CzAN

 I have a small request: HELP

 I need betatesters.

 I also need someone to do a small journalistic preview.

 I also need someone to make a introduction/beginners guide.

 For what you may ask?

 For DVC v3.0, DVC is a util that allows direct version checking
 of files, meaning you can use DVC to check libraries on CD-ROMS etc,
 and update your system with them at the click of a button.
 It has advanced path, file and version checking.

 It also allow Direct Online Updating of your system.

 To the user (you) this will happen:

 1. Click a "DVC" update link.
 2. Click install when told a new version is available.˙D
 3. The file is installed.

 Online Updating in 3 steps (um, 2 steps really :D

 In slightly more technical terms:

 1. A support page has a, check your software "link".
 2. the user clicks the link.
 3. The browser gets the link which turns out to be a DVC list.
 4. The browser start DVC with the downloaded list as a argument.
 5. DVC checks the system and notify the user of any updates available.
 6. For each new/updated file the user may choose install.
 7. Choosing install will download and unpack.
 8. And then install the file (or run a installer script)
 9. That's it the user have updated his files.

 DVC supports raw binary files, auto install exe files,
 xpk compressed files, LHA/LZH and LZX files.
 And can be expanded to handle others. (like ZIP which is supported)
 It supports the standard Amiga Installer.
 It has a easy configuration/prefs setup.

 It comes with Installer/UnInstaller scripts.
 No need for manual installs, (or removals).

 Easily updateable, in fact you can use DVC to update DVC
 and it's related files. :D

 Comes with a BIG Amiga Guide explaining almost everything.
 (including a huge part about version strings etc :)

 It's OS friendly, supports locale.
 It can even be used as an alternative to the VersionWB GUI,
 but can provide even more info.

 And best of all, it's FREEWARE.

 Maintaining these DVC List is very easy, and can even be automated.
 DVC makes it possible to update 1 or 2 files quickly,
 instead of downloading a huge archive only to have 2 files updated.

 And DVC will have full user/developer support,
 when DVC is released to the public. (Aminet etc)
 A support website will be available where you at the click of a button
 can always check/download/update DVC itself and the files it uses.

 A FAQ will also be put up and updated as users (you) begin asking
 questions. DVC is not just a program, it's a concept that tries
 to standarise and simplify the task of individual file updates,
 and automatic software updating and installs.

 AWeb is 100% supported, other browsers will follow soon.

 Imagine using DVC to update OS3.5 or 3.9. No need to download
 the full install archive.
 If Amiga Inc. begins to use DVC you would only need to click
 a single link and all those IMPORTANT single file updates
 can be done in just a few minutes or even seconds.

 Other multifile software like MUI, SuperView, PersonalPaint,
 AWeb and many more could benefit from this.
 A user could choose updating using DVC, or just download
 a full update package.

 And let me repeat once more:    IT'S FREEWARE

 Plus I also need:

 I need betatesters. (it's in the final Alpha stage, ready for Beta)

 I also need someone to do a small journalistic preview.

 I also need someone to make a introduction/beginners guide.

 For what may I need help you may ask?

 For DVC - Direct Version Checking

                      DVC - "Watching YOUR software!"

 Kind regards,
 Roger Hågensen