CzAN

The Not-So-Serious Inside Story Announcement
Crack-off, 31 December 2000

The pi-pi-Castro Task Force is proud to promote the latest technique
of advertising.

The pi-pi Castro Task Force hereby authorise everybody to read
the secrets of their latest technology of collecting money
in advertising and to disclose this secret to enyone on the way:

1. We, the world-famous pi-pi Castro Task Force,
   produced the world-famous graphic system
   for the world-dominant computer platform of the Ah-miga.
   Sure, we did some work. Nobody paid us for that :-(

2. Then we saw some people get big in the Ah-miga world.

3. We thought: "Why don't take money from them?"

4. We noticed Err-box produced their hardware (el mediatore).

5. Err-box produced their software (the pi-pi driver).

6. We did not help them (why should we?)

7. So we thought we could ask Err-box for money for using
   our world-famous name of pi-pi 96.

8. Therefore we are world famous. Proved.

9. Err-box did not want to pay us.

10. We asked other friends to persuade Err-box.

11. Franco Mariacchi managed to get computers
    and Special-Delusion-Kit documents
    from Err-box - FOR FREE!!! Success!!!

12. Hi-period managed to get some hardware from Err-box
    plus the same paperwork. FOR FREE!!! Success!!!

13. We did not manage to get a single pfenig from Err-box.
    And we need paper too.

14. Franco Mariacchi and Hi-period are laughing at us.

15. Therefore we are suckers.
    And our friends are laughing at us. Proved.

16. Aha. A painting family wants us to pay DM 6,000
    for using the "Pi-pi-Castro" name.

17. Therefore we wanted Err-box to pay it for us.

18. As Err-box are discussing the issue behind the curtain,
    and we need cash badly, we demand Ah-miga users
    to register our pi-pi system immediately
    and pay us for their being happy.

19. If nobody pays us, we will cry out
    that any other soap-ware worldwide is ill-egg-all.
    (Apart from our pi-pi-castro, sure enough.) Proved.

Err-box Komm-puter was happy to find
the appropriate name for this
new method of advertising: the REVERSE ADVERTISING.
Danke mucho, err-boxie.

Please remember that you have to pay us DEM 5.00 or
USD 10.00 every time you use the word "advertising".

The Pi-Pi-Castro Task Force

Courtesy of Err-box Komm-puter
De-pression De-partition-ment


There is a popular custom in Poland to make jokes
on colleagues and fellow people in the end of the year,
to summarise the most prevalent features
of their behaviour during the year.
Here is our summary of what has transpired
between the P96 team and ELBOX Computer during that time.
Please take it with a bit of reserve,
as we do not intend to offend anyone,
just to introduce a pinch of humour into the issue,
which seemed to be so tense and serious in the Amiga world.

Happy New Year!!!