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Dear Poseidon Users,

some time has passed since I spoke to you the last time with good news, but
it tastes best, when you don't expect it. So let's get right to the goodies:

- The HID class is finally in a state that allows a release. Try it, you'll
  love it :) There's now full support for wheels (as many as you have) and
  any special key on the keyboard. Tablets are supported aswell (as long as
  they're confirming to the HID specs). Some features are still missing,
  but I don't think they'll hurt you right now. Just one thing: Please read
  the docs. There's about 20KB of it for the hid.class alone, and don't be
  offended, when I'll just reply with RTFM to some of your queries.

- This is only for the underpriviledged Highway/Subway-Users: The driver
  has been optimized a bit and now allows reading in data at a speed that
  is very much comparable to a certain PCI solution (at least if you've got
  a fast machine).

- Trident has been updated. It now supports so-called forced bindings. This
  allows you to fix an interface or an device to a certain class. Use with
  care. But it comes in handy with the new...

- Rawwrap.class. Yes, this is a wrapper class that makes it possible to
  speak to an USB interface through a standard exec device (usbraw.device).
  This class can be used for BetaScan. It might also work with SpitFire
  and some other programs.

- Some more options and workarounds for the massstorage.class were added.

- Heaps of bugs were fixed. Thanks to all those users who reported them.

The update can be downloaded from  as

Complete change log follows, but first, I'd like to say the same thing once
more, but in AllBugs-style (yes, this is a parody) ;)

Dear Users of Platon Computer Products for the Amiga and compatible systems

you are the most graceful  customers,  who  are  the  only  ones  that  can
enlighten  all  those  dumb  puppets  out  there, not yet having bought and
registered one of our so versatile and worthwhile products. These products,
which  all  of you have appreciated and never ever said a bad word against,
have made you to the happiest people on this world. Don't feel  sorrow  for
the  poor other people, they don't know any better yet. This is your chance
to go out there and convince them that what we said is always  right,  just
as our pope Carol cannot fail.

With this new and fabulous release, you're holding the key to your personal
benefit  in  your  hand.  It  will  allow  you do things, never seen before
anywhere. This product is superior to any other software package. We  don't
need  to  prove  any  of  our  claims,  because  you  know  very  well, how
priviledged we and all users who bought our products are.

Never it was possible before to start programs with just one keypress at  a
blindingly  fast  response  times or play back a sound at the same instant.
This is truly a world's first! As we spent so  much  time  in  writing  the
code,  which  is  so  great  and unique to this world (we can't resist from
repeating this often enough), telling you what we did to  protect  it  from
piracy would effectivly destroy the protection. Moreover, it would make you
a cracker and hacker, just by knowing the way it works. But we would  never
do  anything illegal and you, as a legal user, are always safe! Go to hell,
if you ever try to break our code! Don't  tell  us  about  how  a  computer
works.  We know best. We are the law, we decide what's good and what's evil
for you. No need  to  use  your  own  brain  --  that'll  make  things  too

Again, and if you didn't believe it before, you HAVE to acknoledge it  now,
that with the speed increase introduced with this new release, our hardware
and software solution is the fastest and the technically most advanced one.
You  don't  need to compare things or even let other users provide you with
figures that haven't been approved by us. Remember that users (sorry, wrong
word,  they  are  actually not even users) that don't own our products will
always try to deceive you of the truth. The truth is only verified  by  us.
Restrain to the falsification of our truth by underdogs.

We are your mother and your father. We give you the support you need and we
never  let  you  down.  So  keep sticking to our products, if you need some
tinted specs, just ask us and we will provide them. Priviledged  people  of
all  countries  unite!  We  are the best! Don't forget that. Be part of our

AllBugs, Press Department

(urgs, feeling sick now after having written so much crap, SCNR. No offence
against  any  user  is  intended! Really! But I had to write this to get my
sanity back ;) )



poseidon.library 1.32
  o Fixed a 'minor' enforcer hit introduced in V1.31.
  o Added even more vendor strings.
  o Added support for forced bindings.
  o Special Elb*x driver treatment implemented.
  o Various small fixes and tweaks.

Trident 1.1
  o Added support for forced bindings, both for whole devices or single
    interfaces. They can be set using a context popup menu in the device
    or interface list views. Warning, this is an advanced user option,
    using it the wrong way may render your devices useless, until you
    remove the forced binding again.
  o Removes .elf-extension on DirScan before trying to add that class.
  o Uses full path SYS:Classes/USB/ instead of only USB/ now.
  o Fixed a race condition that could cause a recoverable 01000008 guru
    on deletion of a hardware entry.
  o Saving the config to ENV:PsdStackloader showed an error if there was
    none and vice versa (just forgot an '!' in the source :( )
    (reported by Erik Johansson).

AddUSBClasses 1.2
  o Removes .elf-extension on DirScan before trying to add that class.
  o Uses full path SYS:Classes/USB/ instead of only USB/ now.

hid.class 1.2
  o Initial. About ~9000 lines of code (>300KB source code). Lots of
    features, some are still missing. Depressingly long manual. Great loss
    of hair. Surprisingly much fun. Enjoy.

rawwrap.class 1.5
  o Initial. Class for wrapping bulk in/out endpoints of an interface to
    usbraw.device. Can be used for BetaScan, maybe for some other programs
    aswell (like Spitfire).

bootmouse.class 1.12
  o Forgot filling in the devid and ifid string pointers, therefore failed
    to load previously saved configuration and caused an enforcer hit.

massstorage.class 1.17
  o Added default unit GUI setting.
  o Added mode (and GUI patchflag) to translate READ_6/WRITE_6,
    MODE_SENSE_6, MODE_SELECT_6 to their 10 bytes equivalent. This might
    help to fix broken devices.
  o Added debug flag, that will output a few more lines of information.
  o Fixed a bug that could potentially assign the same unit numbers to
    different LUNs (that probably did never appear before though).
  o Buffers setting wasn't saved. Fixed (reported ex-post by Ch. Sauer).
  o There was one (!) static variable that killed the class when used
    residently with LoadModule by Thor due to a wrong checksum. Fixed
    (reported by Ch. Sauer).
  o Now also sets Reserved = 1 for mounting FAT partitions. This allows
    the use of CrossDOS (suggested by Ch. Sauer).
  o Returns the size of the data transferred in io_Actual, although this
    is not mandatory according to the AutoDocs, but some programs
    (e.g. ScsiSpeed seem to rely on this).
  o Oops, slight change of code caused the last LUN settings to overwrite
    all other LUN settings (reported by Erik Johansson). Fixed.

subway.device 2.4
  o Fixed clockport detection.
  o Fixed some bugs (most of them introduced with this version).

highway.device / subway.device
  o Interrupt requests with iouh_Length > iouh_MaxPktSize would never
    return, if all packets were of iouh_MaxPktSize.
  o Increased reading speed for bulk transfers by about 40% (at least
    here on my machine) by changing the order of some code.
    DriveSpeed reports about 735000 bytes/sec for the ZIP250 on Highway.
  o Further code optimizations.

  o AbortIO() was broken for more than one read/write request pending,
    I forgot to walk the linked list in the loop :-\ (reported by
    Svend Daugaard Pedersen).

all classes
  o Bailing out of a class binding on early binding failure was broken
    (this was the very last time you will see this message).
  o Ooops. GUI exit code forgot to dispose the MUI objects.


Please don't forget to use  the  yahoo  mailing  list  for  support  issues
instead of private email address, as I might not be at home all the time.

Ah yes, there is also a small update to the Norway Ethernet module driver.

Have a nice time!

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