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With the news that CS&E has come back to the Amiga games scene I can tell
you the latest good news that we are bringing back our projects Cosmo's Fun
Class, Carmageddon and Back in Time 2. Cosmo's Fun Class will be released
imminently. The full price of this package was expected to retail at 30-40
but we have made a special price of 14.99 since we are also including it on
Issue 10 of Amiga Survivor. However you must subscribe at 19.99 UK, 26.99
Europe or 34.99 Rest of World from CS&E directly (see our contact details
at the end). Yes we REALLY want you to subscribe to Amiga Survivor. It's
good fun. For Cosmo's Fun Class to be converted into German we would like
300 pre-orders only. Because of the size of a project like Carmageddon we
would like at the very least 1,000 pre-orders to justify our sales target of
5,000. Back in Time 2 and Cosmo's Fun Class (English) are already made so we
have set no pre-order target. Please enjoy and don't pirate them. CS&E is a
small company and by pirating you are stealing the food from my childrens'
plates :( Please e-mail with your details to pre-order. No
money will be taken now. More information will come in your Amiga print and
online magazines shortly. Amiga press please contact us for review copies.

It's good to be back. CS&E is back for the future.


Cosmo is a creation from CS&E development partner Electronics Dream Interactive.
You can visit their website at
The Cosmo brand is bright, appealing and fun for children and games players.
He is surely a Dizzy-beater (get it - groan!). We hope you will be sick
of the sight of Cosmo by next year since we plan a number of games on the
PC and Amiga. Cosmo's Fun Class is an education package for the Amiga 1200.
The package is aimed towards 4-9 year olds, with activities aimed to improve
many skills including reading, arithmetic, hand-eye co-ordination and more.
The package consists of: 17 activities, utilities garden, cookery kitchen
and a short interactive story.

Best Regards,

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Managing Director
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