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At the Amiga+Retro Computing Show in Aachen/Germany a new version
of AmiATLAS 6 will be released !

Although most of the left Amiga users hold back their spending power
over the last months, not only with the hope of new hardware to be
released, we have worked all the time on AmiATLAS 6 ...

At the show you can buy a new version with a complete actualised
(4th quarter 2002) and enlarged data base! Now also with actual
tourism informations and some other useful stuff like informations
about CarIDs, for all supported european countries. This is a rise
of about 200 % to the last official release!

And not to forget the enhanced maps, e.g. for germany now with the
complete motorway net with all clearance to the end of 2002. Surely,
some more towns are included too.

In AmiATLAS itself we have removed lots of reported bugs and optimised
it in some cases, and of course some wishes/ideas of the users were
integrated. Supported languages now are german, english, french and

The new version of AmiATLAS 6 with new enhanced multi language
DVD/CD cover design has already been delivered to KDH Datentechnik and
IOSPIRIT in a high number of pieces for the show. APC & TCP got some
units too.

Due to organizational cases all updates can be delivered at least
right after the show in Aachen and as always known are only available
for registered users. So please register your (even old) copy of
AmiATLAS too!

Please send your inquiries and wishes by eMail to:

AmiATLAS Development Team, Gerd Frank

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