CzAN

Dear Highway users,

there is a new version V1.28 of the Poseidon USB Stack  available  from  my
website (, aswell as an updated driver
for the Norway Ethernet Addon which sits ontop of the Highway.

There's now a VHI driver for the Pencam and compatible webcams. However, to
work  100%  correctly,  you  probably  need version VHI Studio 5.7 which is
scheduled for release next Monday.

There are also MorphOS PPC native binaries, but I  doubt  anyone  will  use
them  yet  ;)  (also there still seems to a problem with the ELF version of
the main library).

Finally, I want you to encourage to send in an email,  whenever  you  might
need  help  or just have a good idea of improvement (except nagging for the
HID class ;) ).

Big news
  - User licence scheme added.
  - Pencam VHI driver.
  - Various fixes.

  - Printer class fix.

  - Mass storage fixed and extended.
  - New USB Modem class.
  - UPAR printer mountlist included.

  - German manual and installer script
  - Fixed the bugs in the installer script that would copy the UMSD file to
    the wrong drawer (and without icon)
  - New usb->serial converter class
  - Mass storage now automounts

poseidon.library 1.28
  o BrokenConfigFix: Sony Handycam has a wrong MSD subclass.
  o BrokenConfigFix: LaCie USB Floppy drive has a dummy interface.
  o Internal changes to accept user keyfiles.
  o Added restarting function.

AddUsbHardware 1.2
  o Did not call psdEnumerateHardware() when using QUIET. Fixed.
    Reported by Christian Sauer, thanks a lot.

PsdRestart 1.1
  o Initial.

pencam.vhi 1.2
  o Initial driver for VHI Studio.

PencamTool 1.6
  o Optimized bayer derasterization function.
  o Derived pencam.vhi driver from PencamTool.

Trident 0.9
  o Added hardware driver information window.
  o Added menu item to inject user keyfile.

all classes
  o Fixed them to compile for MorphOS.

highwayusb.device 2.9
  o Slight changes for compiling for MorphOS.

subwayusb.device 2.3
  o Slight changes for compiling for MorphOS.


poseidon.library 1.27
  o Internal changes for PPC native compile.

printer.class 1.11
  o Fixed printes with twisted bulk in/bulk out. Should have been more
    careful with this from the beginning :-\

all classes
  o Bailing out of a class binding on binding failure was broken.


poseidon.library 1.26
  o On USB devices with multiple configurations, only the first one was
    read due to me thinking that I would get all configurations
    automatically. This is now fixed. Hey, it was the first time I came
    across a device with multiple configs, so I couldn't test the code

massstorage.class 1.11
  o Added information messages on mounting (after three attempts :) ).
  o Mounting now again uses lowcyl = 0. But therefore, detection of an
    already mounted partition has been reduced to unit, device and dostype.
    This means that no multiple partitions on a harddisk will be mounted,
    but only the first one. I hope this is not a problem for most of you.
    (thanks to Jens & Jean-François).
  o After mounting, a diskchange signal was sent. This is now fixed
    (thanks to Jens).
  o Added NSD and TD64 support. This means you now can uses harddisks >4GB.

serialpl2303.class 1.3
  o Fixed buffer management. Added EOF mode.

cdcacm.class 1.2
  o Initial. Should support state reporting and EOF mode.


  o Added UPTO option.

highwayusb.device 2.8
  o Optimized copyloop a bit.

subwayusb.device 2.2
  o Initial

serialpl2303.class 1.2
  o Initial

bootkeyboard.class 1.6
  o Now calls reset handlers of the keyboard.device on reset. This is done
    in a tricky, but system-friendly way. If any reset handler is found,
    the reset is delayed by 10 seconds (no way to find out, if the reset
    handlers have finished).

massstorage.class 1.9
  o Added 200ms delay for some strange devices before first interaction.
    I hope this is enough for most drives.
  o Added automounting capability for FAT95. Took me ages to get this
    working. Sorry.
  o Added experimental untested support for CB and CBI transport protocols.
  o Added special init sequence for eUSCSI bridges.
  o Disabled internal retry mechanism for HDCMD_SCSI commands. Maybe this
    fixes the disk changing bugs when using "+s" on FAT95.
  o Fixed broken disk change detection. Sorry, just forgot some

hub.class 1.14
  o Changed the init sequence to be more error tolerant, adding several
  o Added locking mechanism (oops! how could I forget) of address 0 to
    avoid confusion on the bus with multiple hubs connected to a hub
    at the same time.
  o Lots of little changes.

poseidon.library 1.25
  o If SET_CONFIGURATION fails, the enumeration will now still proceed.
    This seems to be the case with a few USB2.0 devices.
  o Changed psdSpawnSubTask() to launch a process if started with dos
  o Misc little changes.

PS: Don't be worried about the registration  form  included  starting  with
this  release  and  the "demo version" restrictions: The Highway and Subway
boards come with an OEM licence and you do NOT have to register Poseidon.

This is only for third party hardware drivers which do not have a  licence.
In  this  case,  the  user has to buy a keyfile, if he wants to make use of