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After the bad news about Amithlon and AmigaAktuell, we hope to improve your
mood with our news, especially with the ARC 2002 drawing closer.

In the past few weeks quite a few things have happened in Tales of Tamar.

First of all, we were finally able to negotiate the software bundle with
Thendic France. Thendic will sell a Tales of Tamar SE, together with two
other games from Epic software.

This Special Edition of Tales of Tamar will include 75 free turns, perfect
to get a glimpse at the game. It will consist of one CD-ROM, including
digibooster music, the manual in PDF format and it is fully upgradeable.
All future updates for the game are available to customers of this version.

At the same time, we would like to announce the second public update for all
current players and testers. This update features, among other things,
a completely new menu for the map screen. This menu has a small overview map
(which you may be used to from other games) and a requester that lists all
of your current units. It is divided into the different types of units like
armies, ships, settlers, scouts and specialists such as mages, clerics, etc.
who will be added in a later update. One click on a unit in that list and
the map will center on that figure. We thank Carsten Berger (aka Lord Jinx)
for his excellent graphics.

The update will be released shortly before the Aachen fair and is already
included in the SE version of Tales of Tamar.

Already our players have begun to settle in, and interesting things are
beginning to happening.
As you sure know, Tales of Tamar is not just a simple strategy game, but
also an involving role playing game. That's why we would ask you to lend
your ear to an idea one of our players has who would like to hold some sort
of Olympic games:

Honored Lords and Ladies of Tamar,

We, the people of Haschland, let you all know that, in the summer of the year
223, the First Tamarian Games will take place.
It shall be a peaceful competition between the best athletes of each country.

These are the disciplines that need to be mastered:

1) Witticism:             Make a good joke about Orcs
2) Lyric Wrestling        Recite a poem of your own making (max 8 lines)
3) Taunting and Sneering  Wittily insult your opponent Strength, endurance and dexterity:
4) Tankard Lifting        Keep the tankard lifted as long as you can (1 try)
5) Arm wrestling          The winner is determined in a Knock Out system (Best of 3)
6) Tree trunk throwing    The farthest throw wins (3 tries)
7) Scout marathon         Who is the fastest runner (1 try)
8) Fishing                The highest number of fishes caught wins (5 tries)
9) Archery                The highest total off a round wins (5 tries)
10) Nonathlon             The total from all previous disciplines

Of course, only players of Tales of Tamar are entitled to take part. You will
find further informations about the Tamarian Games in the included documents
or in our forum at
We thank the people of Haschland and Lord Haschelot, the organizer. :-)

We would be pleased to meet you during ARC 2002 at the booth of the Amiga Future
stand to show you Tales of Tamar in person.


Tales of Tamar is a platform independent, turn based, massively multiplayer,
online strategy game like Kaiser of Civilization that is set in a fantasy world
resembling the medieval ages. You can play with thousands of other players in on
world over the Internet.
Tales of Tamar is being developed by Eternity.

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