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Happy Machines releases the first 3ivx public preview decoder
New 3ivx codec makes higher quality video through 56k modems possible

December 19, 2000- Happy Machines released on December 15, a test
decoder of their new video compression technology, called 3ivx. With
this codec it is possible to use the existing networks to deliver
higher quality video. Possible uses such as news reports and live
events are now viewable on low speed connections.

"Innovation is our motivation. Because there are so many 56k modem
users today, we want to give them a real television experience
instead of those flickering images you can see today. On the other
hand we see the broadband users waiting for video on demand and other
high quality video services. Our product gives content owners and
network providers the tools to deliver." said Dirk Laureyssens CEO of
Happy Machines

Since the start of the project 3 months ago the web-site
received millions of visitors looking for information on the
development of the product.

The 3ivx advantages are:
- Great compression
- Great quality
- Available on all major platforms very soon (Windows, Macintosh,
  *nix (including Linux), BeOS and Amiga)
- Can be streamed, progressively downloaded, or downloaded

On the technical side this translates into:
- Adaptive Quantization Artifact Reducation
- Automatic Keyframe Detection and Insertion
- Variable Keyframe Detection Thresholding
- Variable Maximum Delta Spans
- Variable Motion Search Range
- Advanced Coding Efficiency
- Variable Quality Rates
- Variable Frame Rates
- Variable Size
- High Quality Colour Space Conversion
- Full, Half and Quarter Pel Motion Compensation
- N-dimensional HyperVop Architecture
- Based on the MPEG4v3 ISO standard
- QuickTime Compatible, able to be used in any QuickTime Application

The public previews of the 3ivx decoder for windows and for macintosh
are available immediately for download from or
the mirror site Test movies can
be found  on our content site

Happy Machines also referred to as the Think-Tank is a small Belgian
company with an extremely creative team and an international network
of inventors, software and hardware developers, designers in various
fields such as imaging, satellite communications, artificial
intelligence, machinery etc., which has contacts with
top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is also member of the
MPEG-group and is an Immarsat partner. It is orientated on project
development and related intellectual properties.

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