CzAN

CS&E Distribution, part of Crystal Software and Electronics Ltd, will
provide an exclusive personal service to UK independents. As one of
Britain's most active publishers, Crystal Software and Electronics is able
to target the independents by offering large margins on a large amount of
quality budget and mid-price software. CS&E Distribution has already signed
up a significant third party publisher with a full stock market listing.
CS&E will concentrate on the independents as many publishers find it
convenient to handle the multiples but difficult to maximise their
independent coverage. No other distribution company completely excludes the
nationals from their thinking.
    CS&E Distribution offers 'Triple-A' magazine as part of a growing media
division which includes the world's biggest selling Amiga games magazine
(Amiga titles and magazines are also available to indies). Triple-A is a
specialist UK independents publication with news and special offers. It will
be circulated to over 2,000 retailers every month.
    The domain will be used as an independent retailer mall
with well over 50 indies currently signed up. CS&E will promote this site,
the first of its kind giving national coverage to local retailers. A
customer can order from the secure site and have their chosen game delivered
same or next day by local courier by a local retailer.
    Excellent POS and a delivery service will be available from CS&E
Distribution. A large team of agents will be permanently on-hand via
telephone so there's no hanging around. E-mail response will be within 24
hours, often instantaneous. Next day delivery from the Internet will also be
a feature.
    For more information visit CS&E's site devoted to independent retailers
at Online by the end of October.

Best Regards,

David Connolly
Managing Director
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