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Team dynAMIte Arena 2.1 - Ultimate T-Shirt Edition - available now

This is an amazing time for #amigazeux, and The Players.  You have all been
impatient and bored, and have dealt with more craptalk and disinformation
by all kinds of Ben's and Bill's than any one group of people should ever.
Yet, and happily, we are moving forward and are about to release dynAMIte
2.1.  As you know dynAMIte is our extremely exciting awardwinning
multiplayer game and offers true rich multimedia content.  Admittedly, we
have not been very public about anything to date, but you are many and we
are pleased to be bringing this fatal piece of software to you, The
Players, as well.

We are also excited to announce the dawn of the "I Am Explosive" club.  You
can gain membership in several ways; drinking gasoline, is one of them.
Sending us your T-Shirts is another (please send them clean and washed, we
will not accept worn T-Shirts).  Now before the naysayers out there begin
complaining about this and start making rude noises, you can of course also
send $50 cash.  But what do you get for your money?

Well, we at #amigazeux look after our members with pride.  Indeed we are
forever showing off our male members, ask anyone.  But we will also go that
bit further and furnish you also with an expensive gift item, one WHITE
T-SHIRT, machine knitted from the finest nylon (wash shrinking factor less
than 75%).

Please, please, we know that the reader's excitement must have raised to
fever pitch, but exert some self-control and bear with us.

Should anyone wish to quit the "I Am Explosive" club, for example due to
bear attack or a crippling paternity suit, please contact us and we will
have you immediately dismembered.  Failing that, you can simply refuse to
send us the yearly fee, which we're sure we mentioned earlier in this
exciting press release.

By the way, did you notice the incessant use of the letter "e" in almost
any word?  Good.  Because what dynAMIte 2.1 is going to do with you is
something that can't be disclosed here.

dynAMIte 2.1 is the beginning to a new future, and it is really real.

It is time to finally start having some fun!

Amiga.  Wasn't it great?

The Team dynAMIte Arena 2.1 Ultimate T-Shirt Edition (catchy isn't it) is
available for download at


*Please Note:  We are not responsible for real dismemberings due to sharp
implements or ingestion of explosives of any kind.  At least, not any
caused by this press release.  Remember that!