CzAN

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22th of September will be held, at "Palazzo
delle Esposizioni" in Empoli (Florence) , the sixth italian fair commited
to the Amiga Platform and, for the first time, open to alternative

(Amiga Planet 2002)

Among the exibitors will be present, as usual, hardware and software dealers
from Italy and other nations.
During the fair it will be possible to see and buy exclusive products, you
will be able to speak with the most important "actors" of the italian and
international Amiga scene, you will meet very important people of the Amiga
world, you will be able to show your works and to exchange opinions and
ideas with other amigans.

In this edition you'll likely have the opportunity to see in action the new
AmigaONE G3SE with the new Amiga OS4 for PowerPC and the Pegasos together
with MorphOS, the AmigaOS-compatible operating system written for the
Both of these systems will offer the possibility to run Linux for PowerPC
and, for a full backwards compatibility with old software, the Amiga UAE
for PowerPC.

The big news of this year's edition will be the presence of other
alternative platforms. It will be possible, for all Mac, Linux, QNX and
BeOS users, to find a place where they'll be able to meet each other,
exchange ideas, opinions, projects and meet programmers and dealers all
together in an event that is going to become one of the most important
expression of alternative computing in Italy.

We are waiting for you in Empoli on 21st and 22th of September to discover
what is going on inside the Amiga and alternative platform universe.

Everyone, amigan or not, who want to show his work without any commercial
purpose will get access to a free space for the exposition.
If you want to show your production, animations, pictures, utilities,
hardware solutions, etc., please contact us to reserve a space.

We are also providing free space for users who want to buy/sell/exchange 2nd
hand hardware and software for all the platform present at the fair. If you
want to take part please contact us.

You can forward your request for a free exposition spaces by email or also
using the form on our web site. All requests will be accepted until booths

Claudio Marro Filosa