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AMIGAplus 10/2002 Announcement

AMIGAplus #129 (October 2002) will be released and sent to all subscribers
next week. Be prepared to read the following and more reports...
and visit the website at

* Thylacine - Tasmanian USB-controller
* Software Tycoon - When the games began to walk...
* PC Competitor - Plug your Competitions to your PC
* FroggerNG 2 - Video par excellence

A+ on tour
* O.A.S.E. 2002 report
* photokina 2002 report
* AONE Gothenburg 2002 report

* ProStationAudio, part 1
* Dealing on eBay, part 3
* PGP - Security, part 1

News & Trends
* Amiga Status Report: Your right to vote
* Latest news from the Amiga market

* Emu-Corner: Give a new home to your apps and games
* WHDLoad-Special, part 1
* Demoscene: Summertime is... partytime
* and much more

68-paged, German colour magazine AMIGAplus is available as subscription object,
as single issue for 5 Euro (incl. tax, shipping costs and packaging)
or from your local Amiga-dealer.

Nico Barbat (editor-in-chief AMIGAplus)