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Krakow, 09 September 2002

                     Elbox releases MM CD UP 1.15

The MM CD 1.15 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D,
Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200
and Mediator PCI ZIV busbords, who are registered owners of the
Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today.

The update includes new versions of the following drivers:

* FastEthernet.device
* tv.library
* Voodoo.card

The changes were made as follows:

FastEthernet.device ver.1.5
- driver completely rebuilt,
- optimisation for MiamiDX ver.4.6
- AHIsub_Update() procedure changed

tv.library ver.1.11
- I2C support for developers added

Voodoo.card ver.4.15
- clipping procedure improved

The current developer documentations for tv.library and mixer.library are
in the MM CD 1.15.

Current versions info is available in DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.
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Mariusz Wloczysiak
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department