CzAN

 o support for AmigaOS3.5/3.9 update rom
   No need anymore for dangerous resets.

 o support for external rom modules so that
   everybody can write his own rom module
   replacements and put them into the load

 o WarpOS emulation, finally you are able to
   play HereticII with Warp3D while running

 o new native modules

   o exec(fully independent)
   o expansion.library
   o romboot
   o input.device
   o keyboard.device
   o battclock.resource
   o battmem.resource
   o cardres.resource
   o cia.resource
   o potgo.resource

 o Improved CyberGraphX PPC with native

 o Improved BlizzardPPC support

 o native jfif.datatype for completeness

 o better devpackage

 o more efficient ppc/68k switch which
   results into better compiled code and
   lower latencies.

New native 3rd party software

 o Bochs(PC Emulator)

 o New MUIPPC Snapshot

 o New MagicMenuPPC

 o xpk

 o cnet.device