CzAN

New features of StormC 4 are:
Asides from the traditional StormC Code Generator now also gcc can be used as Code Generator.
gcc will replace the old Code Generator for all future versions. For PPC a new port of gcc
for WarpOS is used. This is the first gcc-WarpUP which actually runs fully in PowerOpen,
and does not switch "on-the-fly" between PowerOpen and System V. StormC 4 runs on 68k and PPC
machines, and produces output for 68k and for WarpUP machines.

The "StormC-gcc" can link together with Linkerlibs and object files from the "old" StormC
and it directly produces Amiga Executables (no elf2exe2 needed anymore !!!). It supports
all features of StormC which gcc did not support up to now (including MixedBinary and easy
creation of Shared Libraries)

It is possible to compile through the network, so that with 4 Amigas, compilation is 4x faster.
(Currently only Envoy-Network, but TCP/IP planned)

CVS Support integrated

Major enhancements in the editor and the help-system

A tool to keep track of open bugs/todo-stuff was added

First gcc-implementation which simply installs using an Installer-Script :)

Though it is internally gcc, you can use project files and all that like usual... you do not
even notice that gcc is working there, and not the "old" StormC.