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Amiga2k Picture Report #1

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Amiga Show shoes

Compuquick Owners, Mr & Mrs Jesrani

Techno-artist Robert Hamilton holds his Amiga T-shirt

Bob Scharp, Amiga 2K Organizer

Bob Scharp #2

Scharp, Fleecy, and McEwan

Fleecy Moss

Show crowd #1

Show crowd #2

Petro presents Scharp with an Award

Bob Scharp presents Petro with an Award

Awards crowd

Bob Scharp presents Petro with an Award #2

Petro with Diane and Bob Scharp

Holgar Kruse and another Rebol operative in the background

Andrew Korn takes a pic

Photogenics class

Henry VIII: Card and building

Amiga Inc team sets up

Banquet attendees
TV star Dick Van Dyke greets Amiga 2K by video from his Amiga studio

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