CzAN

Press Release
Amigan-St. Louis
P.O. Box 672
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Fellow Amigans,

Over the years, Amigan-St. Louis, (Bob & Diana Scharp), have
brought you many years of Amiga fun and edification. Namely
the Amiga shows we hosted in St. Louis, MO. U.S.A. Since
early 1994, we have been involved with providing the Amiga
community with some of the best Amiga shows ever put on.
Eventually we formed our own company, Amigan-St. Louis, to
run these shows as they got too big to handle with just

We have had many famous people and groups attend, exhibit,
and showcase their products at our events. Some notable
guests include a few Astronauts - Steve Nagel and Linda Godwin,
a singing and dancing group - ANNEX, some celebrities - all of
the various Amiga owners, presidents, staff. Notables such
as Petro Tyschtschenko, Mitch Stone of Boycott Micro$oft,
radio host Jim Singler, plus too many famous Amigans to

We have not only hosted shows, but held banquets that have
become famous by themselves. Who would ever forget the
reintroduction of Amiga with Gateway, or even better with
Bill McEwen. Then there was the ROAST of Petro Tyschtschenko.
We celebrated Petro's many years of service to the Amiga
community and his retirement the day of the banquet at our
show Amiga2001. That will live in our hearts for many years.

Unfortunately, we cannot continue the shows for now. There
will be no Amiga 2002 show, sponsored by us. The good news,
is the reason why.

Diana and I are adopting a child. Our lives will be even
busier than usual this year and next, so we will have to
pass the torch, at least for awhile, to others. Although
we are not ruling out the possibility of a future show
sponsored by us, we just can't possibly do any for now.

We hope you will understand. We hope you will keep the
Amiga in your hearts. Hey, we hope to see some of you at
other shows and events. Maybe we will be able to bring
our newest Amigan with us.

So for now, we bid farewell to the show side of our
business, but please consider purchasing some of our latest
products from our company.

"Petro ROAST tape"*.................... only $ 15 + $ 5 s&h
"Amiga Antenna balls".................. only $  3 + $ 1 s&h
"Amiga Coffee Mug (no.2)............... only $ 12 + $ 5 s&h
"Other Bounce-back video tapes......... see web site

  * Petro ROAST tape will be available in a few weeks.
  For other products, see our web page.

Mail your orders to:

 Amigan-St. Louis
 PO Box 672
 Bridgeton, MO 63044

Please make checks payable to Amigan-St. Louis, in U.S. funds.
Postal Money orders are also accepted. No credit cards or
pay pal.

You can also visit our web site for details, at:

As a final note on Amiga shows in the U.S., I understand that
Kermit Woodall of Nova Design is putting one together for the
east coast. It is supposed to be held the last weekend of March 2002.
For information, keep an eye on and other news sites.

It has been a great pleasure working with many of you, and
showcasing the Amiga and it's capabilities. I wish all of you
great success, and we hope to see you all again.

Best Regards,

Bob & Dian