CzAN

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the clash of the year, presenting,
In the Red Corner, all the way from Germany and the UK, with years
of experience, a true survivor - Amiga OS4 supported by AmigaOne!
Presenting in the Blue Corner, from Germany and France, the new
young pretender to the crown, MorphOS supported by Pegasos!
The main event will be held at the World of Amiga Southeast Show
in Poplars Hall, Brentwood, Essex, England, (UK) on Saturday
November 2nd 2002.

Don't miss this exciting one off spectacular clash, get your tickets
in advance from Fore-Matt Home Computing for only £3.50!
This Action packed event will feature Amiga veterans, Eyetech,
Weird Science, Fore-Matt Home Computing, ZeoNeo, Kicksoft, Thendic
France, Mediator Support Team and of course Amiga inc. themselves.
Plus the infamous Gaming Arena and the Mandatory After show

This is a great opportunity to see AmigaOS4/AmigaOne Versus
MorphOS/Pegasos under the same roof on the same day.

For more information, please visit our temporary website
For tickets visit or call +44 (0)8700 11 22 34

World of Amiga Southeast 2002, arenít you glad you are going?