CzAN

CS&E (1.4.2000):

    Today (Saturday) we completed formalities with a very promising new
team of developers from Liverpool in England (you know, where the Beatles
came from :) named Electronic Dreams Interactive. We will be working with
Electronic Dreams to produce high quality education and entertainment
software in the future in addition to helping to open an office. Electronic
Dreams' intention is to become the major 'in-house' development team of CS&E
and this is a goal we share with them.

    The first title is named as Cosmo's Fun Class which is an education
title featuring 17 interactive activities for the progressive learning of
your child. This includes activities covering numeracy and spatial skills by
use of fun ideas such as cooking, sport, music and even changing people's
faces! We have together enjoyed great praise from several schools in the UK
which we visited.

    Because of the years of development behind it for such a specialist
title we have made it the flagship of our education course which is part of
what you get if you join the CS&E club (more info at In addition to this Cosmo's Fun Class will be
internationally distributed as a must for serious users of the Amiga. We
expect that the price will be around 30 which includes the professional
packaging one can expect from a company such as CS&E. In the United Kingdom
over 250 stores (a similar number to our PC titles) have already agreed to
stock the product which is really getting the Amiga noticed as a machine for
education. This is great news and CS& is delighted to be publishing such a
wonderful piece of education software. A demo featuring several unrestricted
activities is under construction. This will be released of course first to
members of our club but then also through other magazines for everyone to
see how good it is.

    Much of Cosmo's Fun Class is complete and a release date of 2 months
away is not unrealistic. CS&E have stepped in to suggest final touches to
make the product as polished as possible. News will also be posted at in our next update.