until by midnight on Sunday 24th March GMT 2002) for delivery in April. This closing date is necessary so that we can assess the volume required in this initial production run and place the order with the manufacturers. Purchasers of these boards will also be able to obtain a discount on the full user version of OS4.0 when it is released. Read more

Eyetech Group Limited website
19.3.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.42 R1 finally introduces the remaining town levels. A town can consist of up to 240 buildings, in four different levels: village, small town, large town and capital city. We also make a statement that we hope we are able to deliver :-) What is missing are settlers, cavallery, artillery and the statistics screen, then the base set for ToT is finally completed! But don't put your hopes to high: Even though ToT has been under permanent testing for 2 years now, we will still add 2 months of severe testing before the release. Massively multiplayer games like ToT are very complex programs and need to be tested thoroughly.
What will come then? We are already planning far into the future. After the release of the base set, ToT will be continually developed, improved and extended.
ToT players may offers their suggestions. Whatever is useful and possible to implement will be done. Current plans include: castles, online tournaments (with archery, lance riding etc..), a family tree, specialists (clerics, mages), royal secret service, library, 3D maps, battle screens. Some may notice that some of these points have been on our list for years. The concept has changed during the years. There are things in the game now we hadn't intended four years ago. The base set is already so complex that we feel the need to draw a line there.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Tales of Tamar homepage

19.3.2002 SoftCinema News
Softcinema v0.18 is ready for download. SoftCinema is SHAREWARE movie/animation player for the Amiga equiped with PowerPC processor. Changes since last version:
* Fixed avi palette handling. (bug introduced in 0.17)
* Optimizations in OpenDivx decoder.
* DivX 5.0 codec supported.
* Angel Potion codec supported.
* Added support for several different motion jpegs codecs.
* Few bugfixes in AVI parser.
* Introduced external plugins, only few converted to new API so far.
* Crash when NOVIDEO option was used. Fixed.

Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz, SoftCinema
19.3.2002 Software News
BlizKick v1.24rc1 - MapROM tool for phase5/DCE turbos/CPU boards. BlizKick is used to rekick any Kickstart ROM image with Blizzard turbo boards having MAPROM feature (jumper). Also A4000 CPU & Cyberstorm Cards should work. readme

CNET.device v1.7 - PCMCIA Network Card driver.
This is an PCMCIA (aka PC Card) ethernet card SANA2 driver for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 computers. Most NE2000 compatible cards are supported. readme

Am*ga software by Harry Sintonen

18.3.2002 Eyetech News
Pictures of the AmigaOnepoint5 board added to the Eyetech's AmigaOne picture page.

Eyetech Group Limited website
18.3.2002 New USB hardware
On Sunday the 17th a new ZorroII based USB board was demonstrated at the Amiga Users Group Inc. Melbourne Australia. The hardware developer Mr Robert Tsien has had this card in development for a year and Sunday was it's first public showing. It was demonstrated in a Cybersorm Grex equiped A4000 and was doing scans using a USB Epsom scanner via BetaScan. The product is in the final beta test stage and should be ready to go into production very soon.

ANN website
18.3.2002 New German Amiga news site
Amig@lien create a new German Amiga news site at http://www.amigalien-news.de.vu and http://www.amigalien.de/news/. Please send all news to news@amigalien.de, too. Thank you very much.

Ricco Clemens, Amig@lien News
18.3.2002 Computerrevolution 2002 Amiga Party
Amig@lien invites all Amiga Users to take part in the computerparty named "Computerrevolution 2002" on the 4th may and on the 5th may 2002. Users of other operating systems are also welcomed. Enough parking lots and signs, which will lead you to the party, will be there, too. The party will be in Waltersdorf/part Herrenwalde (in the eastern Saxony) in the clubhouse (Schuetzenhaus) and up to 20 computer users will be allowed to come there with their computers. There will be enough space for many other visitors. Apart from much food and drink there'll be a network and an internet-connection.
If our organisation shall come out then you will already be able to have a look at a playable version of "Alien Imperium" and if someone will have problems then he/she will get help, like on the last computerparty. Amig@lien will offer for example a mapeditor workshop for payback. If you are interested now and if you would like to bring your computer with you then write a mail, please, until the end of march (party@amigalien.de), because perhaps there'll be not enough places anymore. But if you "only" would like to drop in then you can write a mail whenever you want. Current information about the party are on www.computerrevolution.de.vu.

Ricco Clemens, Computerrevolution

18.3.2002 GFX-BASE review of 'The Feeble Files'
"Again we have a new big review for you: This time we put the recently released 3D adventure-game 'The Feeble Files' to the test including lots of screenshots and tips." Read it here

GFX-BASE website
18.3.2002 AmiBlitz2
The latest version of AmiBlitz2 is available on the Blitz2000 website, along with many other updates to the site. AmiBlitz2 is the name for the free version of Blitz Basic 2.
For a full list of site updates, you can visit http://news.blitz-2000.co.uk.

German users may also be interested in the AmiForce site which has a dedicated AmiBlitz2 section, complete with online manual and web-forum.

David McMinn

18.3.2002 Games & Demo News
"PuzzelBOBS" Demo-Update 02
A new Demo-Update for the "Bust a Move" Clone "PuzzelBOBS" from "Nexus Development" is available!

Windows News oldskool amigalike pc-demo
Lulling 'LJ' Jerome: "If you are into oldskool amigademos, please feel free to download my amigalike pc-demo with lots of great tunes (150kb). It got 85% at back2roots.org! Please feel free to download it and spread it around."

Amiga Arena website
Lulling Jerome, jeromelulling.com

17.3.2002 Amiga Expo 2002 News
Amiga Expo is Gonna Kick 'Bot!
Amiga Expo is expanding your exposure to new cool stuff. In the past you've heard lectures from NASA astronauts, television celebrities - but now we've got the guests that not only know cool technology and television, but regularly take that technology to the airwaves and use it to do major damage! We're talking team Top Secret Robotics from Robotica and Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors! Read more

Arcade-in-a-Box at Amiga Expo!
Arcade-In-A-Box is the first all-in-one arcade console using authentic arcade parts - the same ones used in arcade cabinets. This is what Arcade-In-A-Box brings to you in their amazing patent-pending technology!
Based around the arcade game software MAME (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator) - Arcade-in-a-Box allows you to play nearly all the arcade games you remember. You don't use a keyboard or a cheap gamepad. You play them the way they were meant to be played - with real arcade controls. Read more

Amiga Expo website

17.3.2002 Amiga.hu announcement
"Authors of the biggest Amiga portal in Hungary www.amiga.hu, decided to join the boycott of publishing anything directly connected with "Amiga Inc." started by Amiga.com.pl. A poll and a boycott announcement on the site shows great disappointment of the users concerning latest steps of Amiga Inc. All external developments (AmigaONE, OS4) are exceptions to the boycott, the announcement states."

Karoly Balogh (Chain|Q)
17.3.2002 STRICQ V2 News
Glenn Hisdal: "A beta version of my Reaction GUI for Stricq v2 can be downloaded here. Be warned: It probably has a lot of bugs...
* Stricq v2.7 (latest beta)
* an xpm datatype (available on aminet)
* OS 3.9 (not tested on earlier versions, but should work with 3.5, I think)
Extract the archive to the directory where you have StrICQ v2.7. stricq-gui will be replaced with this version. (remember to backup) A directory 'images' will be created, that contains the status-images.

Hope you like it :-)"

Glenn Hisdal via STRICQ ML
16.3.2002 Bill McEwen's TechTV Spot DivX & Transcript
"Those who can't be bothered downloading the huge MPEG of Bill McEwen on TechTV's The Screensavers show can read a transcript of the show and view some stills at this page."

cOrpse: "This is the Divx version of the TechTV bit. Tts a sfx archive for windows :( but should extract on RAR on most platforms. Its DivX5 (download the free version of v5 DivX from www.divx.com) so its really for windows users or miggy users with pc`s also. Each part is around 1.5 meg, the total of these comes to 12.3MB."

ANN website

16.3.2002 AROS News
"AROS makes it's first steps on a palm device. It's still full of bugs, but because the Palm uses a 68K CPU this means that AROS will soon run on original Amiga hardware (or UAE). picture"
"Stefan Berger and Georg Steger are working on the Palm port. It already boots xcopilot and POSE off a ROM image and displays some windows at incredible speeds: The Screen bars's title "Workbench Screen" is drawn at 5 sec. per char ;-). Obviously the graphics driver needs some improvement - now everything is done only via PutPixel() and GetPixel()."

Sebastian Bauer is permanently doing more work on Zune - MUI compatible interface.

"Phill Wooller is working on a version of AROS that will run on the 68K CPU, this will be modified to be able to boot an Amiga or UAE into an operating system which is fully AmigaOS compatible.
This will be of great advantable to UAE users, who wish to use UAE without having to buy AmigaOS ROM files. Amiga users will also be able to benefit from the fact that AROS is generally more advanced than the current release of AmigaOS."

AROS homepage
Another AROS homepage

16.3.2002 STRICQ V2 News
Douglas F. McLaughlin: "Ok, Beta (they all are) v2.7 (as opposed to v2 Beta 7) is now up. The only two changes are that you can now add UINs, numeric only, no searching, to the contact list and that online & status changes are now updated on contacts in the 'Not in List' group, if the contact is a permanent member. See the website for that definition. As a side note, manually adding a UIN does NOT change the server-side contact list in any way at all." history & Installation Instructions.

Douglas F. McLaughlin via STRICQ ML
STRICQ homepage
15.3.2002 Total Amiga News
At the Alt.WoA 2002 show in February SEAL presented its renamed and redesigned Amiga magazine, Total Amiga. Previously known as Clubbed, Total Amiga is the UK's only print Amiga magazine.
Less than an month after the launch we can confidently say that the introduction of Total Amiga has been a great success with sales exceeding our expectations. We are especially pleased because we printed more copies of Total Amiga than any issue of Clubbed and have already sold them all! If you don't have your copy yet don't worry, our distributors (see below) still have some magazines in stock (or will have very soon) and we are arranging for a second print run so the magazine will be available again in a couple of weeks. Read more

Robert J Williams, Total Amiga Magazine
15.3.2002 AmigaOnepoint5 is now ready!
The AmigaOnepoint5 is now production ready and orders for discounted developer/dealer/OS4 beta-tester boards/systems are now being taken (but only until by midnight on Sunday 24th March GMT 2002) for delivery in April. This closing date is necessary so that we can assess the volume required in this initial production run and place the order with the manufacturers. Purchasers of these boards will also be able to obtain a discount on the full user version of OS4.0 when it is released.
If you have previously applied for beta-tester or dealer status YOU MUST REAPPLY as we no longer require beta testers for the A1 board itself, only for OS4 and applications that run (or should run!) under it. Please order via our website here. If you are a dealer, please mention this on your order, and a dealer price will be forwarded to you.
The main production run will be timed so that boards are ready at the same time as the consumer release of OS4, probably in May 2002. Read more

Eyetech Group Limited website
15.3.2002 Music: DBPro-Community looks for your music links
"Do you make music ? Or do you know someone who produce exclusively with the Amiga ? After many questions we finally want to try it.
The DigiboosterPro-Community seeks to find your Web address to your homepage where you can find music in the DBM or other formats.
With interest please write an e-mail to: music@psyria.de with a small description of the person and the songs.
Here we would like to refer also again to the Compo Voting, which goes still up to including 18.03.2002."

Amigart website
Unofficial Homepage of DigiBoosterPro
15.3.2002 Amiga Future 35 release today
"Today we release the issue 35 (March/April 2002) from the german printmag Amiga Future."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
15.3.2002 Amiga.com.pl announcement
Authors of the biggest Amiga portal in Poland Amiga.com.pl, decided to whitdraw from publishing anything(news/stories) directly connected with "Amiga Inc." due to the last ".NET & Amiga marriage". Read more

Amiga.org website
Amiga.com.pl website
15.3.2002 Games News
Simon the Sorcerer II - latest Amiga version of Simon the Sorcerer II, includes AGA, RTG and PPC Versions.

e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment website
14.3.2002 Amiga® To Provide Content For Next Generation Windows CE .NET-Based Devices
Amiga® To Provide Content For Next Generation Windows CE .NET-Based Devices Amiga Games and Productivity Applications Will Target Windows CE .NET.
San Francisco, CA March 12, 2002 - Amiga, Inc. announced the release and distribution of Amiga applications targeted at the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system. The applications will run on any of the range of Windows CE .NET-based devices including handhelds, smart phones, web pads, and set-top boxes. Read more

ANN website
Amiga Anywhere website
14.3.2002 The Elbox Computer Website has been updated today
The Mirage 4000 Pro Installation Guide has been added in Support - Product Manuals.
The manual illustrates installation of the A4000D motherboard, PCI and Zorro cards in the Mirage 4000 Pro system.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
14.3.2002 Mastersystem retro party in Sweden before X-mas
This year 14-16'th of December, there will be a retro scene party in Oskarshamn/Smaaland/Sweden. You're allowed to bring any 8-bit machine, Amiga, Atari, Gameboy etc. Pc are banned. There are some compotitions, like demo, intro, music and gfx with pretty nice winning prices. Have a look at the homepage for more information.

Johan Svensson
14.3.2002 Bill McEwen's TechTV Spot MPEG
Douglas McLaughlin: "I've got the TechTV spot in MPEG on my website."
TechTV Spot, 81 MB.
mirror 1 (Sunet, Sweden), mirror 2 (PolarBoing, Norway), mirror 3 (Sweden)

Douglas McLaughlin
14.3.2002 X11 Specialist needed
"To complet our OpenOffice Team and for a fast port we need some persons that are X11 spezialists. We whant to write an X11 emulation library for the amigaos, because OpenOffice based on x11. The effect is that ANY programm that use x11 on linux will be easy portet to the amiga system. If anybody whant to help us, please write to the emial office@vgrabbe.de.
P.S.: the Amiga-Office Logo is shown at the website openoffice.vgrabbe.de.

Volker Grabbe via ANN
14.3.2002 Games News
Foundation Gold update - fixes all known problems with The GOLD EDITION of Foundation.

e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment website
13.3.2002 Amiga, Inc. announces Amiga® Anywhere
AmigaDE News Amiga, Inc. announces the Amiga® Anywhere line of products for PDAs, Cell Phones, Set Top Boxes, Internet Appliances, Desktops, Digital TVs and more. Read the Press Release here.

AmigaInc. website
13.3.2002 ScummVM testers wanted
MorphOS News Ruediger Hanke: "I'd like to release the new MorphOS interface for ScummVM these next days, but I still need people who can check if it's working fine on various graphics cards. I can only test with my CVision64/3D, need at least one person with Voodoo (most important) and CVisionPPC maybe as well...
It doesn't need much time to test, you don't have to play through all games ;-). If you're interested, and have at least one supported LucasArts game to test (VGA version!), please e-mail me privately. Please mention which graphics card you have."

Ruediger Hanke via MorphOS ML
ScummVM AmigaPort Homepage
12.3.2002 Amiga Interactive Guide - fifth anniversary edition
It is with great pleasure that I announce the 5th anniversary edition of Amiga Interactive Guide - the world's largest Amiga history site. Over 20MB of new material has been uploaded in this site update. The latest additions to the site include:
- Complete index of every single issue of Amiga Active
. - the latest information on the Nokia MediaTerminal, Eyetech's AmigaOne and various other Amiga DE compatible devices.
- a retrospect of 2001
- Commodore liquidation brochure
- several new Amiga prototypes
- Complete rewrite of several features and new graphics of existing prototypes.
This is just scratching the surface. Please visit amiga.emugaming.com for more information.

Gareth Knight, Amiga Interactive Guide
12.3.2002 Aminet 47 problems
There were some problems during the production of the Aminet 47 cd's. Unfortunately one cd was shipped. The new version of Aminet 47 will be available in to weeks from now and will be shipped together with the Aminet 48. Owner of the buggy version can execute the following command to use the cd: "assign AMINET47: CD0:".

Amiga-news.de website
12.3.2002 Nexus Development is searching for great graphicians...
"After PuzzleBOBS, Nexus Development is now working to a new project for PDAs. It is PDAng, a Pang 3 clone. We are searching for good graphicians to give the game very professional 16 bit look. If you are interested contact me to emacesa@tin.it. Many thanks."

Emanuele Cesaroni, Nexus Development
"I received bug reports saying that VirusZ crashes immediately at startup. These crashes only happen when both disassembler.library and mmu.library are installed in your 'libs:' drawer, but mmu.library setup is not correct. In those cases, either set up your mmu.library environment correctly (read the manuals), or delete/rename mmu.library, so that disassembler.library cannot find it at startup. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for finding this 'bug' and its solution."

A new update of the CheckX v1.87 has been released today, you can find the update Here. CheckX unpacks archives and packed files as deep as possible check for viruses. redme

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website

12.3.2002 VGR does it again with Elbox Mirage 4000 Pro animation!
Earlier today Elbox release information on their Mirage 4000 Pro package. They release a nice 360° View of the Mirage 4000 Pro [here], but you had to click over and over to get through all the images to see the complete 360° view.
In striving to bring the next level of Amiga graphics and expansion information and support the web and beyond, the vgr team has created a real 360° view of the Mirage 4000 Pro animation from the single pictures posted on the Elbox Mirage 4000 Pro 360° view webpage. The animation is about 568K but is well worth the download. You can view VGR's Mirage 4000 Pro 360° view HERE!

CyberGraphX homepage
12.3.2002 Amiga Expo announced MORE classes at LOWER prices
Amiga Expo has expanded it's classrooms from three to five. This allows an extra classroom for Amiga classes and an extra classroom for the LightWave tour!
In addition the class prices have been lowered! Instead of $20 per class the fee is now only $20 for ALL of the Amiga classes you like! Only the LightWave classes will have their own fee.
Check it out at www.amigaexpo.com and don't forget to make your reservations for the show, the banquet and the hotel. Banquet and hotel space is limited and is running out!

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
12.3.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
"Mathias Roslund" one of the PPC Developers for the Amiga speaks to The Amiga Arena! Read all about his Multimedia player "AMP" and the Future!

Amiga Arena website
12.3.2002 Bill McEwen to appear on TechTV
This coming Wednesday March 13, 2002 Bill McEwen, President/CEO of Amiga, will be on the show TechTV show Screen Savers on TechTV showing off Amiga products. Watch for your local show times (7 & 10 PM ET), and give Amiga a hand in getting the word out. More information can be found at the TechTV Website.

Viswanath Naidu via ANN
12.3.2002 STRICQ V2 News
Today Douglas F. McLaughlin released sixth beta of STRICQ2. Changes since last release:
* Fixed the '*** NULL POINTER ***' text some people reported showing up in the contact list. It was caused by sending or receiving a message to/from a UIN in the 'Not in List' group.
* Now that the above bug is fixed, sending or receiving a message to/from a UIN will cause that UIN to remain in the contact list even after restarting STRICQ. However, there will be no status changes for those UINs.
* When a UIN shows up in the 'Not in List' group, STRICQ will now request that UIN's short info and display the Nick in the contact list.
* Fixed a long-standing bug in the contact list display that would cause a crash if the existing nick was changed after the UIN was already inserted into the contact list.

history & Installation Instructions.

Douglas F. McLaughlin via STRICQ ML
STRICQ homepage
11.3.2002 Attention Amiga Collectors
Dave Haynie: "If you're a collector of Amiga junk, junque, or rarities, tune into eBay this week, and search for "HGS:", look up my account "hazydave", or click here.
I'm selling some more Amiga things, a few bits that weren't paid for in the previous auctions, etc. Posting is kind of a time drain, so I'm only expecting to put up a few per day, for the week, then that's probably it for a long time. If you're a collector, or know one, give'em a friendly 'heads up'."

Dave Haynie
11.3.2002 MIRAGE 4000: Revolution for Amiga 4000D
If your current Amiga 4000D is left in the desktop case, Mirage 4000 Pro is the must-have solution for you. Mirage 4000 Pro consists of: * Mirage 4000 Tower case with 300W PSU
* Mirage A4000 Zorro III/PCI busboard
* Mediator PCI 4000
* Mediator Multimedia CD
With five PCI slots, six Zorro III slots and eight drive bays, plus 300W PSU power, the Mirage 4000 Pro is designed for massive expandability.
Use the five high-performance PCI slots to add modern graphic, sound, Fast Ethernet and TV cards to your Amiga 4000. All this in a modern, functional, spacious and compact tower case.
Along with the new operational system: AmigaOS4, and a SharkPPC G3/G4-series card, your Amiga 4000D Mirage will be one of the most efficient Amiga computers of the new generation.
You have this all for an exceptionally attractive price...
Mirage 4000 Pro package SRP (VAT and local taxes excluded): EUR 379.95
Availability: since 21 March 2002
More info see: Mirage 4000 Pro webpage

Please follow on with our announcements in the coming days:
- The new tower for A3000D computer
- Specification of the new SharkPPC G3/G4 card models

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER

11.03.2002 Easter-events with individual Computers
Several events that are supported by individual Computers take place around easter this year. Compuquick Media Center will represent us at the Amiga Expo 2002 in Baltimore, MD. Cloanto will make a very good offer for the ISA version of the Catweasel controller at that show.
The Scene-event "The Gathering" takes place in Norway, where our retail partner Data Kompaniet will hand over our contribution to the competition prices. As in the past seven years, the scene-party "Mekka & Symposium" takes place around easter this year as well in Fallingbostel, located between Hamburg and Hannover, Germany. Just like in the past years, our biggest financial engagement is dedicated to this party. In addition to prices worth more than 1000,- EUR alltogether for the winners of the different multimedia competitions, we have arranged an opening of a near LPG (autogas) filling station outside the usual shop hours for party visitors. This will enable the drivers of enviroment-friendly and cheap LPG-powered cars to refill for about 0,50 EUR/liter. We hope to attract visitors from Belgium, the Netherlands and France with this, as LPG cars are much more popular in those countries than in Germany. Closer information about this via eMail.

individual Computers
11.3.2002 Digital Almanac III - AmigaXL problems
I was reported, that the recent version of DA III (V4.7) does not work properly under AmigaXL. The problem has been fixed by introducing a new tooltype called NOJOYSTICK to disable joystick usage. Following other features will be introduced in the next update (V4.8):
* Online access to the GSC-2 catalog with almost half a billion stars.
* Improved zoom function to prevent "holes" at the edges of the star map.
* Keeps aspect ration of pictures in display windows.

Digital Almanac Homepage
11.3.2002 Haage&Partner: 1.000.000st Visitor
H&P: "This weekend we had the 1.000.000st vistor on our webpages. We want to thank all visitors and we will do our best to offer an attractive website in the future too."

Haage&Partner website
11.3.2002 Software News
Olaf Barthel & Jens Langner has released a new update of their Amiga Port of CVS (Concurrent Versions System) v1.11.1p1.
The update includes some minor bugfixes along with some bugfix which also occurs in the original unix cvs version. The update can be obtained at: http://amcvs.light-speed.de/.

Jens Langner via ANN
CVS Amiga-OS port page
10.3.2002 Amiga Games Classifying - March/April 2002
It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING march/april 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.
Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress: daff1@club-internet.fr. You can also vote at: http://agcweb.online.fr. Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). If your list don't have change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me".
Final classifying will be published in early-april.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
10.3.2002 The Crypt 22 is now out!
Issue 22 is now here, and with a change in Staff members and a change in the way we bring The Crypt to you, these are exciting times for us! First of all we have the wonderful news that Vulcan Software, the makers of the Valhalla series of Amiga games, have now ported the series over to the PC, so you can once again enjoy the adventures of those lovable characters and their adventures, brought to you through the Vulcan Portal, (What is that? And what does it do? Find out inside.) Even better news for us is that Vulcan Software are now a major sponsor of The Crypt, so we will be bringing you all the latest news and game reviews from them. And to start things off with a bang, we have an Exclusive interview with Paul Carrington, MD of Vulcan Software, and his candid views on why he left the Amiga games market to concentrate on the PC games area. We also bring you all the latest news of the AmigaOne, and pictures and first hand accounts from the Alt-WOA show. We then bring you a review of Dreamworld Developments new game, CrossfireII. We all know how important a virus checker is, but how good is the FREE AVG Virus Checker for the PC? Need to know how to print out those great looking CDR labels? We show you how. You take the High road ... and we'll show you how to make the most wonderful Scottish food with our great recipe page, also we delve deep into the myths and legends of Scotland to help you understand those Whisky drinking, Monster loving people. Back then to the Amiga with a review on the New Mediator A4000, and a Pagestream review to help you make the most of that important piece of software. Ever wanted to chat online with your Amiga? Then Birdy`s AmIRC tutorial is the thing for you. As this is the biggest issue we have ever made then you would expect there to be a lot of contributions from yourselves, and you haven't disappointed us, as you have sent in jokes and articles by the lorry load! We have everything covered from Chris's caravanning items to a mind numbing puzzle page, checkthem out, you won't believe your eyes! In fact there is so much in The Crypt 22 that I can't list it all here, just pop in and have a look yourselves.

Steve Evans, The Crypt Amiga Online magazine
10.3.2002 Software News
Today Douglas F. McLaughlin released fifth beta of STRICQ2. Changes since last release:
- Offline messages are now requested, displayed, and cleared from the server.
- When a message window opens, it will no longer grab the current window focus.
- Message history is now saved. No GUI support for this yet, soon, of course.
- Login packets now match the latest ICQ2001b build 3659 release.
history & Installation Instructions.

BlizKick 1.24 RC1 released (CSPPC/BPPC/MKIII)
This is the latest Blizkick direct from the author for CSPPC/BPPC/MKIII cards, 1.24 Release Candidate 1. You can find it at the newly updated pages of the author or vgr's new harry@vgr mirror.

Douglas F. McLaughlin via STRICQ ML
STRICQ homepage
CyberGraphX homepage

9.3.2002 Frieden brothers withdraw from public discussions
"Recent events have given me the impression that it has become impossible in the Amiga community to speak up in self-defence without someone taking offence in it. Thomas and me have therefore decided (in in fact already did so) to unsubscribe from all amiga-related public mailing lists, newsgroups and web forums, and we have deleted all our Amiga bookmarks.
Work on our projects will not be affected by this. OS 4 will still be developed in the same way it used to be. We're just pulling out of the public." Read more

Hans-Joerg Frieden via AmigaOne ML
9.3.2002 Fleecy Moss: I saw the AmigaOne and lived to tell the tale
"Last week, once all the snow had melted from the Lake District, I drove across to Alan's house and spent a good hour with both him and our new baby, the AmigaOne, all hooked up and running Linux PPC.
The board itself was very clean, just a handful of actual chips with the rest being slots, connectors and the usual good stuff. I put Linux through its paces and it was very responsive, which bodes very well for getting an OS as nippy as OS4 onto it."
Read more

Fleecy Moss via AmigaOne ML
9.3.2002 Special Pricing on Video Toaster/Amiga version of Pyromania
Special Pricing on Video Toaster/Amiga version of Pyromania for the month of March 2002 in celebration of Amiga Expo.
Now for the month of March 2002 bring your Amiga & Video Toaster productions all the firepower of the top gun visual effects companies for only $49.95. PYROMANIA CLASSICS contains over 30 Explosive Visual Effects Sequences including explosions, fire, smoke, Zero-G explosions and depth shockwaves. Read more

Bill Panagoules, Founder & CEO of DiscreetFX
9.3.2002 Show reports
Comdex Show Sydney 2002 Report
AmiGBG 2002 Report

Amiga Flame website
9.3.2002 Workbench-Gallery
Andreas Magerl: "Today we update the Workbench-Gallery on www.amigafuture.de."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
9.3.2002 Programmer for Jabber client sought
Matthias Münch: "I am looking for a new Amiga Jabber client programmer who would be interested in realizing such a project. Jabber is a multi instant messenger and is based on the open XML technology. Besides its own Jabber protocol, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN and IRC services can be used as well. Planned so far is the programming language C and ReAction as GUI." You can write to djbase@gmx.de

Amiga-News.de website
9.3.2002 Kicksoft News
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that The Feeble Files are now avaliable from our website. Go to www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft Ltd
9.3.2002 Software News
A new update (v0.98) of VirusZ III has been released today. You can find the new v0.98 update Here. history

Internet Junkbuster is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet Junk. Junkbuster has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Internet Junkbuster has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks."

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
ANN website
Internet Junkbuster homepage

8.3.2002 Eyetech: Recent website and email problems
For those trying to reach us recently, you may have noticed that our email an d website services were down from Thursday 28th February until Tuesday 5th March. We apologise for this inconvenience, and our main website and email services should be back to normal now. Our www.eye-play.com site should be back within 3-4 days.
If you sent us an email between these dates, please re-send it, as is unlikely to have reached us. Many thanks for your understanding.

Eyetech Group Ltd website
8.3.2002 Status report on Ami2D & NOVA
If you missed it: Hyperion Entertainment's Managing partner Mr. Ben Hermans gave an update on the status of OS4 (posted to ann) below is a round up of the gfx report section:
Nova Matrox G450/G550: work to start upon completion of 2D drivers
Ami2D Matrox G450/G550: work in progress
Nova ATI Radeon family: work to start upon completion of 2D drivers
Ami2D ATI Radeon Family: work in progress
Nova Permedia3: work to start upon completion of 2D drivers
Ami2D Permedia3: 60%
Ami2D Permedia2: 85%
Nova Permedia2: 100%
Ami2D Voodoo3: 100%
Nova Voodoo3: 100%
Notes: NOVA - Code Name for Warp3D V5

CyberGraphX homepage
8.3.2002 Payback News
Payback has won the AGC Awards 2001 as voted for by Amiga gamers.

Also, three great new maps have been added to the Extra Maps Page.

Apex Designs website

8.3.2002 Software News
ASp v0.82 - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator for the Amiga. It is coded in fast 680x0 Asm and is designed to be authentic and easy to use.
This version has a small amount of code changed in the Z80 core which I was hoping would offer some small speed increase. Despite the fact it is shorter code, fewer clock cycles to execute, and cleaner, it seems to actually run about 5% slower on my '060. :-( Still, the code was optimised for '030, so maybe it will help there! Main features of this release are a ROM Configuration GUI, .SP snapshot support, better drag-and-drop,and some extra TZX stuff. The full list is, as usual, in the guide. The latest guide file is now available online.

Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE WinUAE 0.8.21 Release 2 is now available. Download / history

Amiga SPectrum emulator homepage
WinUAE homepage

7.3.2002 NOVA Explodes! OS4 will supports "Definately the 7000 series" of ATI cards.
It was asked "witch type of Radeon will be supported:" 1) Radeon 2) Radeon 7000 3) Radeon 7200 4) Radeon 7500 5) Radeon 8500?
Hans-Jörg Frieden answered: "All of them if I can help it. Definately the 7000 series and the original Radeon. The 8500 is also high on the priority list. Of course the current Warp3D cannot support the features of the 8500 (Pixel/Vertex shader, TrueForm, hierarchical ZBuffer), but the Warp3D V5 (Codenamed NOVA) will support all of these features, and has a few very ambitious design goals :-)"

CyberGraphX homepage
7.3.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
"The Amiga Arena spokes with 'Steven Solie' the developer from the 'Axis and Allies Game Master'. This is a new Version from the Board game 'Axis and Allies'!"

Amiga Arena website
7.3.2002 New MasonIcons
There are new and updated archives in the GlowIcons available on Mason.Home.
AmiComSysMI - new toolbar for AmiComSys
EvenMI - redesigned toolbar and icon set for EvenMore
MetalwebMI - new toolbar for MetalWeb
MuiMiamiMI - new images for MuiMiamiPanel
NcoasterMI - new toolbar for Newscoaster
SpitfireMI - new desktops and images for Spitfire
VisualMI - new gadgets for VisualPrefs

Martin 'Mason' Merz, Mason.Home
7.3.2002 JMiner revealed, AuroraRadio online!
J Miner, a photogrammetry package developed on the Amiga, has been revealed. This program allows sequence- and image-based correction in three dimensions and can automatically map a two dimensional map from a (special) video stream. Take a look at the J Miner page to find out more!

AuroraRadio is now officially online and is a Shoutcast radio station dedicated only to quality music. Every style and age of music is played, including Amiga modules and C64 SID music. Currently, the radio station is in its test phase, which means that sometimes the server is down, but under normal circumstances it should be available 24 hours a day...!

Coyote Flux website

6.3.2002 AmigaOS 4.0 Development Progress Report
Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment: "This is a progress report that was supposed to be released on the Swedish show a couple of days ago. It reflects the progress on February 1, 2002.
For some reason or another, nobody noticed this progress report on the show nor did anybody notice that Martin Blom was demonstrating Soundblaster Live! drivers."

ANN website
6.3.2002 What's The Intent?
Tao, Amiga's technology partner for the DE, release a new intent ADK. What's The Intent?, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
6.3.2002 Eyetech site is online again
The Eyetech site is online again. It was down for some time but now it is up and running again. But it has not been updated yet. According to Alan Redhouse the site would be updated soon with AmigaOne info.

Amiga.org website
Eyetech Group Limited website
6.3.2002 The Amiga in 2001
A review of the Amiga in the year 2001 is inside the Northwest Amiga Group's web page under their newsletter section.
In addition, there is also the year's roundup of what has happened inside the Northwest Amiga Group (NAG), an Amiga computer users group located in the Portland, Oregon, USA area.

2001 - an Amiga Odyssey by Rick Rudge

Rick Rudge

6.3.2002 d-tronic design studio & djnick.com preentations redesigned.
d-tronic design studio can't be reached via www.d-tronic.com anymore. Please use www.d-tronic.co.yu for now.
d-tronic design studio is a company that uses Amiga & PC technology for professional work (music, gfx, art, dtp (magazines, books, flyers), internet presentations, music videos... etc.)
For english version use http://www.crosswinds.net/~dtronic/indexe.html link. Since last week there are available to download some of older music songs in mp3 format from "The Resurrection" CD album created entirely on Amiga, directly from www.djnick.com internet presentation. Chose downloads section.

djnick [d-tronic]
6.3.2002 ScummVM CVS update
MorphOS News Ruediger Hanke: "No, I don't plan to announce every little CVS snap changes, but... this time it's a good grab for (among the usual advances ...) five reasons:"
- The Secret of Monkey Island finally works 100%. Was previously buggy due to a bug in MorphOS libnix which I didn't discover because I obtained the CD-ROM version of the game only just recently.
- Indy 4 can finally be completed!! The necklace bug has been resolved
- copy protection in "Day of the Tentacle" has been fixed also; game is now easier to complete
- huge advancements in Sam&Max support - it can actually be completed - just don't look at the dragon heart, and do not set off the alarm at BumpusVille.
- savegame file format has changed, so better start anew now than later
Download at: http://www.muenster.de/~tomjoad/scummvm.html

Ruediger Hanke via MorphOS ML
6.3.2002 Software News
Perfect Paint v2.82 Update You have to install PerfectPaint V2.8 before installing the update.
PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. What's new

Warp3D software render driver
Stéphane Guillard: "I've uploaded at http://s.guillard.free.fr in the file area a new release of the Warp3D PPC swrender. It is around 25% faster than previous release but does not do non RTG screenmodes anymore, and is a bit less accurate on zbuffer.

PerfectPaint's Page
Stéphane Guillard, 's homepage

5.3.2002 Amiga at the COMDEX Sydney show!
The Amiga will be represented at the biggest Australian IT show, IT COMDEX Sydney being held between March 5-7 2002 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.
A selection of well known Australian user groups have come together and will be hosting a stand at this year's biggest Australian IT show! During the show images and news will be posted up for everyone to see how its all progressing. Read more

teotwin website
5.3.2002 ALTWOA 2002 Subject of intergalactic cover-up!
A top Government official has leaked that the poor attendance at the recent ALTWOA show in the UK was in fact due to a massive intergalactic cover-up. Apparently news had leaked that a known fugitive named Feeble was making his way to the show. This dangerous individual is wanted by The Company and it is they who manufactured the severe snow storm in the area to scare off any possible contacts and make it easier to spot Feeble if he appeared at the show.
The Company got the British police to make sure that Fleecy Moss and other dignitaries due to attend the show were turned round and prevented from any contact by the fugitive. Sources believe the fugitive is now hiding out in the South of England not far from Stone Henge. Local agencies have now got Files on Feeble which are available to the public. If you would like to obtain copies of these and do something about this fugitive then call now on the Feeble Files hotline: +44 (0)8700 11 22 34 or email feeble@forematt.co.uk.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
5.3.2002 STRICQ2 Beta 4
Yesterday Douglas F. McLaughlin released third beta of STRICQ2. Fixes a race condition.
Fourth beta released today now parses type-4 messages. history & Installation Instructions.

Doug: "In my message base area, I've setup two areas, one for bug reports and one for feature requests. Putting them there instead of here makes the support more open to those that don't like mailing lists and should help me manage both a little easier."

Douglas F. McLaughlin via STRICQ ML
STRICQ homepage

4.3.2002 clickBOOM Incredible! up to 90% off !!
clickBOOM: "We only have less then a few hundred copies of each game left, and we will not be manufacturing them anymore. Now is the time to get them at these incredible prices! If you wait they will be gone!!!" Check it!

clickBOOM website
4.3.2002 PageStream Downloads
"We are on the way to open a new download area for all PageStream versions. If you are a registered customer you will get a password in the next days so you have direct access to the leatest releases."

PageStream.de website
4.3.2002 AmiGBG 2002: More Pictures
Kjell^AmiGBG's pics
ACG Gävleborg
Up Rough´s AmiGBGtravel

Live from AmiGBG page
4.3.2002 Software News
New versions (V.44.50 beta 2 for MC68881/82 and V.44.50 beta 8 for MC68040 and MC68060) of HSMathLibs released. This versions are for betatester only.
The "HSMathLibs" replace the libraries "mathieeedoubbas.library", "mathieeedoubtrans.library", "mathieeesingtrans.libray" and "mathtrans.library" with highly optimized versions for MC68881/82, MC68040 and MC68060. They patch or replace the "mathffp.library" and "mathieeesingbas.libray" for MC68881/82, MC68040 and MC68060. Ne URL: http://WWW.HSMathLibs.de/

HSMathLibs homepage
3.3.2002 Schatztruhe GTI News
Aminet CD 47, dated February 2002, contains more than 800 Megabytes of (uncompressed) software in hundreds of archives. Since the release of Aminet 46 over 500MB of new software has appeared.

GlowIcon Collections 2
"The success of the GlowIcon Collection showed us that Amiga users treasure an attractive Workbench desktop that will make users of other systems envious. So we composed a second CD-ROM containing more than 3500 new icons that will embellish your system's appearance..."

Schatztruhe GTI website

3.3.2002 VirusZ News
A new update of VirusZ III has been released today. Georg Hoermann is back to program VirusZ III. You can find the update here. readme

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
2.3.2002 AmiGBG 2002
The first pictures from AmiGBG 2002 show, Sweden.

AmiGBG 2002 website
2.3.2002 Amiga Expo News
Amiga Expo and Extreme Computing are pleased to bring you the following press release. Please make plans now to visit Amiga Expo on March 29th-31st at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Maryland where you will see all the latest developments including those from our friends at Extreme Computing!
Extreme Computing (a branch of Extreme Corporation) began reseach and development of new Amiga-based products in the Spring of 1999. With the announcement of the Amiga x86 solution in the Summer of 2001, we began working overtime to come up with new designs of x86-based hardware that would be powerful, functional, compelling, upgradable, and above all else - Amiga and AmigaDE compliant! Read more

Amiga.org website
2.3.2002 Simon The Sorcerer II
Paul Burkey: "A new Amiga version is in development. It will contain improved sound support and other optimizations that can be moved into the source code after the development of The Feeble Files, which is our latest game for Amiga. The Feeble Files used a more advanced version of the same engine. Some of this improved code will go into a new version of Simon 2 to be released soon."

The Simon the Sorcerer II Support page will not be updated much further. Support will continue to be available on the e.p.i.c Interactive web site with Downloads for both Amiga and MacOS versions available there.

Simon The Sorcerer II Support Page

2.3.2002 Online Freeciv competition among Amiga users
On Sunday, 03.03.2002, takes an online Freeciv competition among Amiga users place, beginning 14.00h. People who want to participate should be on the channel #amigafun on the server ie.altnet.org from 13.30h on because of planning reasons.
Required is much time as a game can take several hours and besides that one hould already know the game a little (or the old Civilisation game) as it is right complex.
The played version is 1.11.x as the 1.12.x for Amiga has too many bugs.
Downloadlinks: Amiga: Amiga version, C: PC version
The server the game will be finally running on will be announed on the above mentioned IRC channel!

Amiga-news.de website
2.3.2002 Software News
Newer BlizKick updated for CSPPC/BPPC/MKIII 2.2 flashed boards!
This is the latest Blizkick direct from the author for CSPPC/BPPC/MKIII cards. Harry said this has a few updates (newer) past the BlizKick 1.24beta8 he released on his webpage back in late October 2001 [use at your own risk]. You can find the latest Blizkick on the G-Rex support page until Harry gets his homepage back online.

CyberGraphX homepage
1.3.2002 Interview with Pagan Games
"Today we relealse a german Interview with Pagan Games on www.amigafuture.de.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
1.3.2002 Amiga Arena News
Read all about the "OpenOffice" Project from "Volker Grabbe"!
Open Office is the Open Source alternative of Sun's StarOffice 6, not as wrongly assumed by some, of version 5.2. However, as that one contains some licensed and patented parts, these parts have simply been left out of OpenOffice (spell checking, Adabas database, etc.).
All in all OpenOffice is an all-in-one product. Not only does it contain a word processor and spread sheet but also presentation software as well as rudimentary drawing features. Furthermore the OpenOffice programmers are working on the redevelopment of the former scheduler from StarOffice 5.2.
All in all, with this software the Amiga would be applicable for office use, of you could take work home because of the excellent import and export filters.
So if you like to see this great Project soon on the Amiga PLEASE Help the "Openoffice" Team! For more Information read the Interview!

Amiga Arena website
1.3.2002 Tao's intent Application Development Kit Available with digital
Reading & Bournemouth, UK 28th February 2002 - For the first time ever, a special release of the Application Development Kit (ADK) for Tao's intent media platform is being made available to the general public. Version 1.3.1 of Tao's intent ADK is now available as an exclusive CD on the cover of digital magazine, volume 1 issue 4, released today.
The ADK will help developers gain early access to the intent platform prior to the release of Tao's full Software Development Kit (SDK) later this year, and gives everyone - not just developers - a chance to experience the future of compelling multimedia content which will run on the intent platform. Read more

digital magazine homepage
1.3.2002 P96 ATI drivers for OS4.0, FFT-Hyperion in contact now
"In a comment thread on Amiga-News.de Ben Hermanns confirmed that OS4 will *include* Radeon and Permedia3 drivers."

Ben Hermans' response to his statement: "I admit I jumped the gun on this one. It's true that there is no formal contract yet but Bill Toner & Co and Hyperion have in principle agreed on including ATI Radeon drivers in OS 4.
We still need to hammer out some details but there is no cause for concern. I can also reveal that ATI has made several different types of Radeon's available to Hyperion at no charge."

Ben Hermans, Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment

1.3.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020228).

Amiga Update website