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Finally, Tales of Tamar can be preordered. We also took the opportunity
to redesign our homepage to make it even easier for you to order. :-)

Take a look at We hope you will enjoy the new look and
consider to buy this unique new game.

Dear customers, dear testers,

it is our pleasure to announce that the shipping of the Tales of Tamar Base
Set boxes has started today.

The second production run of the euro boxes was successful. The long awaited
sale could begin. We also keep our promise to release Tales of Tamar on
'Amiga first'.

By next week, more than 250 players will be active on the world Tamar, and
the concept of Massively-Multiplayer will kick in fully.

To encourage sales further, we will offer the opportunity to recruit new
players to receive free turns. For each player who buys a Base Set at and refers you, you will receive 50 turn for free. Tales of
Tamar works
on UAE as well, so you can even recruit PC users. The native PC version,
which will re released later, will be freely available then. This also
to the other supported platforms.

We are looking forward to welcome you on Tamar!


Tales of Tamar is a turn based  PBEM strategy online game from Eternity.
Similar to classics like Kaiser or Civilisation, you will take control of a
realm and its people and try to lead them to glory and greatness, by means
of trade, war or diplomacy. (PBEM = PlayByEMail)  (http://

Tales Of Tamar will be shipped in September/October 2002.

The ToT-Team

Yours sincerely Alexander Johannes in agency of Ulrich tank press abbott.

Valley OF Tamar