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I am pleased to announce that the Phoenix Developer Consortium is now participating with Genesi in the first step of partnership. Phoenix members will indeed attend CES to meet the Genesi team and of course will help staff the booth. Phoenix members have already formed distribution & reseller corporations, and with Genesi are in the process of building a web infrastructure that will unite the various Genesi corporate entities with the development and user communities.

To soliloquize: it's thrilling to see people with our same Amiga origins take on the daunting task of attending one of the hugest trade shows in the world with the intention of presenting a professional quality appearance - and with an attitude that shows commitment to building prosperity for a new platform. I've seen some real drive and dedication and energy from all the Genesi people and affiliated developers, to build and market current and upcoming products while developing markets. In this battered and frayed community this effort to Get Things Done speaks volumes. Perhaps it is possible after all, to define a path that leads from Amiga compatibility to well-received infotech and embedded devices and services.

And indeed, it feels great to be acknowledged and accepted! For we in Phoenix the path through the past few years has been circuitous. But at last we can join a desktop-and-beyond effort with good faith partners who attend shows, spend money on marketing and development, and seem to have some paths defined for the future. This makes the transition so much easier for Amiga enthusiasts, and developers who can't afford to put all their eggs in just that basket.

greenboy, chairman-director
Phoenix Developer Consortium

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