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$VER: Kuang11Update.readme 2.66 (07.10.00) Kuang11 Update changes


Public Release.

Apologies to everyone for the delay but here it is.

Quick overview of some of the news:

   Rewritten rexxkuang11.library with:
   Some new and updated KSM files
   Added some new options to IRCSound
   Added \sound and \psound recognition for the #?.ksm files.
   Added recognition for $$ID in the #?.ksm files. Replaced by the number of the current message.
   Added recognition for $$TOTAL in the #?.ksm files. Replaced by the total number of messages.
   Added size check to all Kuang11 AutoUpdate files. Will prevent/fix partial downloads.
   Added support for automatic locale catalogs download.
   Added Kuang11IG.amirx (/KIG). Muirexx gui to handle Ignores easily.
   Added /ANOTI Works same as /AMSG but uses notices.
   Added Kuang11HELP.amirx (/KHELP) All commands & sub-commands now have a help text.
   Removed Nick change on massmode protection.
   Changed ALL bans so they match *!*UserName@Host
   Added new k11 public plugin code.
   Added Kuang11 Plugin and Library unload/flush/reload.
   Added AmIRC version check to Kuang11 AutoUpdater.
   New KGUI layout with images.
   Multiple Scripts cleanup.
   Kuang11 library autodoc.
   Improved some parts in away..
   Away notice is send only once to the same user.
   Added undernet to Kuang11AUTH.
   New K11 CTCP Plugin script for users with XDCC file servers.
   Added XDCC File queue setting.
   Added %K in revenge kick message. It's replaced by kicked users nick.

   Multiple Fixes in Kuang11.amirx (kickwords, bitchmode, protection, bans)
   /Pban now really permbans automatically.
   Fixed the AutoUpdate error that happened sometimes with the file date.
   Fixed /AMSG. It now really uses /MSG.
   Fixed some bugs in KGUI (kickwords, revenge)
   Fixed Autoban output notice (*!)
   Fixed /Kban PERM numeric host.
   Fixed /AWAY QUIET so It does not change nick anymore nor display any public message.
   Fixed %N in revenge kick message. It's now replaced by kickers nick.

There are many more... A full history about the beta development will come later.

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Many thanks to all beta testers, IRCNet #AmIRC, and everyone else who helped.

GeRonImO & aMiGaFAN

PS: We are looking for an Installer programmer to do a proper aminet release.