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Short: SViewIV V9.20 (16.7.2001) - Part 1/8
Type: gfx/misc
Author: Andreas R. Kleinert


 What is the SViewIV package actually ?

 It does consist of a huge set of image loader/saver libraries
 called "SuperView-Library" (plus a few for displaying and
 image processing) that are dynamically loaded and flushed,
 depending on the free amount of memory.

 There are several programs included:

   - SView:       the powerful main program that allows to access all
                  options and settings, allows to load, save, process
                  and convert images - not only via the GUI but
                  also ARexx, etc.

   - WinSlide:    for viewing images in a window on public screens,
                  using as few memory as possible - smooth scrolling
                  inclusive! Supports 8 through 24 bit displays.

   - ScrollSlide: like WinSlide but using its own screen,
                  for best colors even on 8 bit displays

   - CyberSlide:  like viewing images fromout SView with CyberGfx screen
                  driver (16/24 bit capability), but done as small
                  standalone program

   - SuperSlide:  like CyberSlide but for AGA screens and screen modes,
                  additionally dithering is done when necessary

   - SVPrefs:     for changing settings of SuperView-Library modules

 Most people forget about WinSlide and the other tools, even when
 already been using the program for some time. So, don't forget
 to check them out when testing :-)

 There's also a huge difference between SView and the SView Productivity
 Suite I + II CD-ROMs - as described on their covers or at


 Note: For a minimum installation, grab at least the following

         - SvIV-1.lha      - SvIV-2.lha    - SvIV-3a.lha
         - SvIV-4.lha      - SvIV-5.lha    - ...


 This is part 1/8 of the SuperView-IV distribution, which consists of
 the following parts:

    SvIV-1.lha      Main program, Tools, SuperView-Library
    SvIV-2.lha      Documentation files
    SvIV-3a.lha     SVObjects (JPEG, PNG, PCX, BMP, ILBM)
    SvIV-3b.lha     SVObjects (other - OPTIONAL)
    SvIV-4.lha      SVDrivers
    SvIV-5.lha      SVOperators

    SvIV-6.lha      OPTIONAL SVOperators by SQ
    SvIV-7.lha      OPTIONAL 68020+ optimized SV modules
    SvIV-8.lha      OPTIONAL language localizations (except english/german)

 All parts are (C) 1993-2001 by Andreas R. Kleinert. All rights reserved.
 Parts only are allowed to be distributed together, not solely.

 Distribution and other legal conditions are to be obtained from the
 documentation as found in the second archive.

 To get the complete distribution, un-archive each of the single
 archives into the same directory:

    LHA x [archive].lha RAM:

 This will result in a directory called "SViewIV" from where the
 installation script can be started. Note, that this won't work,
 if you did not un-archive all of the (non-OPTIONAL) archives...


 Other optional, separate archives are

    SvIV-UX.lha     SVObjects for seldomly used Un*x file formats
    SvIV-PPC.lha    Updates to PPC modules - for registered users, only
    SvIV-WOS.lha    Updates to WOS modules - for registered users, only
    SvIV-WIZ.lha    wizard.library for those who don't have it already


Program Description and Distribution Concept
Successor of SuperView (NG); SViewIV (evaluation version), a localized graphics
viewer, converter, editor and screen-grabber based on SuperView-Library,
with ARexx support, GUI, AmigaGuide online-help, Commodity-functionality
and many more features.

SHAREWARE (evaluation version).

Description of Features and Requirements
Nearly anything is managed by object-oriented external modules
for loading, saving (SVObjects), displaying (SVDrivers) and
processing (SVOperators) graphics - converting graphics and
"screen-grabbing" also is possible in a very comfortable way.

Only requires OS V2.04 and 68000, but also makes use of available
OS V2.1 and V3.x features and 680x0 module versions, as well
as optional powerUP (TM) powerPC module plugins.

Includes licensed SuperView-Library, which supports the following
file formats, periphal devices, display drivers and image processing

     - Total of 57 different graphic file formats               -
     - Total of  4 different periphal devices                   -
     - Total of 11 different graphic display systems (26 cards) -
     - Total of 34 different graphic operators                  -

SVObjects:     - IFF-ACBM         - Windows,OS/2 BMP   - PNM (PBM,PGM,PPM)
               - IFF-ILBM         - JPEG (JFIF v6)     - IMG (GEM Graphics)
               - IFF-DEEP         - PhotoCD            - WPG (WP Bitmaps)
               - IFF-FAXX         - TIFF               - MacPaint MAC
               - IFF-PBM          - PCX                - EPS (Header/PS)
               - IFF-RGB8         - Atari Degas (1-3)  - C64 (Koala, Doodle)
               - IFF-RGBN         - Spectrum ZX        - TIM
               - IFF-RGFX         - XWD                - FBM
               - IFF-YUVN         - Windows Icon       - CDR-Previews
               - QRT/POV Raytrace - Mac PICT-2         - SGI
               - SVG              - Targa              - Pictor/PCPaint
               - SunRaster        - UtahRLE            - PNG
               - CVP (passphoto)  - Amiga Icons (lots) - SPP

                 as well as all OS3-Datatypes
                 and 24 Bit DataTypes (picture.datatype V43/V44).

                 Many formats with 24 Bit-Support.
                 Reads XPK- and PP20-packed data via Unpack.svobject.

                 Writes C-Sourcecode in chunky/RGB notation.

                 Together with external third party programs also the
                 following file formats seamlessly can be embedded:

                 File Format        needs program   also needs support for
               - AMF                MetaView        (ILBM)
               - CLP                MetaView        (ILBM)
               - DXF/AutoCAD (tm)   MetaView        (ILBM)
               - FIG                AmiFIG          (Postscript)
                              or:   MetaView        (ILBM)
               - CGM                GPlot           (Postscript)
                              or:   MetaView        (ILBM)
               - IFF-DR2D           MetaView        (ILBM)
               - IFF-DRSD           MetaView        (ILBM)
               - Limbo              Limbo 4.0       (PNM)
               - Postscript (TM)    Ghostscript     -
               - WPG-Vector         MetaView        (ILBM)
               - WMF                MetaView        (ILBM)

Devices (via SVObjects):

               - Scanner          (scanner.device of ScanQuix)
               - Printer          (printer.device/TurboPrint/Studio)
               - Camedia          (digital cameras)
               - FxPaintStargate  (quick export to FxPAINT)

SVDrivers :    - OCS/ECS          - AGA                - EGS7
               - OpalVision       - Retina             - CyberGraphX
               - PicassoII        - Merlin             - Picasso96
               - AGA/RTG Window   - CgxOverlay

SVOperators :  - Dither24Bit      - 24BitToHAM         - HilbertDither256
               - ExtractRed       - ExtractGreen       - ExtractBlue
               - XOR              - ExtractGrayScales  - TopToBottom
               - LeftToRight      - Rotate             - Scale50
               - AnyTo24Bit       - Crop               - CallPNM
               - OptimizePalette  - RotateFree         - PaletteDither
               - Blur             - Sharpen

                 plus the following from Steve Quartly:

               - SQBentley        - SQTiling           - SQThreshold
               - SQOilPaint       - SQMosaic           - SQEmboss
               - SQSlicing        - SQDiffuse          - SQContrast
               - SQSharpen        - SQBlur             - SQDeep_Press
               - SQMotion_Blur    - SQHighPass

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    Overview: Supported and Non-supported Graphics Cards

    Card Name            Kind of Support
    1600GX               -
    A2410 TIGA           CG  EGS                           1
    BVisionPPC           CG                                2
    CyberVision64        CG       P96                      3
    CyberVision64/3D     CG       P96                      4
    CyberVisionPPC       CG                                5
    DCTV                 -
    Domino               CG  EGS  P96                      6
    DraCo Altais         CG                                7
    Firecracker          -
    GDA-1                -
    Graffity             -
    GVP 110/24               EGS                           8
    GVP IV 24                EGS                           9
    Colormaster              EGS                          10
    Inferno (Wildfire)   CG                               11
    Merlin                        P96  NAT                12
    OMniBus                       P96                     13
    OpalVision                         NAT                14
    Picasso II           CG       P96  NAT                15
    Picasso II+          CG       P96  NAT                16
    Picasso IV           CG       P96                     17
    Piccolo              CG  EGS  P96                     18
    Piccolo SD64         CG  EGS  P96                     19
    Pixel64              CG       P96                     20
    Rain*ow II (R-II)        EGS                          21
    Rain*ow III (R-III)      EGS                          22
    Retina Z2                EGS       NAT                23
    Retina Z3 BLT        CG  EGS  P96  NAT                24
    Spectrum             CG  EGS  P96                     25
    Visiona                  EGS                          26

 As you can see, any reasonable graphics card for the Amiga
 is supported in some way.

 (NAT = "native driver", CG = CGfx, P96 = Picasso96, EGS = EGS ;)