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dynAMIteXL for 68k - The most functional Bomberman ever

Germany, 16th September 2001:  AmigaZeux and Batmam are proud to present
dynAMIte1.7 for 68k.

On the demonstration computer system most popular Amiga-68k bomberman clone
perform 10-20 times as fast as on a traditional 68000 system.  This
enormous speed increase is achieved by using an upgraded and highly clocked
68k CPU.

The presentation machine is a standard Amiga with 50 MHz Motorola CPU and
components that are typically fitted to a mid-range specification Amiga.

The host operating system for dynAMIte is AmigaOS 3.x.  It is not included
in the package.  dynAMIte has many similarities with other bomberman
clones.  It has bombs and the puppets all use separate colors.  Like
puppets and bombs in other bomberman clones these can be destroyed,
resurrected and stopped.  This makes the game extremely fun and

Features that dynAMIte provides can directly be used within the game.  This
includes network functionality and bombing features.  dynAMIte applications
like the map-editor dynAMIteMapLab can be started directly from the

Availability:  The delivery will start 16.09.2001.  Pre-orders are not

Distribution:  dynAMIte players.  You can download from our online site

Opinions:  "We installed dynAMIte on AmigaOS during a private meeting in
Hamburg and the fun was amazing.  It was like having DynaBlaster completely
native on a graphics-card!!" Ingo Musquinier, AmigaZeux