CzAN

ELBOX COMPUTER proudly announces the new product for Amiga 1200:

FastATA ZORRO IV EIDE Controller with data transfer rate 16.6 MB/s


 * High-speed 32-bit FastATA-2/EIDE controller.

 * Two IDE ports allow to connect 4 EIDE devices (HDD, CD-ROM, CD-R,
   CD-RW, ZIP-100, ZIP-250, L-120, DVD) working in full speed.

 * Enables operation of the devices in fast modes PIO-3 and PIO-4
   up to 16.6 MB/s.

 * Installed directly to the ZORRO IV slot on A1200 ZORRO IV

 * Data transfer is several times faster than in any ZORRO II
   or Fast ZORRO II controllers.

 * Compatible with PIO-0 to PIO-4, UDMA-33, UDMA-66 devices.

 * Supports HDDs > 4GB in SPLIT or NOSPLIT (NSD, TD64) modes.

 * Autobooting from ZIP and LS-120 drives enabled.

 * Could be use simultaneously with high-speed FastATA 1200 EIDE
   internal controller.

 * The set includes very advanced software for controlling EIDE
   devices and the fastest CD file system: AllegroCDFS.

Suggested retail price: EUR 110.00
Available from: 28 April
The first presentation: 8 April on AMIGA MEETING 2000 in Lodz

Best regards,
Darek Smietana