30.6.2002 $50 Amiga voucher good for just mobo and OS4
Gary Peake of Amiga Inc. just posted to the open@amiga mailing list that the much debated $50 voucher, available at amiga-anywhere.com, will be "good for any of: complete system, motherboards and OS4.0 or just OS4.0".

Exact reply: "The voucher is good for any of: complete system, motherboards and OS4.0 or just OS4.0 Gary"

JohanR via ANN

30.6.2002 AIO 60 is out
Issue 60 of AIO is now out and (soon to be) on aminet and the site. Included is an AIO exclusive article on Port Access by Barry Walker.

Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online
30.6.2002 Software News
New Reaction GUI for StrICQ V2
"During the past week, I have done a complete rewrite of my reaction gui for StrICQ2. The result is, hopefully, a much more stable program. My code is at least much cleaner now :)
There are not any important new features in this version. That will have to wait until the next release... The read/write message window has changed. I now use a single send/read window with single-line input. Multiline input and separate send/read windows will be added as an option later. (Not too far into the future ;) )" Hope this version works better for those who had problems before.
download / readme

aiffdt41.lha - datatype for AIFF sounds v41.5. Implemented MACE3,MACE6,ULAW,ALAW and IMA4 decoder. Included WarpOS version. readme

Sebastian Bauer released new versions of NList (v0.91) and NListree (v18.13) MUI Custom Classes.

AC97Mixer v2.0 (giftware) for Amithlon SB128 soundcard, VIA onboard sound, SB Live. Features: +20dB MI; dynamic 3D enhancement slider if supported; show&hide of every mixer; ARexx; Surround support VIA onboard sound, SB Live (beta)

Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Sebastian Bauer's Homepage
Bright Light Software website

29.6.2002 Amithlon 2.0 delayed?
"It appears that the unfortunate past association of Amithlon with Haage & Partner has created one more stumbling block on the way to the release of Amithlon 2.0.
Thus, it is extremely unlikely that I can make the planned release date; While the delay should hopefully be very short, I can not currently make any definite promises.
Please bear with me for just a little while longer, thank you"

Bernd Meyer via Amithlon ML
29.6.2002 Amithlon 2.0 pricing
Pricing for the new version of Amithlon is beginning to come through from German distributors Vesalia, KDH - Datentechnik and Australian Boing.net.
Existing users will get an upgrade path to the new version and the prices looks much better than previously released AmigaOS XL.

Amiga.org website
29.6.2002 Amiga Flame: Your Guide to AmigaOne
"The final preparations are being worked out which will see the next generation Amiga known as AmigaOne make its official debut. Bill McEwen outlined in his latest Executive Update that there is a need to now properly plan, budget, and order for the production of the AmigaOne. To determine how many Amiga users want to get their hands on the new Amiga they want users to purchase a $50.00 coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop. This coupon will entitle you to $50 off the price of AmigaOne/ AmigaOS 4.0. However, before Amiga users bust open their piggy banks I thought it would be appropriate to provide a guide to AmigaOne, so you'll better understand the gains of becoming an AmigaOne user." Read more

Amiga Flame website
29.6.2002 akJFIF/PNG/TIFF 45.1 now freeware and amithlon-optimized
Starting with V45.1 (29.6.02), the datatypes akJFIF/PNG/TIFF are Freeware. The keyfile code and some other legacy stuff has been removed. This also may speed things up, since there are less special cases to be covered.
Furthermore, a couple of different optimizations in the 68k code have been made, some bugs were fixed and some amithlon/uae- specific optimizations have been made.
These datatypes now are specifically targeted to high-end 68k machines and their emulated counterparts.
Download akJFIF-dt.LHA, akPNG-dt.LHA, akTIFF-dt.LHA

Andreas Kleinert
29.6.2002 Software News
Amiga version of DTP program PageStream has been released by Grashopper LLC. The program is distributed by H&P, details can be found here (though not for the current version).

Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 18.6.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only (new toolbar images). Click here to view the last ChangeLog.

Amiga-news.de website
Grasshopper LLC website

28.6.2002 FORE-MATT Supports AmigaOne Coupon Campaign
FORE-MATT Home Computing are supporting Amiga's $50 Coupon campaign by having a direct link from the main Amiga Online Superstore website.
"We believe that as many Amigans as possible should now stand up and support Amiga and the AmigaOne by purchasing the coupon and telling everybody about it"

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
28.6.2002 News about Tales of Tamar
This is the second to last version of Tales of Tamar until the base set!
A lot of older bugs were fixed. Then the soundtrack was included, which is a real highlight and needs not to fear comparision with top-selling games on the market. A big thumbs-up to our musician Markus Holler!
Another large update were the research description texts and the Stringinput routines for several screens. They allow a direct input of values instead of in- and decrementing with arrow buttons. These changes refer to the granary, the trade screen and the diplomacy screen.
If we say second-to-last, of course we mean second-to-last beta before the release version.
Meanwhile, wars are still at large on Tamar. We also have a potential fourth victim of a heart attack, Baron Faramir :-) (Sorry, dear Baron!)
In a few days, Eternity will start taking preorders for the Amiga base set. Tales of Tamar will be sold in an elegant euro box, containing a 64 page manual and 3 CD-ROM discs. We hope you will join us on Tamar. If you have questions about the gameplay or online costs, please don't hesitate to contact us. Just write to eternity@pride.de.
If you are a fan of role playing games and have a thing for strategy games, you should not miss this game! Our testers are playing for two years now and continue so with ever increasing enthusiam. This game will set a new standard among PBEM (PlayByEMail) Games.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows. Tales of Tamar - Alpha Client V0.43 R13

Alexander Johannes, Valley OF Tamar
Tales of Tamar website

28.6.2002 Commodore64 radio commercials
The Commodore Billboard has been updated. This time with 4 English and 4 French radio commercials. All in high quality 192 Kbps mp3. These are all "donut" versions meaning that the radio station would get a soundtrack and then add speak themselves. Found on a tape at a Canadian radio station in Vancouver. The update also includes several C64, Vic20, PET, Amiga etc. adverts and brochures. Also tons of stuff in the miscellaneous section...pins, posters, mousepads, telephones and much more.

Soren Ladegaard, Commodore Billboard
28.6.2002 Screenshots of Debian PPC Linux running on AmigaOne G3-SE
Ole-Egil's has published some screenshots of Debian PPC Linux running on his AmigaONE G3-SE. Screenshots include Mozilla, OpenOffice, UAE.

Amigart website
28.6.2002 akJFIF/Amithlon News
"Out of curiosity, I've removed PPC support from akJFIF datatype and instead did some uae/amithlon-specific optimizations (no native x86 code yet, though).
Download link for V44.140: http://home.t-online.de/home/Andreas_Kleinert/akJFIF-dt.LHA
Other datatypes/programs may follow. PPC support is gone for now, since I don't own any PPC card anymore and did not get any Pegasos developer board, either."

Andreas Kleinert
27.6.2002 Alan Redhouse clarifies coupon promotion
"No this is not our promotion - and Bill will post the clarification details later. But we are shipping A1 boards + OS4-OEM to dealers (inc Amiga Inc) and that plus complete systems ourselves.
It is likely that you will probably be able to cash your voucher direct with dealers - but it is down to Amiga Inc to give out the details of how this will work." Read more

Alan Redhouse via ANN
27.6.2002 Software & Games News
FTPMount News
Alessandro Marinuzzi had some interesting ideas and an Italian catalog - so we updated FTPMount which can now be installed without permanent changes to your system - if you want ;)
I must confess that the executable is still the same, but I have just managed to compile it with StormC3 - it's a bit bigger, but I can now make some changes, so if you have some important ideas... Available on Aminet and on my homepage.

SixK released Freecraft v1.17.1. It is a clone of the well known Warcraft realtime strategy game.
Work fine on amithlon except color problems, work a bit slow on my 040 at 33 and should work fine on a 060 + CGX Official Freecraft site: http://www.fourtytwo.de/freecraft/index.html

Martin R. Elsner

27.6.2002 Squid's Amiga Page and Rumor Mill: 'Reset'
John 'Squid' Shephard has posted another excellent observation on the Amiga-related proceedings (and a bunch of other stuff). Read it here

The second (bad) news follow: Moo Bunny will stop posting Amiga content and will move to the Imac platform. Moobunny won't leave the Amiga completely.
"That said, I'm not just dumping the Amiga for all time. It's still a fun computer to tinker with, still has work it can do, still has lessons to teach, and with the right housecleaning in what now passes for its "community", can still have a thriving (if retro) development scene."

Squid's Amiga Page and Rumor Mill website

26.6.2002 Thylacine Zorro 2 Amiga USB Card
The Thylacine Z2 USB is in production and will be available around 22 July. Pre-orders will be taken starting 1 July. Watch this web page for details http://thylacine.boing.net.

Robert Tsien
26.7.2002 More info about AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 "Free Stuff" Early Promotion
Aracnet: "I asked Gary before that:
'Can you explain what does purchasing an AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 pre-loaded really mean? Is it mean A1 mainboard with AOS 4.0 CD bundle? Or complete A1 sistem (with HD, cdrom, ram, ... etc)? And also how we can use this $50.00 off coupon? Will we send it to Eyetech or you?'
and he answered that:
'This is for a pre-order of the AmigaOne "system" with OS4.0 already loaded on the hard drive for you. This coupon will be taken by all online AmigaOne dealers.
Sincerely, Gary'"

26.6.2002 IRC: IRC channel for the program WHDload set up
WHDLoad enables you to install games, which were mostly meant for floppy disk use, to your harddisk.
The program gains a ever growing popularity. For that reason we set up an IRC channel, where you can share all the experiences with WHDload. The channel is available at:
Port: 6667
Kanal: #whdload
Server: irc.phat-net.de
We would be pleased to welcome many users and see longer lasting visits.

Amiga-news.de website
25.6.2002 AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 "Free Stuff" Early Promotion Status
There is now a status page showing how many AmigaOne/AmigaOS4 $50 off coupons have been sold. Right now nearly 200 people prepaid.

AmigaDE Shop website
25.6.2002 New info on the $50 coupon deal
Gary Peake has asked that this information be passed along.
"I have received a few hundred emails that there are concerns from our Euro and Scandinavian Amigans about not having credit cards and thus not being able to take advantage of the current coupon promotion. Bill has quickly worked out the following for any who wish to do it another way. Read more

Amiga.org website
25.6.2002 PowerD v0.19 full release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language, slightly compatible to AmigaE. Has many features and is very easy to learn. Requires OS3.0, 020, fpu and some additional memory. News from 0.18?
At last added a debugger!
Many things improved.
Can compile a library.
All files can be executed directly from WB.
Support of OOP4A project.
Several enforcer hits removed.
Several bugfixes.
And much much much more.

Developing such project is very difficult and I have only few betatesters. If You want to help me with it, test it or write examples, modules etc. please email to kuchinka@volny.cz. If You want more information about PowerD, email me, or visit my homepage.

Martin "MarK" Kuchinka, www.volny.cz/kuchinka
25.6.2002 Symphony 2002 DEMOPARTY in Poland
"Try to learn more about the SYMPHONY2002 demoscenefestival held in Poland. The date of the ultimate scene extremists is set to 3-7. 7. 2002 witch means five days of really HardCore partying, lot's of demos, hektolitres of beer and gigabytes of finest stuff presented to the audience. Soo catch your next train to Poland and have fun with us!"

Silentriot / Symphony.Organizaterus
Symphony homepage
25.6.2002 Software News
SixK released Reaction Mysql Client 0.2
"This MySql client is actually the same as the MUI Mysql Client I have put on my old site: sixk.maniasys.com except it has been written with reaction and is far more stable. Current limitations are only select work, (insert and update untested, but may crash) and only 10000 cells are permitted and only 10 columns. I hope to progress a bit more faster than with MUI since I didn't have to care with hooks anymore ;)"

Prayer2 goes OpenSource
Prayer2 is fast and skinnable MPEG audio player for Amiga using mpega.library. Sound is played back using native 14bit Amiga audio driver.
Download source from here
Missing source for robe compiler rc.c.gz

Pawel Chwalowski

24.6.2002 New Executive Update from Bill McEwen
Notes from Bill on a plethora of topics including Gary Peake's recent hospitalization, redeeming Party Pack discounts, AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4, clarification of Amiga-Anywhere and AmigaDE products, Amithlon and a new Amiga Promotion. Read the full Executive Update here.

"How many AmigaOne's do we build and order?
We need to properly plan, budget, and order for the production of the AmigaOne. To do that, we need to get a good idea of how many units we need to order, build and prepare to support etc. You get the idea.

The AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 "Free Stuff" Early Promotion
Customers who are interested in purchasing an AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 pre-loaded will be able to purchase a $50.00 off coupon for $50.00! This way we have a very strong idea regarding how many boards we need to produce.
Not enough you say! Okay, how about this: For every $50.00 discount coupon you will receive a free shirt announcing to everyone that you are part of the future. So for $50.00 you get a $50.00 off coupon and a free shirt.
Still not enough? Okay how about this: When we reach 2,500 orders we will have a random drawing for 4 free AmigaOne/AmigaOS 4.0 systems." ... 5,000 - 10,000 - 25,000 - 50,000 uaaaa

Official AmigaOS Portal
AmigaInc. website

24.6.2002 Amithlon 2.0 and Amiga Cross Licensing
Jun 23, 2002 - Amiga, Inc. today announced the cross licensing of Amithlon 2.0. The agreement was made with the author and the inspiration behind Amithlon, Bernd 'Bernie' Meyer. Read the Amithlon Press Release here

"A demo version of Amithlon 2.0 will be available shortly which can be downloaded free of charge from the distribution site here. The demo version may be upgraded to a fully functional version with a simple keyfile, which can be purchased online."

Official AmigaOS Portal
AmigaInc. website

24.6.2002 Pictures of AmigaOne XE and more
New AmigaOne XE pictures and picture of the CPU card that will carry the G3, G4, or dual G4 can be found here.
Pictures by AFLE.

Alex Dillenseger via ANN
24.6.2002 AWeb Open Source News
We now have a public IRC channel #aweb on IRCnet. To find a local server, click here for a server listing. Come chat with other AWeb users! ;-)

24.6.2002 Sponsor AROS or AWeb development
Adam Chodorowski: "I have two months of free time this summer, which I would love to spend on coding for AROS or AWeb Open Source. The problem is that I have to pay my bills, and therefore I would need to get some temporary job. This ofcourse means there would be very little time to code on those projects... :-/
The solution to this would be if someone (or some group of people) were willing to sponsor me for coding on AROS or AWeb one month or two. I don't ask for much money, just enough to pay my bills and to buy food. For that I would code 60 hours / week, that is more than fulltime. In total, this would mean around 240 hours of work going into AROS or AWeb in a month, to improve any part you (the sponsor) wants me to.

Read more

'Sponsor AROS or AWeb development' page

23.6.2002 AWeb Open Source News
Yvon Rozijn (The original author of AWeb) has appointed us the official AWeb Open Source Development Team. Yvon states: "Developers: you are strongly suggested to join this project if you want to help further development of AWeb, instead of starting something on your own." Click here for more information.

23.6.2002 Amiga Arena News
The Prophet Update!
"In 2001 the Amiga Arena released exclusiv with the permission from the developer Mark Ford the fullversion from the 3D RPG Game The Prophet. After a long time we found the Update to play the game till the end because the final sales version was incorrect! Now it is online!"

New Fullversions!
"For all German speaking users you can download with the permission from Sayonara Software the football manager "Samba Partie ECS/AGA" and the travel manager Flamingo Tours."

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena

23.6.2002 AMIGA developer site News
The Amiga Developer Site is update with FreePascal function group. This is developer site for Amiga developers, with C language reference, AmiTCP, AmigaDOS, AmigaOS, BlitzBasic, FreePascal, GeekGadgets, MUI, Picasso96, PowerD, and Warp3D support. Over 6000 searchable functions, crosslinked references, forums for every functions, example programs, and more!
If you want to support Amiga platform development, please support this site with your comments, and example programs!

The MorphOS support coming soon!

LouiSe, AMIGA developer site bye LouiSe

23.6.2002 Software News
cURL v7.9.8, Anubis v3.1.0, muhstik v3.9.5, speex v0.3.0, dsbl v0.9.4, neobopm v1.1 .
..and added Releases history zone.

(note: if you have ports, or precompiled binaries and like to share it with the Amiga community, email me for your inclusion in the Amiga project at Sourceforge!.)


22.6.2002 fxSCAN 4.0 feature update and in production
"We´re proud to announce that fxSCAN 4.0 has been finished and the master was sent out to the CD-ROM production site last Tuesday.
Though we have a very tight timetable for fxSCAN, we managed to finish a MorphOS-native version of the fxSCAN PPC-servertask and the OCR-engine which will ship with fxSCAN 4.0. A native version for AmigaOS® 4.0 is planned, too, and will be available as patch from our homepage at the time of completion.
Furthermore another two new GUI skins ("Burning Red" and "Laced Gray", see fxSCAN-screenshots) and a time-unlimited version of the color calibration software ICS (with printable manuals!) are coming with fxSCAN now, too.
If everything goes fine in production, fxSCAN 4.0 ships on the 15th of July 2002. The special preorder offer with a saving of 10 EUR ends on the 7th of July.
So don´t wait any longer: Preorder now and save 10 EUR!"

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
22.6.2002 AF: New Workbench-Screenshots
Andreas Magerl: "Today we update the Workbench-Screenshot-Gallery from the Amiga Future Homepage. When you like, you can send us your Screenshots."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
22.6.2002 Software News
New versions (V.44.50 beta 2 for MC68881/82 and V.44.50 beta 8 for MC68040 and MC68060) of HSMathLibs relesed. This versions are for betatester only.

ASp v0.82b (exe only) - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator for the Amiga. It is coded in fast 680x0 Asm and is designed to be authentic and easy to use.
This release fixes a problem with port addresses that caused some 128K games to fail (Fairlight, etc.). Also, 68030 users may notice up to a 10% speed improvement. No extra docs or anything this time, just the exe.

MorphOS News The PPC ELF module for CGXMode has been released. You can find more informaiton about the MorphOS module here.

HighSpeed MathLibs homepage
ASp homepage
MorphOS homepage

21.6.2002 World of Amiga Southeast - Official News
The 2002 WOA SE show will be held on Saturday 2nd November in the same venue as last year, the excellent, Poplars Hall, in Shenfield, Essex. UK.
The last show was a huge success and WOA SE 2002 will be no exception, with the imminent release of the AmigaOne G3-SE, Pegasos, Shark and OS4, this is one Amiga show you won`t want to miss! For more news, subscribe to our announce only mailing list via: WOASE-Announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
Exhibitors, please contact exhibitors@worldofamiga.com for further information and prices.
More information will available soon via our website http://www.worldofamiga.com.

Mikey C, World of Amiga southeast Exhibitors and Media Liaison
21.6.2002 Test Ram disk for the image installer for use with Mandrake Linux PPC
Michael Heider: "On my homepage is now a Ram disk for testing purposes for the image installer available for download. With the image installer it is possible to install Linux PPC of different distributions on Amigas with PowerPC CPU by installing an image of a preinstalled Linux PPC distribution on an Amiga. This way is the image also already preconfigured in important areas for the Amiga.

Soon there will a CD containing the image installer and an image of Mandrake 8.2 PPC be released.

Amiga-news.de website
Micha's homepage

20.6.2002 Anniversary of Jay Miner's Death
On this date eight years ago Jay Miner, the Father of the Amiga, passed away. May we carry on his heritage in our hearts.

A few links:

Amiga-news.de website

20.6.2002 Virus Help Denmark Amiga News
A new update of Safe v18.0 has been released today. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. download / readme

"We are looking for Amigas users that could help us with beta-testing of VirusExecutor, and helping us getting some problems fixed. There is only one demand, you must have installed OS 3.9 and BoingBag 2 on your Amiga. We need more that one beta-tester, so please help us. If you would like to help us, please contact Jan Erik Olausen or Jan Andersen."

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website

20.6.2002 Software News
Jabberwocky v1.1 - jabber client software for Amiga. Second Release with some bugfixes. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License.
If you want a MorphOS Version than you can compile it yourself by getting the source code.

Carl Svensson released 4th beta of gW3S, small freeware web server for AmigaOS, written in ARexx.
gW3S now support unsafe characters in file names. Read more

Jabberwocky Amiga client homepage
gW3S homepage

19.6.2002 Gary Peak back to work
AmigaPlus reports from the AmiOpen-mailinglist: AmigaInc. employee Gary Peake reports back after a heart attack. His check-up has been successful and he is back to work (currently at home). He wants to thank everyone for their nice whishes regarding his convalescence.

GFX-BASE website
19.6.2002 Partnership RELEC / IOSPIRIT
RELEC becomes partner for the distribution of all products IOSPIRIT, already including/understanding fxPaint, fxScan, VHI-Studio and Ultraconv. This partnership follows upon that which existed already with the old Innovative company.
On this occasion, and to mark the nearest release of version 4.0 of fxScan, the Swiss retailer proposes a promotion of more than 30% of reduction on fxPaint v1.5.

Amiga.org website
19.6.2002 AmiStart new version released and available at GFX-BASE
"Darius Brewka recently completed the new version of his brilliant StartMenu & Quicklaunch Taskbar 'AmiStart'. If you haven't heard about AmiStart you can read our latest Question & Answer session with Darius, in which he explains the new features.

AmiStart will be on Aminet soon, but you can already download the full archive of the new AmiStart version here at GFX-BASE."

GFX-BASE website

19.6.2002 Games & Software News
SixK released a SDLInvaders v0.6.0 - an Invaders clone using SDL lib. According to author the game work fine on Amithlon, damn slow on a 040 at 33MHz
Official SDLInvaders site

MorphOS News 68k hosted PPC targetted MorphOS GCC compiler
Jens Langner updated the 68k hosted PPC compiler so that it's now in pair with the PPC hosted one. You can find the binary here and the readme here.

MorphOS homepage

18.6.2002 Eyetech comments on Amiga1G3SE developer boards shipping
Anyone who ordered a developer board - dealer or end user - was subscribed to a closed list under NDA. Several people on this list are on the closed a1g3dev list have boards and some - but not all - of them have boards. [..] Some people on the list have far more experience than others when it comes to installing linux. Since the dev group voted to initially standardise on SuSE PPC Linux - and the A1 boards are NOT the same as the Teron CX boards (which run Turbo Linux) - the group decided to let a select few of the real experts to make an easily installable distribution of SuSE Linux PPC and UAE-PPC first. The remaining dev boards have already been manufactured but will not be available until this SuSE/UAE release is finalised. Hyperion are making good progress with sorting out the OS4 boot process... Read more

AmigaOne ML
18.6.2002 The Amiga clock (only 55 worldwide) 4 sale
"One of the Amiga-Clocks (pure silver, signed by Petro) is for sale at EBay, seems a real bargain if you take a look at the price!"

Holger Hippenstiel
18.6.2002 Software News
New AmigaAMP Discussion board
There is a new AmigaAMP discussion board. It makes heavy use of cascading style sheets, so most Amiga browsers will display the simple version instead of the fancy one.
If you've got problems regarding AmigaAMP please try to discuss it there instead of sending an email to the AmigaAMP author.

SixK released MySql daemon 3.23.51 for 68040. Require a full Amiga MySql archive to work. Official MySql site: http://www.mysql.com/

The official AmigaAMP Homepage

17.6.2002 Community Section new in the Elbox website
You are welcome to visit the updated Elbox website.
A new section has been added: COMMUNITY. SUPPORT and DOWNLOADS sections are updated.
The new COMMUNITY section offers information on discussion groups related to Elbox products, links to websites dedicated to our designs and the section on feedback from users.
In SUPPORT the Resources section is added for our partners and developers.
In DOWNLOADS you can find information about the latest driver versions for Mediator busboards, FastATA controllers and 4xEIDE and Mroocheck interfaces.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
17.6.2002 PowerD v0.19alpha, new alpha7 release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language, slightly compatible to AmigaE. Has many features and is very easy to learn. Requires OS3.0, 020, fpu and some additional memory.
News in alpha7 update:
At last added a debugger!
Many things improved.
Several enhorcer hits removed.
Several bugfixes.
And more.

Developing such project is very difficult and I have only few betatesters. If You want to help me with it, test it or write examples, modules etc. please email to kuchinka@volny.cz. If You want more information about it, email me, or visit my homepage.

Martin "MarK" Kuchinka, www.volny.cz/kuchinka
17.6.2002 AmiWest 2002 is rolling!
AmiWest 2002 is rolling! The venue is the now-familiar Holiday Inn Northeast in Sacramento, California, this year under new ownership and management. As announced last year at the close of AmiWest 2001, the dates for the show are July 27 & 28, the last weekend of July. This year, we also have a co-sponsor, Extreme Computing, who have been hard at work to enhance our show through their many Amiga community contacts.. See below for their complete contact information.
Right up front, let's get some IMPORTANT DATES in front of you. This coming Saturday, June 15, is the LAST DAY that vendors can get their deposits in at the discount prices listed on our web site. Just in case you didn't know, we are offering a 17% discount off the already low, same-as-last-year prices for AmiWest exhibit space. It's the same discount we offered last year. So we need your deposit checks NOW. SEND THEM IN TODAY!! We will honor postmarks up to June 15th for the discounted rates. AmiWest 2002 information release #3

AmiWest homepage
17.6.2002 Software News
Free keyfile for Digital Almanac II
A free keyfile for old Digital Almanac II has been released on the Aminet! Enjoy the program. Please note: No support will be given to DA II.

68060 version of AWeb 3.4 APL for AmigaOS 3.x is now ready for download.
Mailing List
You can join public mailing list: aweb@sunsite.dk for general information, news and release information. To subscribe, send an empty E-mail to aweb-subscribe@sunsite.dk.

Digital Almanac Homepage
AWeb Open Source website

16.6.2002 AWeb News
The team behind AWeb Open Source effort has released the first version of AWeb v3.4 APL runnig under AmigaOS 3.x for 68020, 030 and 040. download / readme

MorphOS News Mark Olsen has released a port of AWebPPC for MorphOS (incl. sources). readme

AWeb Open Source website
MorphOS homepage

16.6.2002 AROS News
Matt Parsons: "I have updated the CD-ROM ISO, sorry about the delay but my exams got in the way. I'm moving house, so it is likely that I may not be able update this site for about two weeks. Adam is curently woking on a Workbench... I will bring you an updated AROS disk as soon as there is something to show.
I have a new vote on my Feature request page, we need to decide the new name of our MUI clone (Zune), now that it has been chosen as the standard GUI Manager for AROS." 

Matt Parsons's AROS distribution website
15.6.2002 AmigaOne in Toulouse
There will be a demonstration by Eyetech's Alan Redhouse of the AmigaOne G3-SE on Sunday 23rd June at the great summer Amigafest Amigabastringue.
This is a developer board, exactly the same as the boards that will be sold with AOS4.0
Alan also has a surprise in store. You'll have to come to the meet for details, but this is definitely a 'be there or be square' occasion.
See this site (in French) for further details and instructions on how to get to the party.

Amiga.org website
"Are we football crazy or what!" During the World Cup you can choose any football game plus another one of equal value or less absoulutely FREE! Hurry as some stocks are limited and it is first come first served!

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
15.6.2002 AF Special Report: Amiga's Potential for Success in the PDA Market
Philip Cosby: "Over the course of the last six months I examined the Personal Digital Assistant market in an effort to better understand whether Amiga Inc and Amiga developers can play an exciting role in this growing market. In this article I will share what I have learned providing my own assessment as to the potential for Amiga developers to be successful in this market." Read more

Amiga Flame website
15.6.2002 RC5-64 has passed 80% completion...
"RC5-64 has passed 80% completion a couple of days ago, at current rate in the unlikely/unlucky event that the whole keyspace has to be searched we are looking at another 188 days of searching only. This weekend I'll start a month (or thereabouts) long vacation so member updates and mailing list will be down for the duration."

The Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
15.6.2002 Pegasos/MorphOS News
DCE: 750 CXe CPU Board for Pegasos Mainboard
In the gallery on the DCE website you can find new picture of 750 CXe (G3) CPU Board card for Pegasos.

www.morphos.net is now online!.

DCE Computer Service GmbH website
MorphOS website

14.6.2002 Pianeta Amiga 2002 (Amiga Planet 2002)
On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22th of September will be held, at "Palazzo delle Esposizioni" in Empoli (Florence) , the sixth italian fair commited to the Amiga Platform and, for the first time, open to alternative platforms: PIANETA AMIGA 2002 (Amiga Planet 2002)
Among the exibitors will be present, as usual, hardware and software dealers from Italy and other nations. Read more

Claudio Marro Filosa, Pianeta Amiga 2002
14.6.2002 Obligement 33 is now out
Issue 33 of the famous french e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue : latests Amiga news, interviews of Paul 'ExiE' Strejcek, Fleecy Moss and Stéphane Georget, a report of AmigaFun 2002, reviews of AMP 2.04 and Glow Icon Collection 2, articles about Emulation and AmigaDE, and lor more ! Download it from the website: obligement.free.fr.

David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement
14.6.2002 Amiga Demoscene Archive News
The amiga demoscene archive was updated with 6 new productions, including 5 party winners.
It's now possible to sort the complete demo list by year. And we are working on a comment/vote system. It's not finished yet but it is already possible to register, vote and comment. So now it's in your hands to make this site much more interesting!!! More additions to t he voting/comment will be added (like top demo charts,...).

Amiga Demoscene Archive website
14.6.2002 Software News
Digital Almanac III V4.9Beta3 - astronomy program developed for the Amiga. There are new features in the Beta3 version. Take a look at the developer page!

AmigaAMP v2.9 - powerful freeware realtime MPEG audio player for Amiga computers released.
"Finally after being able to get my PPC Amiga up and running again I managed to compile this final release of AmigaAMP 2.9. I have very little time for future development and almost no time for support. You still may send me e-mails with bugreports and ideas but they will probably remain unanswered."
Mailing list discontinued
"The old version of MajorDomo that this list was running on couldn't be made spam-proof, so Marc and I decided to shut it down. It will be re-opend as a webinterface based discussion board soon."

Digital Almanac Homepage
The official AmigaAMP Homepage

13.6.2002 Elbox MIRAGE for A3000D
If your current Amiga 3000D is left in the desktop case, Mirage 3000 is the must-have solution #for you. Mirage 3000 is a modern, functional and spacious tower case. It is designed for those Amiga 3000D users who have upgraded or want to upgrade their computers with the Mediator PCI 3000D busboard.
Mirage 3000 equipped with a powerful 300W PSU is prepared for massive expandability of the A3000 hardware.
Be ready for the future! Along with the new operational system, AmigaOS4, and SharkPPC G3/G4-series cards for the Mediator PCI 3000D busboard, your Amiga 3000D Mirage will be one of the most efficient Amiga computers of the new generation.
Mirage 3000 Tower SRP (VAT and local taxes excluded): EUR 179.95
Availability: from 21 June 2002
For more information see: Mirage 3000 webpage

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
13.6.2002 HIGHWAY & SUBWAY USB News
The HIGHWAY has successfully been tested in a DraCo. List of compatibility

Due to several logs from customers we would add some USB devices to our USB compatibility list. We will keep the list up-to-date. Supported devices

USB for Amiga website

13.6.2002 Summary of Bill Buck's comments
For those who don't want to read the whole thread of 274 comments to search for what Bill Buck said, I quoted his main words and added a short german summary.
The summary can be found at morphos-news.de, in the english part of it.

Martin Heine via ANN
Morphos-news.de website
12.6.2002 H&P: Nice Price Bestsellers
"For a limited time you can buy some of our products (PageStream 4.1, ImageFX 4.5, ArtEffect + Collection) at a special price.
All offers and some more sale can be found in our online shop. Click the link "Show Amiga SALE only" to get them all. This is a limited time offer and only available as long as our stock lasts.

Haage&Partner website
12.6.2002 AmiBlitz2 / Blitz 2000 news
The latest distributions of AmiBlitz2 (v2.26) can now be found at the Blitz 2000 site.
AmiBlitz2 is the current name for the programming language previously known as Blitz Basic 2. It has since been released under the GPL. As well as the latest distributions, the Blitz2000 site has been updated with all the recent months mailing list archives, the contents of the Blitz User International magazine (issues 4 to 8) and lots of other small fixes to the pages.

David McMinn, Blitz 2000
12.6.2002 AmigaOS 3.9 Update
The ATO coordinator Söenke Tesch just released new locale files. The Greek locale is a new one, the Suomi locale got updated. AmigaOS 3.9 Locales

Haage&Partner website
12.6.2002 Gary Peake after heart attack on the way of recovery
Sanjay Menon: "Gary suffered a heart attack over the weekend but is now back at home and on the way to a full recovery. He is following doctors orders to get plenty of rest and stay away from email.
He has asked me to thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and for your best wishes. He hopes to be back on email towards the end of the week."

Amiga-news.de website
12.6.2002 Software News
SoloControl v1.1 - Freeware remote control utility for the Pace 56 Solo modem. download

Oliver Roberts' homepage
11.6.2002 'Amiga, Inc: Close That Open Hardware!'
"Hey! They promised us AmigaOS! Our "platform" is none of their business. I have to ask, why are they talking about a POP-based motherboard?"
Artice by Emanuel Mair, osOpinion

11.6.2002 Virus Help Denmark AMIGA News
The anti-virus disks has been updated with the latest versions. You can find the disk's here.

The VHT Chat-room has been down. But Charlene (VHT-CAN) has fixed it again. Now we can chat again. All you have to do is to Click Here to chat.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

10.6.2002 CDTV.org.uk redesign & interview with Guy Wright
The Commodore CDTV Information Center has undergone a makeover which is now complete and uploaded and as a little helper to get you to visit they have an interview with Guy Wright, one of Commodore's "Special Projects" employees, Creator of the CDTV Welcome disk, CDTV CR Welcome disk, CDTV Demo disks, developers docs, founding Editor-in-Chief of Amiga World (Back in 1985) and owner of the 6th known CDTV CR.

Amiga.org website
The Commodore CDTV Information Center
10.6.2002 Interview with Olaf Barthel
Rodney McDonell aka POds: "Finaly i have finished my interview with Olaf Barthel. At near 6000 words, its* not a bad read, and probably one of my best interviews yet. Get to know a great man, read it now!"

Amiga.org website
10.6.2002 Moovid with DivX (v1.6 Beta)
Moovid Beta V1.6 Beta with DivX support rocks. We got a steady 26 FPS out of Duron 999Mhz Amithlon reading off a CD and running onboard graphics from shared memory (4x AGP). Picture was perfect although 32bit mode is not yet supported (comes out black & white). Sound works with Puh der Baer the utility to remap calls from Paula to AHI. Picture is not yet scaleable to match the screen size although as Bernie Meyer was at www.maug.org.au for the demo (and graphics is Bernies specialty) then anything is possible.

Michael Czajka, MAUG Treasurer
MooVid homepage
9.6.2002 Free AWeb development hosting Offer
Sunsite.dk (a non-profit open source hosting site) are willing to host the development site of AWeb for free as long as it's kept open source.
[..] This is a good opportunity to get an Amiga browser up to speed with todays internet standards (CSS, XML, etc.) as well as native versions of this browser on OS4, AROS and MorphOS if you want. It's also a good thing to have an open Amiga browser to which YOU can contribute, if there's something you don't like or want to change. Read more

We just need to hear from those of you who want to continue the development of AWeb... If anyone wishes to participate, they are welcome

Henrik Mikael Kristensen via ANN

9.6.2002 Digital Almanac III and Amithlon
It was possible to test DA III Beta2 on the AFP Amiga party with Amithlon on a Pentium 4 at 1.6 GHz with a GeForce 3. The test showed incredible 10 fps at a resolution of 1024x768 16bit. This is about ten times faster than running on the developer machine (PPC604e/200 - 68060/50 with CVPPC) with the same resolution!

Digital Almanac Homepage
9.6.2002 Software News
BarsnPipes v1.14 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (Freeware).
New in this version: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more.
For further information read the included BnP_Addenum.guide.

New version (v1.39) of MCP (Master Control Program) is ready for download
Changes since last version:
- update catalogs: english (built-in), german, spain, russian
- update Guides: english, german
- new Version of MCPPrefs
- new Version of MCP
- update Installerscript ( add Appicon )
- added Defaul-Appicon (MCPApp.info)
- update MCP.gurudat for all new Gurus from OS 3.1and extend existing descriptions

Alfred Faust's homepage
Dieters Amigaseite

8.6.2002 AWeb Source Code Released
Yvon Rozjin: "I regret that I haven't got the time to continue development of the AWeb browser. Bringing the browser up to date to today's standards (like support for CSS) would take more time than can be justified by the remaining Amiga market.
I like to express my thanks to the Amiga community for using my browser. In return I will release the source code of AWeb, so others in the Amiga community have a chance to continue development.
All source code is released under the AWeb Public License. In short, the APL means that you are allowed to modify these sources and/or use them in your own products, provided that these products will also be distributed subject to the APL. It also means that you must make the sources of your product available to the public." Read more

8.6.2002 100%AMIGA IN THE USA
100%AMIGA, the World's only monthly interactive Amiga CD magazine is now available to buy in the USA from Software Hut.
This month you can find out the latest news on the future of Amithlon plus all the latest headlines read to you "TV style" by our very own Canadian newsreader. Also on the CD we have no less than 900 game reviews, courtesy of the AGDB, free music utilities and a whole host of other useful applications for your Amiga.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
7.6.2002 New Amiga Keyboards
"We would like to announce that Computer City will be producing keycaps with Amiga logo, for use with Cherry Cybo@rd series keyboards. For more information, please visit http://www.compcity.nl/amigakeyboard (page is in German, English and Dutch)."

Ron van Herk, Computer City
7.6.2002 Collecting data for the FastFileSystem V46
Mario Cattaneo: "Olaf Barthel developes the new FFS (FastFileSystem) of AmigaOS 4. Doing that in a as optimal as possible way he needs data. Data about the conditions of as many as poosible Amiga partitions. Thus he is able to collect them he has wrote a little program which determines the file sizes.
So these data may become representative if the program will be distributed as much as possible. Because of that I decided to put this program on my homepage for download. Please directly send the data to Olaf (please read the documentation before!).
The last possible data for sending in it is the 16.06.2002. Please do not send any reports after this day. This day is the deadline and then all reports which I has got up to this date will be analysed. Please join numerously..." download

Amiga-News.de website
7.6.2002 Elbox to sue OpenPCI author? No OpenPCI Mediator OCHI USB drivers now?
Alkis Tsapanidis wrote on G-Rex ML about why there is no archive released currently: "OpenPCI currently supports the Mediator. Elbox wants this support out and threteaned to SUE him. That's why he doesn't spread it..."
Nicolas Sallin also writes on the subject (on G-Rex ML): "Elbox was very clear when they did their menaces. They allow him to write drivers for mediator, but not to write something like openpci. Even if this can give them more drivers later. It's nice to see the same driver running on all the differents bus. Titan's rtl8139 driver is even currently developped on a mediator1200. But openpci will not be released for Mediator, so no rtl8139 driver for Mediator in the final release. Same thing for the OCHI USB drivers, nothing for Mediator. Elbox doesn't allow it."

CyberGraphX homepage
7.6.2002 V3Portal: David Gerber takes over managemant of the Vapor products.
Oliver Wagner: "Due to time constraints on my part, David 'Zapek' Gerber will now take over project and release management of the vapor products.
This doesn't mean that I'll stop working on them or so, but managing a project is more than just that."

"I'll be away for a 1 week holiday and will close my email account temporarily for that time (lest it be flooded by 5000 spam mails when I come back...)"

V3Portal website

7.6.2002 Next Pegasos production sold out
Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck: "We would like to announce that the next scheduled production of the Pegasos has been sold out. Boards have been set aside for friendly developers, but all others have been sold. Another production of the Pegasos will follow in July."

ANN website
7.6.2002 Software News
wbmpdt.lha - datatype for WAP bitmap images (v1.0) readme

SunAUdt.lha - datatype for Sun Audio sounds (v41.1) readme

A.S. Munde has released an update of DocDatatypes (v40.40). DocDatatypes are a set of datatype classes for documents. The list of supported formats include: MS-Word (Windows, Mac, OS2), RTF, WordPerfect, Write, MS-Works, AmiPro, WordStar, WordStar 2000, Pocket Word, Quill, XyWrite III, Psion Word, Psion TextEd, Palm DB TEXt Doc (pdbdoc), TEAL docs, RichReader, First Word Plus, Mac Write, Mac TeachText and Mac Text.

Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Docdatatypes homepage

6.6.2002 AmigaOS + POP/PPC petition official web site
AmigaPOP.8bit.co.uk is finally online!
Here you'll hopefully find all information you could possibly want about the "AmigaOS distribution policies and POP/PPC hardware petition". I hope the background information and FAQ will be especially helpful to clear up any confusion surrounding these issues.
If you have not yet signed the petition, then please do so now! Please help spreading the word by linking to AmigaPOP.8bit.co.uk. It's not too late to save our favourite OS and a unified POP-based hardware market!

ANN website
5.6.2002 Amiga Games Classifying: May/June 2002
Here the ranking of May/June 2002:
1. (3) Payback - 164 pts
2. (2) Napalm - 135 pts
3. (1) Quake - 130 pts
4. (9) The Settlers - 100 pts
5. (4) Earth 2140 - 100 pts
6. (10) Heretic 2 - 97 pts
7. (5) WipEout 2097 - 84 pts
8. (19) Freespace - 74 pts
9. (17) Worms / Worms DC - 73 pts
10. (7) Sensible World Of Soccer - 66 pts
11. (12) Shogo - 64 pts
12. (8) Foundation - 61 pts
13. (6) Slam Tilt - 55 pts
14. (45) Beneath A Steel Sky - 48 pts
15. (27) Cannon Fodder - 47 pts
16. (11) Civilization - 45 pts
17. (31) Dune 2 - 44 pts
18. (24) Wasted Dreams - 40 pts
19. (96) Another World - 39 pts
20. (38) Flashback - 39 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of July/August 2002) will begin in mid-July.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
5.6.2002 AIO CD canceled - issue 58 available
The AIO CD, AIO The Survivor Years, has hearby been canceled due to insufficient orders. The issue 58 that was made for that CD, however, is now being made opening available, though the News and Letters sections may now be a bit dated. Issue 58 will soon be found on Aminet and the AIO site.

Mark Tierno, AIO
5.6.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.43 R6 - the current version implements sea battles. War ships can now attack enemy trade and battle ships. screenshot

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Ulrich Panzer, Tales of Tamar

4.6.2002 Q&A session with Darius Brewka regarding new AmiStart version
Darius Brewka is the author of AmiStart, a startmenu-launchbar bursting with features. The new version, which he is developing at the moment really kicks ass - and you get this great software for free!
We thought you should know what you can expect to download on Aminet soon. Here's our Q&A session with Darius including lots of infos and details aswell as exclusive screenshots! Read the Q&A session here.

GFX-BASE website
4.6.2002 New Z2 USB card
A New Z2 USB card will be available very soon (we are aiming at the end of June) from boing.net. More Information to follow.

Robert Tsien
4.6.2002 More Payback Maps
Three maps (one new, two updated) have been added to the Extra Maps Page.

Apex Designs website
3.6.2002 AudioLabs: yearly special sale
It's time for yearly summer sale on AmigaOS software. Offers expire at end of June.

Titanium at 295 Euro (is 360 Euro)
includes ProStationAudio Titanium, 30 ALPS plugins, full tech support and a free copy of AudioLab16 R3.
Titanium, basic service, at 235 Euro
includes ProStationAudio Titanium, 30 ALPS plugins, basic tech support (for installing), no free updates.
older ProStationAudio Millennium at 175 Euro
includes ProStationAudio Millennium, 30 ALPS plugins, basic tech support (for installing), no free updates.

Windows News For customers interested in PC software, the new audio assets manager/ finalizer for windows will enter the beta testing stage in next few weeks. Release date set to 3Q 2002.

AudioLabs website

3.6.2002 Information on AmiDock for OS 4
Detailed information on another OS 4 component.
Write up by Stefan Robl, the author. The OS 4 version of AmiDock will ofcourse be PPC native.

Ben Hermans/Hyperion via ANN
Amiga-news.de website
2.6.2002 Total Amiga Magazine Issue 11 scores a Hat trick!
It's World Cup time and to celebrate we too have a hat trick of good news to tell you about.
Goal! Issue 11 of Total Amiga Magazine has sold out at our HQ. There are no copies left! So we are sending on the substitute and going for a second print run of this month's 48 page packed issue.
Goal! We are estatic Brian! Mr Hardware Computers, USA, is the latest Amiga vendor to stock individual issues of Total Amiga Magazine. Our last batch of Issue 11 should be with them very shortly! visit www.mrhardwarecomputers.com for more details.
Goal! We are over the moon to announce that like other previous Amiga Magazines in the past, Total Amiga Magazine has now got it's own open mailing list on yahoo groups. To subscribe send an email to totalamiga-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Full details and more on our website: www.totalamiga.org

Mikey C, Total Amiga Magazine

2.6.2002 AmigaOne booting Linux Video
Elwood "I uploaded on Aminet a video in Mpeg showing the AmigaOne booting TurboLinux (80 MB). This video is old (March 2002) and not professional in any way (in fact, it never meant to be). I originally wanted to upload it on my website instead of putting this huge file on Aminet but my ISP didn't allow me this. So here it is, to make Aminet even bigger !. Remember this AmigaOne is the prototype (G3/600Mhz) and it runs TurboLinux."

Amigart website
2.6.2002 Linux/APUS (Linux/M68k) working with Voodoo3 on Prometheus
Adam Kowalczyk: "I have to apologize that getting the driver compiled for the Voodoo 3 took longer as I needed to acquire another Voodoo 3 card to replace one that went flakey. Anyway, I got the card today and was able to get Linux/M68k to work with a Voodoo 3 card."

CyberGraphX homepage
Amiga Linux/APUS project pages
2.6.2002 Software News
Jabberwocky Homepage moved
The homepage from Jabberwocky, the Jabber client for Amiga, has moved to http://jabberwocky.amigaworld.de/. Please update all your bookmarks/links.

aiffdt41.lha - datatype for AIFF sounds (v41.4)

ilbmdtPPC.lha - ILBM picture datatype for WarpUP (v45.9) readme

Amiga-news.de website
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage

1.6.2002 Highway USB now available to order from the UK
Up until now there has been no UK dealer selling the Highway USB. Due to requests we have been in discussions with KDH and have obtained permission to be a UK reseller for the Amiga USB boards. We will be ordering the boards after the Queen's Jubilee holiday.

FORE-MATT Home Computing
Over the next 4 days most of Great Britain will be celebrating Her Majesty the Queen's Jubilee in the best way we know how - eating, drinking and watching football! On the 5th day we will be celebrating the arrival of the Jubilee edition of 100%AMIGA. Issue 25 features an in depth exposure of the Amithlon legal situation with exclusive narratives from Bill McEwen and Berndt Meyer.

To mark the Jubilee we have included no less than 900 reviews. Yes, I did say 900 GAME REVIEWS all on one issue, courtesy of the AGDB. We are also having a bit of a music theme this month: for the budding musicians we have got Audio Evolution and the very latest Bars & Pipes with loads of tools. Or for those who just enjoy music, you can simply relax and listen to a selection of modules by other artists. Of course we have the latest Amiga news headlines and a whole bundle of other goodies!
Bill McEwen, Amiga CEO, 29 May 02: "I am very pleased with what I have heard about your publication and I look forward to hearing more about it in the future." Bill can't wait for it, can you?

FORE-MATT Home Computing

1.6.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020531).

Amiga Update website
1.6.2002 kicksoft news
"We have limited stocks of boxed Pagestream version 4.0 avaliable at a special price, these all come with a manual.
We can now supply Storm c, Amigawriter, ArtEffect 4 & Addon effects for ArtEffect 4. Details on our site."

ray mccarthykicksoft
1.6.2001 Turn The Page
A brief look at reviving books on the Amiga. Turn The Page, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website