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Press Release
Amigan-St. Louis
Amiga2001© Computer Show
February 21, 2001

"When future generations talk about where they were when specific Amiga
events took place. In computer annals, all previous events will pale.
This will mark the beginning. This will be the epic Amiga event that all
Amigans will relate to. Previous Amiga shows, will pale in comparison
when all is revealed at the Amiga2001 show. This  will give you something
to brag about for years. Something to tell your grandchildren about. Don't
miss Amiga2001. This is the show where dreams come true." Order your
tickets today!

Two day admission (Sat. & Sun.)................... $17 ($20 at door)
One day admission (Sat. or Sun.).................. $12 ($15 at door)
Banquet-Petro ROAST & Bill McEwen speaks.......... $35 (advance only)
Class tickets sold at show.
Friday is the Developers Conference - Tickets at door.

Please mail your check or money order, in U.S. funds, for tickets
to Amiga2001 and the banquet Saturday evening to this address:

Amigan-St. Louis
c/o Amiga2001
P.O. Box 672
Bridgeton, MO 63044

For hotel reservations, call the Sheraton West Port - Chalet Hotel
at 191 West Port Plaza Drive, in St. Louis, MO. at: 314-878-1500. You
must call between 8 am - 10:30 pm CST Monday thru Friday. Ask for
the reservation desk and tell them that you are going to Amiga2001
so that you get your discount. If you call at any other hours
or on weekends, you will not be able to get ahold of the hotels
reservation desk and the people answering will not know about the
Amiga2001 show. So please call between 8 am - 10:30 pm CST,
Monday - Friday.

The web page is updated, and the prize
page is up. More will be added later, so stay tuned.

Best Regards,

Bob Scharp,
Owner of the Gateway Computer Shows© and Amiga2001©
Gateway Computer Shows are not associated with Gateway Computers®

Producers of the Gateway Amiga Shows... the best Amiga
shows in the Americas! For more information, check out

           Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey

Sheraton West Port-Chalet Hotel, St. Louis, MO. USA
Friday March 30 thru Sunday April 1, 2001