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DiscreetFX Announces Wild Flyer For The Amiga Video Toaster FlyerŽ

Our beta testers have reported no major problems with the latest build of Wild Flyer
so we will be shipping it shortly to our Video Toaster Flyer customers. What is Wild
Flyer you ask? It is a Front End application to the very powerful and often
misunderstood program WildFire. Wildfire 7 is a ADO animation sequencing, 3D effects,
transitions, and animation package by Andreas Maschke. It can be compared to $200,000
dollar SGI Flint or Flame systems and it is capable of creating amazing 3D effects
by mapping video sequences.

The bad news about Wild Fire has always been the steep learning curve and very
difficult to understand user interface. Wild Flyer changes all this. It uses all
the power of WildFire 7 as its background render engine. Wild Flyer gives this
amazing German application an easy to use storyboard interface. All actions happen
within the Video Toaster Flyer screen. Users can just drag and drop the ADO animation
sequences within their Flyer and Wild Flyer takes care of the rest.

Imagine the power of an SGI Flint or Flame system but on your Amiga VT Flyer! And it
is very easy to use unlike these high end SGI ADO solutions. WF attains its speed
by using the power of a PowerPC processor as its rendering effects engine. The PPC
processor does not have to be in your Amiga. It can be a networked Amiga One or
Pegasos computer. If you already have a Phase 5 CyberstormPPC card in your Amiga
this will also work but will be slower.

Wild Flyer features include

1. Height-field deforms, cubes that automatically unfold and fold again.

2. Lightwave object support.

3. 3D magnet effects, 3D transitional morphing, unlimited mathematical deformations,
   twists, sphere mapping, twirling, water transitions, perspective transforms
   and more!

4. Easy to use interface that opens on the Video Toaster Flyer screen.

5. All effects are pure 24bit, no pixelizing or jaggie edges.

6. Full support for all Amiga PowerPC solutions

   a. Amiga One running Amiga OS 4.0

   b. Pegesus running MorphOS 1.0

   c. SharkPPC

   d. Cyberstorm PPC running PowerUP

   e. Another PowerPC solution that has not been announced yet.

Minumum system

Amiga 4000 with CyberstormPPC card, Video Toaster 4000 & Flyer card, 18MB RAM,
1 GB Harddisk.

Recommended system

Amiga 4000 with Mediator PCI busboard and SharkPPC card, Video Toaster 4000
& Flyer card.

Or Amiga 4000 with Video Toaster 4000, Flyer card and Network card that supports
TCP/IP networked to Amiga One or Pegasus computer system.

***More information coming soon***

For more information please contact

Get Wild Flyer and let your Video Toaster Flyer go wild.

Best regards

Bill Panagouleas
Video Toaster Flyer
& Amiga development
Direct form the developer
Bill Panagouleas