CzAN

As shown at the French Amiga show this week-end, here is the status update
of the AmigaOS4 project.

- exec will be finished this week.
- ramlib is done
- dos is done
- intuition is 95% done. The new sys-i class still needs to be added.
  Work scheduled for completion end of the month.
  The prefs program is done at 80%
- graphics is done
- layers is done
- utility is done
- iffparse is done
- cia.ressource
- audio.device
- timer.device done at 99%
- keyboard.device done at 99% (a few lines of ASM code left)
- input.device done
- keymap.library done
- lowlevel.library done
- utility.library done
- clip handler

This is the very first release of the cliphandler, i.e. the CONCLIP:
device, that provides clipboard support on the level of the dos stream I/O.
It also provides a simple library for applications that cannot call
the dos.library directly.

- queue handler done
- shell, features added, bugs fixed
- cdfs is done
- FFS2 is done. Plugin feature added allowing (plugins can be added to some
  partitions for encryption, caching, mirroring....)
  i.e. you can write a plugin that allows you to encrypt automatically all
  files copied into a partition.
- AmiDock is done. One of the so many features are the Dockies.
  These are plugins that allow the user to add active content into the dock
  like a running clock or a lens that displays the area under the mouse
  pointer, or ... whatever you want ! Who will write a demo in a Docky ? :-)
- GhostScript is added. It allows to create/display PostScript or PDF.
  Also a port of xPDF will be added.
- USB stack (with Subway/Highway/Thyclacine support)
- Soundblaster Live drivers!
- Ibrowse 2.3
- PPC native datatypes
- Reaction (95% finished)
- MediaToolbox
- PartitionWizard
- ft2.manager, diskfont.library. You'll now be able to open all sort
  of font formats...

Items still outstanding for OS 4:

- SCSI driver
- Remaining Intuition/Reaction work (5%)
- Roadshow GUI completion
- 2D driver completion (5% remaining)
- 68K emulation integration
- AmigaInput (nearly done)

Best regards,

Ben Hermans
Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment