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            A M I G A   U N I V E R S I T Y   U P D A T E

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       P E R F E C T   P A I N T   2 . 8 3   A V A I L A B L E

                M O O V I D   1 . 6   R E L E A S E D

  C A T W E A S E L   M K 3   " F L I P P E R "   A V A I L A B L E

             N E W   " D Y N A M I T E "   I S   V 2 . 2

         P O S E I D O N   U S B - S T A C K   O N - L I N E

 Q U A K E 2   F R O M   H Y P E R I O N   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

 Happy Halloween to those who celebrate the holiday! It may be
appropriate that this issue of "Amiga Update" goes out tonight since
Halloween is the day for frightening "things" and in some ways we
might call this past month a frightening month. We didn't see much in
the way of Amiga news to send your way. A lot of what we did find
related to upcoming planned projects, beta releases and utilities
designed for specialized uses. There was no Executive Update from
Amiga either. I like it much more when the Amiga community makes a lot
of interesting noise. Silence is scary.
 However, as is usually the case, there are interesting things going
on in the Community. We have stories on many of them below.
 There's also some potentially interesting news from IBM. On the 15th
of the month, IBM announced the 1.8GHz Power PC 970 at the
Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, California. This new chip has the
potential of bringing true 64 bit desktop computing to the Amiga
community down the road in the Amiga1 line. We'll have to see how
this develops. Right now, I'd just be happy for readily available,
complete Amiga1 machines ... haven't seen them yet.
 We hope you enjoy this issue, and we also hope for much more to
report to you next time around. Time will tell.

 Brad Webb,

    W O R L D   O F   A M I G A   S O U T H E A S T   N E W S

25 Oct 2002

 Typical, you wait ages and then you get new games to buy all at once.

 With only one week to go to, we have the pleasure to announce that
there will be THREE new Amiga games releases for you to buy at the
World of Amiga Southeast Show 2002.

 (In alphabetical order)

 Quake II. - Hyperion-Entertainment/ID Software. A game that needs no
introduction. Yes! Not only will you be able to play QUAKE II at WOASE
on the Amiga Area, but thanks to some nifty work by the guys at
Hyperion, you will be able to buy it as well! Copies are being sent by
special courier from Germany to the UK, in time for the show! Be
amongst the first to own Quake II on the Amiga.

 Software Tycoon - Epic Interactive. It's 1982. Small computer games
companies are springing up in the bedrooms around the world. A new
business beckons, where everything is in your hands. You have total
control, from creating the original concept, through hiring staff and
packaging design, to the development of massive marketing campaigns.
Do you have the skills to create and use new technologies and become a
Software Tycoon?

 Tales of Tamar - Eternity Software. An internet based roundgame for
various computing platforms. You live in a world far away from our
civilization, comparable to the Middle Ages. In this world there
exists man, dwarves, dragons, and a lot of other races. There is
magic, there are druids and dungeons. You can fight, trade,
investigate, build cities, raise taxes and make peace contracts. Your
aim is to reign your empire and to survive against other opponents.

 Just one week (THAT'S FROM THE 25TH!) to go! - Get your credit cards


 World of Amiga Southeast 2002 is pleased to announce its final
Exhibitors line up for this year's Show:

100% Amiga Magazine
Amiga (OS4/Quake II Demo's)
Cloanto (Amiga Forever)
Eyetech (AmigaOne)
Fore-Matt Home Computing
Mediator Support Team
The Crypt Magazine
Thendic France (PegasOS/MorphOS)
Total Amiga Magazine
Weird Science

The Following Amiga User Groups will be in attendance:

Amiga North Thames
Amiga Support Association
Blackpool Amiga Club
Huddersfield Amiga User Group

 Please visit or for more information, including an
exhibitor layout plan for your convenience. Advanced tickets, priced,
3.50 each, are available from: Fore-Matt Home Computing or Kicksoft.

 World of Amiga Southeast 2002 takes place on Saturday 2nd of November
2002 at Poplars Hall, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex, UK.

     M O R E   O N   O T T A W A   A M I G A   S H O W   2 0 0 2

30 Oct., 2002

 What's going on?

 The Ottawa Amiga Show will have Amiga retailers selling products and
developers showing off their latest programs.

 The retailers are Cinereal of Ottawa, Downtown Amiga from Montreal,
and Livewire Systems of Ottawa. Livewire systems has indicated they
will have 2 Amithlon systems, some Elbox hardware products, Quake two
and more! Cinereal will be demonstrating Matrox video editing
solutions as well as selling Amiga software and hardware.

 ACK Software Controls from Niagara Falls will be demonstrating the
AmigaOne, the first new Amiga hardware since 1993, and a modified
Amiga 4000T, the last classic Amiga model produced.

 Admission to the show is free.

 Technomages will be on hand demonstrating their latest AmigaDE/AA
titles including Eric Schwartz Puzzles, Memory and others.

 ZEE4 of Toronto will be on-hand demonstrating their brand new Amiga
DE offerings.

 There will be several systems running demonstrations of Amiga Digital
Environment content.

 After the show ends, there will be a post-show supper at the Royal
Oak, the regular meeting place of open to everyone who
wishes to attend. As usual, we will take over the basement.

 We will likely have a webcam for those of you who can not make it to
Ottawa. Once it is ready, we will post the address.

When is the show?

 The Ottawa Amiga Show is taking place on November 9, 2002. Doors open
to the public at 11:00am, and the show ends at 4:00pm. People should
arrive at the Royal Oak for around 5:30pm.

 Where is the show?

 The show is quite easy to get to from just about everywhere. The map
page will show you how to get to the show.

 Why have a show?

 There are two reasons - the first being that the Amiga computer and
operating system may have fallen from the mainstream, but to this day
there are dedicated users to use the Amiga for a wide range of uses,
including email, surfing the web, video editing, graphics work, and
many others.

 Amiga Inc's new Digital Environment (DE) is an excellent platform for
developing software that needs to run everywhere - on PCs, on PDAs, on
cellphone and a myriad of other devices. Programming for DE is written
once, in either Java, C, or VP Assember, and from there will run on
any AmigaDE enabled device.

Any questions about the Ottawa Amiga show can be directed to

           A M I G A   U N I V E R S I T Y   U P D A T E


 Some great stuff now online, and hopefully a few more cool new things
in the immediate future, too (stay tuned) :)

 We've got some cool new stuff online for you:

 Site Mirrors: (

 - Amiga Source is now mirrored on our site, thanks Scott!

 - we still maintain site mirrors of the excellent Blitz Basic,
Samplitude Opus (with software downloads) and Amiga Interactive Guide
sites, too.

 Site Archives:

 We have added two GREAT Amiga site archives from the somewhat recent

 - National Amiga tech pages: these are full of great tech
information, including pinouts, motherboard configs and lots of
accelerator information - These were originally done by Greg Scott and
used to be on National Amiga's website - thanks to Larry S. and Joe at
Archtech in London, Ontario!

 - Spock's Logical Amiga Pages: As many of you may remember, this was
a great site that has been offline for some time, unfortunately due to
its author, Eric Robertson, passing on last fall. Thanks to Donald
Sowell for providing this data as hopefully a little memorial to
Eric's fondness for the Amiga and his excellent site.

 - Amiga Realm archive mirrors (12 of them) - Thanks to Paul Andrews
for providing data to mirror their site archives!

 Additional stuff:

 303Tracker - this is a cool Roland TB303 emulator you can run on your
Amiga - software downloads included - thanks to Jeroen Schellekens for
his site archive and software (

 Events page:

 We have added an easy to find Events page for upcoming Amiga events &
shows, and we pledge to keep it current! :) If you have an event or
show coming up anywhere in the world, let us know so we can post it
immediately. (

 Thanks, keep on coming back and if you have additional Amiga sites
for us to help you mirror or archive (to preserve them), just let us
know when/how. :)

kevin orme
amiga university

      T H E   ' D E A T H   B E D   V I G I L '   O N   D V D !

22 Oct., 2002

 DVD edition of 'The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst'

 Dave Haynie is in the final stages of the preparation of a DVD
edition of 'The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst'. For
those who've been living, well, in the normal mainstream of modern
life and don't know this, this is the film he made about the end of
 Says Dave: "As usual with DVDs, I've been trying to think of some
useful, interesting, or fun 'extra stuff' to put on the disc. I have
too much stuff, basically, but in my continual search for meaning and
all that crap, I came up with the idea of 'IMPACT '. Basically, with
the Amiga as we know it pretty much moved from the single most
revolutionary personal computer in history to more of a footnote in
history, just what WAS its impact. I can play with words, but the
question is too large, and too personal, for just one input. So I've
decided to solicit answer to this basic question: what was/is the
Amiga's impact. On you, on the industry, on life on earth. I know a
piece of it. Some of you may have more to add. So, here's the game.
Think of it as a contest, or whatever. Simply put, you write up a
paragraph; something succinct, or you'll get edited, even if I like
what you said. It needs to fit on one 4:3 TV frame at NTSC resolution,
in quasi-readable type.
 "Send whatever you like to me at Put "[DBV]" in
the subject, and your preferred name at the end. I'll put the best
ones on the DVD."

{Taken from the Czech Amiga News site. Pay them a visit at: - Note the new URL! Brad}

       P E R F E C T   P A I N T   2 . 8 3   A V A I L A B L E

29 Oct 2002

PerfectPaint V2.83 is available

 * New Arexx command:

 o pp_Sharpen

 o pp_Glass

 o pp_Colorize

 o pp_Convert2CMAP

 o pp_bmsave

 o pp_invbrushstencil

 o pp_AddShadow

 * Fix a bug with the cloud and gradient palette

 * Fix a bug with Arexx

 * New Tools under the Boing Icon:

 o Borders & Edges (Include 16 script, edge and some picture found in
the Net)

 o KATalysator  by Saint & Antibike Lets you create Album for the

 * New asynchron window: History (All loaded and saved picture are
stored with info and thumbnail)

 * New Arexx Box Script: Cloud II

 * For the Fun: New General Script: Snake (a game in arexx with

 * Load and Save ClipBoard

 * Improve script: Funny border with Filled Rounded boxes

 * Improve Save PNG: PNGtool is used to save PNG picture Current mask
can be used to create the alpha chanel of the png picture. Alpha
Chanel of the brush can be used to create the alpha chanel of the png

               M O O V I D   1 . 6   R E L E A S E D

28 Oct., 2002

 MooVId AVI/MOV player with GUI, 3ivX, Divx, MPEG4, QT3-4-5-6, INDEO
and PPC  support for Amiga computers

                       Last version: 1.6 (30.09.2002)
Required hardware:

Kickstart 3.0 (3.1 Recommended)
MC68020 or better (68040 recommended for bigger AVI/MOVs)
ECS or AGA chipset (on ECS the playback is only 16 grayscale)
1 MB of free memory
PowerPC processor for PPC codecs

Required software:

z.library - for QuickTime streams
CyberGraphX or Picasso96 for GFX-Board playback
Installed WarpOS (PPC)
3ivxcodec.library for 3ivX playback (from
avcodec.library/avcodecwos.library for divx, mpeg4, sorenson playback

Recommended hardware:

 MC68040/060 or PPC and ZorroIII graphicsboard (for bigger
animations), but MooVId can play 240x180 truecolor AVI/MOV at 15FPS
(without skipping) in perfect (!) colors on 030/50 AGA.

MooVId features:

 o AVI (Video for windows) and MOV (Quicktime) player in one file

 o Support the video overlay (PIP) of the CV/BVPPC, CV64/3d, PIV,
Voodoo boards (+)

 o Support MPEG4 codecs (MP41, MP42, MP43, DIV1, MPG4)

 o Support ALL divx variants (Divx ;-), OpenDivx, Divx4, Divx5.x)

 o Support Sorenson Video (SVQ1)

 o Support 3ivX

 o Support QuickTime3+ streams, QuickTime 64bit fileformat till

 o Support INTEL Indeo 3.1 & 3.2 (IV31 & IV32)

 o Amithlon compatible

 o 100% assembly coded PPC codecs (WarpOS supported)

 o 100% assembly coded (fast & short)

 o Buffered I/O handling (direct playback from CD-ROM or HDD)

 o Timer Based frame skipping method

 o FULL AGA support (256 color/gray or ham8) (+)

 o Bugfree "18bit" gfx on AGA Amigas

 o Special (fast & very good ham8) STORM dither on AGA Amigas (+)

 o ECS Support (16 grayscale)

 o 16 grayscale Window playback

 o Full support of the CD32 akiko chip

 o Synchronized audio playing

 o On-fly selectable frame rate

 o Fully system friendly

 o Direct p96 support (no CGFX "emulation")

 o Direct CGFX support

 o Accelerated decoders for ZorroII gfxboards

 o Full GUI (check the screenshoot)

Supported codecs:

Video for Windows (.avi)

Supported video encoders:

Codec Name FourCC code Depth
Cirrus Logic AccuPak CLJR 24 bit
DivX ;-)(+) DIV3 24 bit
DivX4/OpenDivx(+) DIVX 24 bit
DivX5.xx(+) DX50 24 bit
Intel Indeo IV31/IV32 24 bit
MPEG4/MPEG4 V1(+) MPG4/MP41/DIV1 24 bit
MPEG4 V2(+) MP42 24 bit
MPEG4 V3(+) MP43 24 bit
Microsoft RGB RGB 8/16 bit
Microsoft Video 1 CRAM/MSVC 8/16 bit
Motion JPEG(+) MJPG 24 bit
Radius Cinepak(+) CVID 16/24/32 bit
Run Length Encoded RLE 8 bit
Intel RAW YUV9 16/24/32 bit

Supported audio codecs:

Audio format Channels Bits
MS-ADPCM MONO/STEREO 4 bit (16bit)

Quicktime (.mov, .qt)

Supported video encoders:

Codec Name FourCC code Depth
3ivX Delta 2(+) 3IV1 24 bit
Apple Animation(+) RLE 8 bit (color/gray)
Apple Graphics(+) SMC 8 bit (color/gray)
Apple Video RPZA 16 bit
Intel Indeo IV31/IV32 24 bit
Joint Picture Experts Group(+) JPEG 24 bit
Radius Cinepak(+) CVID 16/24/32 bit
Sorenson Video(+) SVQ1 24 bit

Supported audio encoders:

Audio format Channels Bits
IMA-ADPCM MONO/STEREO 4 bit (16 bit)

(+)=PPC accelerated
MPEG1/2 and AC3 audio support is in progress...

MooVId status:

 MooVId is SHAREWARE. You can check it's limited version in the OS3.9
(called Action) to reference.

 The registration fee is $10 or 10Euro for 68k only version, PPC+68k
version registration fee is $20 or 20Euro and after you will get free
updates too (when you have email address)

 Special registration fee for East European Amiga users (like Russia,
Poland, Hungary, Czech, the ex-communist countries): just 8Euro (68k
only version) and 15Euros (68k+PPC)!

  C A T W E A S E L   M K 3   " F L I P P E R "   A V A I L A B L E

26 Oct., 202

Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper

four-in-one controller for
emulation support

 The third generation of Catweasel controllers shows again that
Catweasel has always been a bit more than just a floppy controller. If
you have started an emulator on a modern computer, you'll know that a
lot of things are different from the original machine. The new
computer can't read the original disks, the old joysticks don't fit,
and the keyboard has a lot of keys in a place that you're not used to.
Once you have adjusted to the new situation, bad sound effects or
music that just doesn't sound like what you've heard over and over
again more than ten years ago spoils the party.

 Catweasel MK3 solves all of these problems.

 As the name already tells, it's a PCI board for modern PCs, MACs and
the new computers AmigaOne and Pegasos. The surname "Flipper" suggests
that there's more to this interface. The new Catweasel is a so-called
flipcard, it can be plugged into the Zorro-slot of a classic-Amiga.
Even if you don't have one of these bus systems, there's another
connector for the clock-port of an Amiga 1200 - a small pin header on

 motherboard of the computer that's connected with a cable.

 The main purpose of the Catweasel has always been to allow access to
non-standard disks using normal PC-diskdrives, even if you usually
need a completely different computer for that. The capacity of the
drive does not matter in this case: A 5,25 inch drive with 1,2MByte
capacity will read and write a C-64 disk with 170KByte as well as a
3,5 inch drive with 1,44MByte can access a 1,76MByte Amiga disk.
Together with a company that has specialized in data recovery, we're
working on the implementation of more than 1100 different disk
formats, and it does not matter that this has been classified
impossible by others before. Even the 800KByte disks from older
Macintosh computers can be used in standard 1,44MB drives, although
the original drives have rotated their disks at variable speeds. You
can get a complete overview over the supported formats in the
technical data. Even if the format you desire is not yet supported, it
only requires a driver update to get new features out of the

 To bring the real feeling of the old games to new computers, the
Catweasel MK3 has two connectors for so-called digital joysticks. This
is the type of joystick that has been used by many computers of the
80s like C-64, VIC-20, Atari and Amiga. The connector was the same on
all these computers: A 9-pin Sub-D. Analog joysticks of that time
(so-called paddles) can also be used.

 Emulation does not necessarily mean to bring nostalgia to your
computer. AmigaOS XL and Amithlon bring an operating system to the
PC-world that is superior to the mainstream systems in many respects.
A lot of users of that software wanted to use real Amiga keyboards on
the PC, that's why the Catweasel MK3 has a mini-DIN connector for an
A4000 keyboard. If you want to use an A2000 or A3000 keyboard, this
can be done with a PS2 adapter that should be available in good

 Last but not least, the Catweasel MK3 has an option to use the
original soundchip of the Commodore C-64, also known as SID (Sound
Interface Device). This part of the board has been carefully designed
in order to produce exactly the same sound that the C-64 produced.
There have been other attempts to bring this chip to the PC-world, but
none of them was really satisfying.

 Catweasel MK3 does not accept compromise in this matter. Even direct
comparative tests with a real C-64 reveal nearly no differencies. This
is also caused by a real Commodore-Chip that is being used to generate
the SID clock frequency. Luckily, we have a good quantity of these
chips in stock. An additional circuit that is contained on all
Catweasel MK3 can output a fourth voice even out of the later versions
of the SID (type 8580) that could be activated by a software trick on
the old version (type 6581). If you connect the Catweasel MK3 to the
internal CD-connector of your soundcard, you can hear the fourth voice
on a separate channel if you like.


Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper: 84,90 EUR
special cable for Amiga 1200: 5,- EUR
Soundchip 6581 or 8580: 20,- EUR

 All prices include the German VAT of 16%. We'll start shipping on
november 25th, 2002.

individual Computers
Roermonder Str 228 | 52072 Aachen | Fax: +49 241 12088

            N E W   " D Y N A M I T E "   I S   V 2 . 2

26 Oct., 2002


 Amiga with 68020 or better OS3.x, TCP/IP stack, CyberGraphx/P96 or
AGA with BlazeWCP, MUI3.8, AHI, identify.library 13.x, NList.mcc,
BetterBalance.mcc (optional), XPK V4.0 (optional)

 dynAMIte is a bomberman/dynablaster-clone that can be played (only)
over the internet (TCP/IP) by up to 8 players!

 This game runs on your WB and thus multitasks happily with all your
other programs, so just try it and become addicted! =)


 o Fixed a silly bug where a player could have had more than one
remotebomb resulting in hit-galore and serious other problems.

 o Active powerups are now displayed in an additional window. See Menu
-> Windows -> Active Power-Ups.

 o dynAMIte did not load a newly selected sampleset. Fixed.

 o DServer now resets teammode and brings in initial amount of bots
after the last player left the server.

 o DServer now also does highscores for teams.

 o Added another ARexx command to stop a running game called STOPGAME.

 o Added a new ARexx command called DOCHATLINE to DServer. DOCHATLINE
handles the passed string as if it was typed into the chat string

 o DServer now uses MUI's built in ARexx interface instead of an own
implementation. Because of this I had to change the MUI-Application
base-name to match the old Arexxport name. You have to snapshot some
windows of DServer again.

 o Added an option to skip drawing of explosionanimation for blown up
powerups. See "graphics"-menu.

 o Added an option to skip redrawing of powerups every 3 frames. See

 o Readded SKIPANIMS (skips drawing of bomb explosions) which is now
available from "graphics"-menu.

 o dynAMIte crashed on custompuppets if xpkNUKE.library was missing.

 o Did some cosmetical changes to DServer prefs.

 o Added a button to DServer to log in bots.

 o Dead players can't switch slots anymore to get resurrected.

 o From now on, dynAMIte uses its own network code
(dynAMIteNET.library) in favour of amarquee.library.

 o It's now possible to deactivate any powerup from within DServer.

 o If a player used a custompuppet in teammode, the puppetgfx was used
for the whole team the player was in (only in loginscreen). Fixed.

 o Removed timestatistics from the bottom of the gamewindow because of
its general usefulness.

 o It's now possible to disable smokeeffect used for laser and

 o I've finally rewritten keyboard handling code and removed
dependency on lowlevel.library/GetKey(), so that it's now possible to
control the game from a keyboard connected to a Pegasos. This may also
fix some problems with some keyboard adapters for wintel keyboards.

 o Games with one human and n bots caused the gamecounter to be always
decreased by one for every game. Fixed.

 o Applied the same changes for timerstuff also to dynAMIte.

 o DServer will now save the highscores in a fixed timeinterval
instead of after every game.

 o Bots in DServer are now handled by an external client (detonator),
taking load off of DServer.

 o When a player logged off during a game, the bombs of this player
left some gfx on the playfield. Fixed.

 o Fixed a silly bug in DServer that caused enforcerhits when a user
tried to log into a full/offline server.

 o Rewritten timer stuff for DServer to get back some sigs for other

 o Shield and other things never ran out for bots. Fixed.

 o Observers got games/wins accounted for highscore. Fixed.

 o dynAMIte crashed when one of the needed libraries wasn't found.

        P O S E I D O N   U S B - S T A C K   O N - L I N E

5 Oct., 2002

 Poseidon USB-Stack now available as onlineversion from IOSPIRIT

 Chris Hodges and IOSPIRIT have signed a contract on the
online-distribution of the Poseidon USB stack. Thanks to the extensive
distribution infrastructure of IOSPIRIT, the worldwide availability of
Poseidon and various payment options are now guaranteed.

 The Poseidon USB stack unleashes the power and possibilities of the
Universal Serial Bus (USB) to you. With Poseidon you can now use
modern and low-priced USB-devices such as mice, keyboards, tablets,
joysticks, printers, scanners, webcams, digicams, flashcard-readers,
ZIP- and floppy-drives, harddisks and many more!

 Q U A K E 2   F R O M   H Y P E R I O N   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

9 Oct., 2002

 Hyperion Entertainment completes Quake 2 Amiga port

 Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce the completion of its
highly optimised Quake 2 port for the Amiga.

 A bundle containing the full PC version and a separate CD with the
Amiga executable, the Quake 2 installer, GUI and over 600 MB of
(compressed) extras such as (nearly 40!) Quake 2 mods, levels and
models, will be available shortly from your lo cal dealer. Pricing may

 The game complies with all the usual quality standards for which
Hyperion has become known in the Amiga market. Users can register
their copy of Quake 2 on the Hyperion website to obtain support and
download further mods and updates as they be come available.

System requirements are as follows:
- PPC equipped Amiga (WarpOS)
- 64 MB of memory (more recommended for certain mods)
- graphics-card (3D acceleration supported but not required)

 Dealers interested in distributing this product may contact

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