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TWF News.

1. Website Update
2. TWF Opinion Polls
3. Explorer 2260 Update.
4. Maim & Mangle Update.
5. Next News Update


1. Website Update

We have unvealed our newlook TWF and Explorer 2260 websites in March with a
couple of nice pictures suitable for your workbench backdrop. The E2260
section has been brought fully uptodate so you know what to expect from the
game. Hope you like the new look. The M&M site should have a new look by
the end of first week in April.

2. TWF Opinion Polls

The current poll we've been running asked the question:

With quite a number of ports of popular PC games currently being ported
to the Amiga platform, what would be your prefered option for TWF to do ?

Just two choices this time, Game Ports or Originals.

The current scores are:

    - Game Ports 44
    - Original Games 136

So a resounding vote in favour of original games development. We have no
plans at present to port other games anyway, we were just curious to know
what people think on the subject. :)

Another poll will be put on as soon as we can think of a new one.

3. Explorer 2260 Update.

News this month:

    - Investigated openGL and accelerated X systems for Linux, 2D
      graphics layer porting started.

    - Changed the internal representation of several NPC interactions.

    - Work on improving and clarifying screen/system connections

Next month I'll contact Hyperiod to enquire about miniGL usage and finish
the texture file creator.

4. Maim & Mangle Update.

News this month:

    - A new internal release of the game engine within the next few days.

    - Updated engine now uses miniGL developed by Hyperion.

    - Work is continuing on adding the path finding to the game.

    - M&M gets a mention with a screenshot in the final issue of Amiga

And nathan has this to say.

    - Work is continuing on the user-interface with the intentions of
      getting something usable very shortly.

    - Disaster struck with nathan's amiga hardware disabling it for a couple
      of weeks. Now fixed and working well again. Did give some time to
      work on the linux version of the GUI.

5. Next News Update

1st May 2000

All the best,

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