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NEWS SOURCE: Bill Panagouleas founder & CEO of DiscreetFX

NEWS HEADING: Special Pricing on Video Toaster/Amiga version of Pyromania for
the month of March 2002 in celebration of Amiga Expo.

 Now for the month of March 2002 bring your Amiga & Video Toaster productions
all the firepower of the top gun visual effects companies for only $49.95.
PYROMANIA CLASSICS contains over 30 Explosive Visual Effects Sequences
including explosions, fire, smoke, Zero-G explosions and depth shockwaves.
Individual files in sequence are provided for maximum usage in a variety of
programs such as ImageFX, Photogenics or Toasterpaint. All files are
photographed in 35mm motion picture film, scanned at 2k resolution and down
sampled to full overscan video resolution. In addition, the Amiga/Toaster
version includes Sequences in native FlyerClip format and Real-time Color
Toaster Effects/Wipes. Toaster Effects may be used Real-time in your project
and FlyerClips can be used for advanced compositing in Lightwave 3D &
Toasterpaint. This 2 CD set for Amiga & Video Toaster normally sells @ $199
but for a limited time is only $49.95 plus free shipping to the lower 48
states in the USA. You don't have to wait for Amiga Expo to enjoy this
special pricing.  The product is available now! Just call or fax your order
to 1-630-536-2700 x6338 or send payment via paypal to
Please remember we pick up the shipping so your total is only $49.95…. that's
less than $25 per CD! Unlike other image collections on CD-ROM Pyromania is
designed for your Amiga and your Video Toaster Flyer system. Fire and
explosion effects are included in the Video Toasters native real-time color
effects format as well as fully overscan Video Flyer Clip format. Discreet FX
has many new cool Amiga products planned for the coming year so grab this
great deal to help us finish and further develop the ImageFX plug-ins we have
been working on as well as other projects for Amiga OS & Amiga DE. If you
have further questions please give us a call @ 1-630-536-2700 x6338 or shoot
us an e-mail @

Best regards

Bill Panagoules
Founder & CEO