CzAN

 PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX lets SViewIV work as ImageFX loader

 Anyone who owns a valid keyfile for SViewIV now also can utilize the
 new "SUPERVIEW" IFX loader module with ImageFX 2.6 and above - it's
 distributed as part of the main program, but add-on wise.

 Additional ultra-speed can be achieved through SuperView-Library's
 optional PPC modules - which are working completely transparently.

 Additional information on SViewIV/PPC can be found under - including download links to
 Aminet and to the RegNet creditcard-based online registration site.

 If you can't wait, here's some more information.
 SViewIV comes with the following SVObject loaders for images:

   - IFF-ACBM         - Windows,OS/2 BMP   - PNM (PBM,PGM,PPM)
   - IFF-ILBM         - JPEG (JFIF v6)     - IMG (GEM Graphics)
   - IFF-DEEP         - PhotoCD            - WPG (WP Bitmaps)
   - IFF-FAXX         - TIFF               - MacPaint MAC
   - IFF-PBM          - PCX                - EPS (Header/PS)
   - IFF-RGB8         - Atari Degas        - C64 (Koala, Doodle)
   - IFF-RGBN         - Spectrum ZX        - TIM
   - IFF-RGFX         - XWD                - FBM
   - IFF-YUVN         - Windows Icon       - CDR-Previews
   - QRT/POV Raytrace - Mac PICT-2         - SGI
   - SPP              - SVG                - Targa
   - Pictor/PCPaint   - SunRaster          - UtahRLE
   - PNG              - CVP (passphoto)    - Icons (WB/Magic/New)

   as well as all OS3-Datatypes
   and 24 Bit DataTypes (picture.datatype V43).

   Many formats with 24 Bit-Support.
   Reads XPK- and PP20-packed data via Unpack.svobject.

   Writes C-Sourcecode in chunky/RGB notation.

   Together with external third party programs also the
   following file formats seamlessly can be embedded:

   File Format        needs program   also needs support for
   - AMF                MetaView        (ILBM)
   - CLP                MetaView        (ILBM)
   - DXF/AutoCAD (tm)   MetaView        (ILBM)
   - FIG                AmiFIG          (Postscript)
                  or:   MetaView        (ILBM)
   - CGM                GPlot           (Postscript)
                  or:   MetaView        (ILBM)
   - IFF-DR2D           MetaView        (ILBM)
   - IFF-DRSD           MetaView        (ILBM)
   - Limbo              Limbo 4.0       (PNM)
   - Postscript (TM)    Ghostscript     -
   - WPG-Vector         MetaView        (ILBM)
   - WMF                MetaView        (ILBM)

 (*) attached you find a preview copy of the IFX loader for

 (**) in the current version, all images are imported
      as 24 bit for quality. If there's demand for colormaps
      or a SAVER module, this would be an option for
      future releases.