CzAN

Krakow, 11 September 2002

          Mediator PCI USB drivers for Poseidon stack

Elbox Computer is pleased to announce that its drivers to PCI USB
cards in the Mediator busboard operate under the Poseidon USB stack.

These drivers have been prepared by Elbox programmers as a result
of co-operation started a few weeks ago by Chris Hodges, author of
the Poseidon stack.

As the Poseidon stack is already supported by authors of third-party
commercial software, we have decided that releasing another, our own,
USB stack for Amiga under such circumstances would mean doubling
effort of Amiga programmers.

We are sure that high-quality software included in the Poseidon stack
package and our hardware-optimised drivers resulting in high performance
achieved by PCI USB cards in Mediator will satisfy even the most demanding

The unregistered, time-limited version of the Poseidon USB stack will
be available in the Mediator Multimedia CD. Registration of the Poseidon
stack for Mediator users will be provided by Chris Hodges.

About Poseidon:
The Poseidon USB Stack is a software solution that unleashes the
possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and the devices with
USB interface, ranging from mice, keyboards, tablets, joysticks, printers,
scanners, webcams, digicams, flash card readers, zip drives, floppy disk
drives, harddisks, memory sticks, ethernet adapters, scanners and audio
adapters to less common things like power supplies, GPS location devices
or finger print readers. It is intended to be a solution for all systems.
For more info about Poseidon stack please visit Chris Hodges' website.

About Mediator:
The Mediator PCI busboard line is designed so as to enable expanding the
Amiga computers with a wide range of standard PCI cards like Graphic cards,
Ethernet and Fast Ethernet network cards, Modem cards, ISDN cards, USB and
SCSI cards, Sound cards and Multimedia cards: TV tuner and MPEG-2 hardware
decoders. Expanding the Amiga with the Mediator PCI busboard opens the way
to employing the power of the latest PowerPC G3/G4 processors in Amiga,
around which SharkPPC and SharkPPC+ cards are based. For more info about
Mediator please visit Elbox website.

Mariusz Wloczysiak
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department