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Total Amiga News

At the Alt.WoA 2002 show in February SEAL presented its renamed and
redesigned Amiga magazine, Total Amiga. Previously known as Clubbed,
Total Amiga is the UK's only print Amiga magazine.

Less than an month after the launch we can confidently say that the
introduction of Total Amiga has been a great success with sales
exceeding our expectations. We are especially pleased because we
printed more copies of Total Amiga than any issue of Clubbed and have
already sold them all! If you don't have your copy yet don't worry, our
distributors (see below) still have some magazines in stock (or will
have very soon) and we are arranging for a second print run so the
magazine will be available again in a couple of weeks.

New Distributors

Two Amiga dealers, Eyetech in the UK and Computer City in the Netherlands
have agreed to stock Total Amiga and sell the magazine directly to Amiga
users. From a distributor readers will be able buy the current issue of
Total Amiga by mail order or, if they live locally, even go into the
shop and buy it off the shelf (a novel experience for many of us lately!).

We are looking for more distributors, any dealers who are interested can
find full details on our web site.

Back Issues

We now have 7 back issues of Clubbed magazine available for free download
from our website in PDF format. So if you're interested in one of our older
articles you can find it in our full contents listings and then download the
PDF for that issue. Each PDF file contains a full issue including all the
original content, illustrations and layout. The PDF files are also a great
way to get a feel for the style and content of the magazine if you're thinking
of subscribing!

For all that plus lots more information about Total Amiga and various ways
to order a copy or subscribe visit our website at:

Total Amiga is a not-for-profit publication produced by volunteers.

Thanks for your support,