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Amiga Award 2002 for bplan GmbH and Chris Hodges

Cologne, December 10th, 2002 -- Twelve important and touching months passed by the Amiga community. Numerous products smoothing the future way of the Amiga caught our eyes. With the Amiga Award 2002 the Amiga community and the AMIGAplus would now like to say "Thanks!" to all developers for their efforts.

Amiga Award 2002

During the AMIGA + Retro Computing 2002 on December 8th, 2002, the bplan GmbH was assigned the Amiga Award 2002 for the most innovative product in 2002. During the last two years the Frankfurt/Main-based company developed the new, microATX-sized PowerPC-mainboard "Pegasos" for the Amiga-market.
The Amiga Award 2002 was presented to Thomas Knäbel and Gerald Carda of bplan GmbH by Nico Barbat, editor-in-chief of AMIGAplus, in Aachen.
"We would like to thank all participants. We are extremely proud of this accolade." said Thomas Knäbel, CEO of bplan GmbH.

Amiga Award 2002 Extra

Additionally to the main category the participants took part in the election for the Amiga Award 2002 Extra.
Representing all shareware-developers Chris Hodges was honored for his USB-stack "Poseidon". This prize is endowed by 250,- Euro and sponsored by Genesi.

Amiga Award 2002 - Free elections

The free elections were won this year by Pegasos in its category "Best Amiga Hardware 2002", by Amithlon in its category "Best Amiga Software 2002" and by Tales of Tamar in its category "Best Amiga Game 2002".

Statistics and prices

Among all participants of the election we draw prices worth more than 1000 EUR, among them one Amiga 1200/060 sponsored by eXpreSystems as well as various games and applications. The winners among the users will be announced on December 20th, 2002.

Additionally you will find statistics of the Amiga Award 2002 on this website as well as two photos.

The Amiga-Award-team of falkemedia and AMIGAplus is looking forward to the next years Amiga Award. We would like to thank all Amigans for their active participation this year, and we woule like to congratulate all winners and nominees of this years Amiga Award for their commitment to the Amiga!

Nico Barbat (editor-in-chief AMIGAplus)

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