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Fire up some HOT savings for the Holidays and get a scare for only $9.95.

DiscreetFX wishes all Amiga & Video Toaster friends a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year. The year 2003 will bring the release of several new products for Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer customers and Video Toaster [2] customers. We are hard at work developing more cool video and effects software and Amiga will not be forgotten! But for now we have decided to give special pricing till the end of 2002 for Pyromania & ScaryFX. From now until the end of the year buy Pyromania for the unbelievable low price of $24.95 and get ScaryFX for just $9.95! Also we are so crazy we will pick up the shipping! Pyromania is a 2 CD set of Fire, Explosion and Smoke Effects used on the hit TV shows/channels Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates, Discovery Channel, FOX and may more. ScaryFX is a horror effects library that is perfect for editing your Halloween videos or creating your very own low budget horror movie. Both of these products require an AGA or GFX card based Amiga with or without a Video Toaster 4000 card. Anyone placing an order should contact DiscreetFX toll free voice/fax @ (800) 852-0930 or by e-mail. You can also go through your favorite dealer or Software Hut.

More information about Pyromania

VCE and Bill Panagouleas Announce Amiga Version of Pyromania Classics

VCE, leading Hollywood visual effects company for 20 years & Bill Panagouleas developer bringing many popular PC & Mac applications to the Amiga is proud to release PYROMANIA CLASSICS! Amiga/Video Toaster 4000 version.

PYROMANIA CLASSICS brings your productions all the firepower of the top gun visual effects companies.

PYROMANIA CLASSICS contains over 30 Explosive Visual Effects Sequences including explosions, fire, smoke, Zero-G explosions and depth shockewaves. Individual files in sequence are provided for maximum usage in a variety of programs such as ImageFX, Photogenics or Toasterpaint. All files are photographed in 35mm motion picture film, scanned at 2k resolution and down sampled to full overscan video resolution. In addition, the Amiga/Toaster version includes Sequences in native FlyerClip format and Real-time Color Toaster Effects/Wipes. Toaster Effects may be used Real-time in your project and FlyerClips can be used for advanced compositing in Lightwave 3D & Toasterpaint.

Call 1-800-242-9627 for more information, dealer inquires welcome. or on the web go to AGA Amiga or Graphics card required. Video Toaster 4000 with A4000 or higher spec Amiga required for Real-time Effects. Video Toaster Flyer or Lightwave 5.5 required for FlyerClips.

More information about ScaryFX

Bill Panagouleas of DiscreetFX & Safe Harbor Announce ScaryFX for the Video Toaster & Amiga.

Bill Panagouleas of DiscreetFX1 & Safe Harbor are proud to present a new product for the Amiga & Video Toaster market just in time for that spooky time of year. Have you ever wanted to create your own B movie Horror film or put that extra scare in your Halloween home video\'s? Have you ever wanted real-time ghosts or animated pumpkins in your video\'s? Now you can with ScaryFX for the Video Toaster & Amiga. ScaryFX gives you over 30 different real-time color Video Toaster 4000 effects. Don\'t have a Video Toaster? No problem real-time color full screen animation brushes are also included that you can genlock over your videos or layer them into your Amiga animations with Lightwave 3D or ImageFX.

Mary of Safe Harbor said this CD-ROM is just in time for that ghastly time of year and will compliment their new Halloween website.

ScaryFX Includes:
  1. Over 30 Real-time color Toaster Effects.
  2. Over 30 color Real-time Amiga Anim Brushes.
  3. Video Toaster Effects are speed adjustable. Matte, Overlay & Wipe effects are included.
  4. Toaster Effects have more colors than most NewTek effects.
  5. Amiga animation effects can be used with any Amiga program that supports anim5 animations.
  6. Ghosts, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, graves, witches & more all included. Over 40 unique effects!

Special versions for Amiga & Video Toaster included on the same CD-ROM

AGA or Graphics card based Amiga required. Video Toaster 4000 is required for Real-time Toaster effects, Amiga effects are color real-time anim brushes that can be genlocked over your videos or composited into your Amiga animations.

Best regards & Happy Holidays

Bill Panagouleas

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