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Back to the Roots Amiga-News 223

We updated "Back to the Roots" (,
the Amiga Culture Directory Project again, and we have
prepared some really nice stuff for all of you.

The gamers can relive the past with cool classics like the
fabulous adventure games "Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire"
and "Goldrush" from Sierra. Also we are very proud, that the
german Amiga company MegArts has allowed us, to put the
addictive puzzle game "Brainman" and the Kick-Off alike
Icehockey game "MegArts Hockey" online. And as always, these
were just some examples.

The sceners will find some of the hottest pc demo releases
from the Assembly 2k now in our archive, too. "Spot" from
Exceed - a demo which looks like a Pixar movie or "Art" from
Haujobb - just to name two demos. Also some demo scene
stuff, which was released a little bit earlier this year,
was uploaded.

If you like classic Amiga500 demos, then we give you the
opportunity to take a trip many years back in time with
masterpieces like "Devil's Key", "Elysium" or "The Drunk
Desert Demo".

And last but not least we have again some wonderful modules
for your ears (from musicians like Rapture, Elwood and others)
and some candy for your eyes (graphics from Peachy, PGCS,
Toast and others).

This should be enough stuff for enjoying the next rainy day in
front of your computer, therefore we wish you a lot of fun with
all these goodies.

Respects from yours

         Back to the Roots Team

           Bobic + Hippie2000