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Amiga2k Picture Report #2

Just click on entire thumbnails to obtain full size images. Enjoy.

The Great T-shirt giveaway

A serious Amigian gets a T-shirt

Bill shares the view from his office

Bill McEwen in full Scala presentation mode #1

Bill McEwen in full Scala presentation mode #2 (Note the diet coke six pack on the podium. Its going to be a long night.)

Randy Hughes, the third and quiet owner of New Amiga

The Anti-Gravity Boxer guys take it all in

Bill makes a point

Bill works the crowd. Is Bill really Bono?

Gary Peake and Greenboy unify communities with a handshake

The Sun Java alliance announcement

The Red Hat announcement

Elate screenshot

Elate screenshot with boing balls

Elate screenshot with kanji

Elate screenshot #4

Tower design front view

Tower design side view

Desktop design with HDTV 16:9 monitor

Game console design #1

Game console design #2 The Jeep Box

Server design

A stack of Servers

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