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  A M I G A   2 K   S H O W   -   M I X   O F   O L D   A N D   N E W

          B O X E R ,   A N T I - G R A V I T Y ,   A M I G A

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       I B R O W S E   2 . 2   U P G R A D E   A V A I L A B L E

        F U S I O N   V 3 . 2   F O R   6 8 K   R E L E A S E D

 Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

  We're back from the Amiga 2K show in Saint Louis, and very pleased we
 went. This was the first major show for Amiga under the new regime,
 and we feel they did very well. It's a different Amiga world now, and
 some are going to be unhappy about that fact. We've already seen many
 postings both from those upset and with and those accepting of the new
 Amiga directions. We'd hoped to have more information for you about
 those plans than we do, but there has been little put out by Amiga
 since the show. In part, that's due to problems with their web site
 (see below). We expect more details to be released to the public as
 soon as things settle down for Amiga, and we'll bring them to you. The
 overall direction is clear, and we discuss it some in our show report,
  Other than the show, there's not a great deal of news at the moment.
 We do have some items we think you'll find interesting, so wish you
 happy reading.
  Brad Webb,
 E-mail to the E-ditor:

 27 Mar 2000
  {The following was received in a note responding to last issue's
 request for information about otbaining BVision cards. Thanks Tony for
 esnding the URL along. Brad}

 23 Mar 2000

  I'm not sure whether I'd read the updates at all if you didn't bring
 them to me. OTOH, if they're taking space that could go to other
 useful information, then they're getting in the way, and I could find
 them online. I read them so I obviously care.

  Instead of reprinting the whole, long thing, could you give us a
 precis of each update and remind us where on the web it is?

  'Til next time,
  There were too many responses to my request for reader thoughts on
 how we should handle Executive Updates for me to include them all, so
 I selected one at random and it was Allans. Thanks to everyone who
 took the time to write!
  Allan's comments are pretty much indicitive of the concensus. What
 we'll probably do in the future is make a judgement based on the size
 of the Executive Update. Smaller ones we'll most likely include in AU,
 larger ones we'll probably summarize, then include the URL to the full
  If we find this doesn't work out well for our readers, we'll take
 another look at the issue.

 9 April, 2000
  I'm looking for software for a Tiny Tiger II hard drive
 connected to the parallel port of the A1000. Do you have or do you
 know where I can get such. It was made by M.A.S.T. Memory and Storage
  Hoo Boy, does this question take me back! We remember M.A.S.T. from
 the very early days, but we're not familiar with the Tiny Tiger II.
 Another one I have to toss to the readers for help, and this one is a
 bit of a challenge. Anyone have any ideas?

  A M I G A   2 K   S H O W   -   M I X   O F   O L D   A N D   N E W

 By Brad Webb

  The Amiga 2K show in Saint Louis, March 31 through April 2, was a
 "must attend". This was the first major show to be presented since the
 newest Amiga Inc. was formed, and took over the management of the
 Amiga computer. The real interest was in what Amiga Inc. would be
 announcing, both to the developer community in private and the world
 at large.
  The show itself was what most Amiga computer shows have been in
 recent years - a sort of a combination family reunion and rummage
 sale, with a bit of an amature feel in its organization. That doesn't
 mean it's not fun, well done or worthwhile - only that there's a
 certain "Amiga" quality that is hard to describe.
  There were new products available. To our mind, the most significant
 was from Best Power, a well-known maker of uninteruptible power
 supplies for the mainstream computer industry. Best Power now has
 software to link Amigas to their products, thanks to the dedication of
 their employee Jamie Krueger. Jamie is responsible for maintaining the
 software on 14 different UNIX varieties for Best Power. He does this
 on an Amiga 4000 tower, using AREXX to update the various UNIX machines
 as he goes. This has to be one of the best stories to come out of this
  We counted about 40 booths on a good-sized exhibition floor. We don't
 have actual attendance numbers, but while there were many people
 there, we didn't feel the crowds were actually large.
  Friday was reserved for the Amiga Developers' Association meeting,
 and the Developer Conference. There had been an Exhibitor meeting
 scheduled, but it was cancelled. The Developer's Association is an
 informal grouping of Developers, with Kermit Woodall of Nova Design
 leading the way. The Developer Conference, which was well attended,
 was a closed forum for Amiga Incorporated to present their plans for
 the future. The forum was only available to those who signed
 Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  What can be said about the new Amigas is that while Amiga will
 produce hardware references, they will not be a hardware company.
 Others will build the boxes. The new Amiga software environment will be
 hardware independent, and will feature several products from Amiga's
 partner TAO. This will include both the Elate RTOS and TAO's superb
 Java Engine. The TAO products will be wrapped in an Amiga environment
 which will lie between them and the user. All this will sit on top of
 Linux, though TAO products can operate with any underlying OS, or even
 none at all - who knows what the future may bring in this area? The
 hardware independence is a function of TAO's use of a Virtual
 Processor in it's software.

  Here are some of our observations from the show, in the form of "word

  More Amiga t-shirt designs than I've seen in a long time wandering
 about the Henry VIII motel. We had our own to show off, of course.

  The Henry VIII itself - a rambling, doomed, interconnected set of
 buildings displaying faded elegance, wonderful woodwork, a ridiculous
 idea of what architecture was like in the time of Henry VIII, the most
 confusing room numbering system I've ever seen, and a staff whose
 Southern approach to life seemed a bit out of place in such a place,
 but delightful nontheless. The hotel will soon be destroyed to make
 way for airport expansion. We understand the home of show organizer
 Bob Scharp may suffer the same fate. The staff provided good service
 and showed surprisingly high morale during the show despite knowing
 the fate of the work-place. Some call this progress.

  Crowds of Amigans filling the aisles in search of goodies and finding
 many, though few new products.

  Gil and his 500 (!!) raffle tickets. He did not win the Developer
 System despite purchasing what must be a record number. He won a lot
 of other items, though.

  The developer system itself. At this stage just a plain, beige, small
 tower PC with a paper Amiga logo pasted to the front. But oh, what it
 promises. Current minimum specs: AMD K6-II 500 Mhz, GeForce Prophet 3D
 video card, SoundBlaster PCI card, 64 megs of ram.

  Bill McEwen's marvelous and genuinely inspirational speech at the
 Saturday night banquet. Most want to believe, but most are too many
 times stung by false promises in the past to be entirely comfortable
 yet. Still, there's something very different and reassuring about the
 new Amiga crew. During his talk, McEwen showed some almost wildly
 modernistic concept models for both desktop machines and games
 consoles. These models were the work of Disney employees, provided
 free of charge to Amiga. There has been mis-information about the
 models and their use by Amiga. First, the Disney employees created the
 models on their own and NOT as a Disney product. Second, the concepts
 were clearly presented by McEwen as possibilities for hardware
 reference standards, not as something Amiga was going to make itself.
 Too bad the misunderstandings have arisen, as the concept models and
 the way they were given to Amiga is the real story here.

  Scala used for Bill's presentation rather than Powerpoint! So much
 better. So sad it was running on a PC laptop.

  Positive reaction from the banquet crowd to Amiga's list of partners,
 including TAO of course, Sun, Motorola, ESI, Corel, JVC, ARM and Red
 Hat. It should be noted the extent of the partnerships was not
 revealed. Positive reaction also to the list of companies pledging
 software, which included ACT, Epic, DCE, Met@Box, Scala, something
 called Amiga Development, Haage & Partner, Digital Images, Hyperion,
 Crystal Software, others. The official number of current Amiga
 packages scheduled for porting is 117.

  The demonstration of what TAO by itself can do, after the banquet.
 Running several copies of Quake at once, and Doom, and utilities -
 with no slowdown. Combined with the plans announced, there's much to
 look forward to.

  The t-shirt rush at the banquet. A unique item only for attendees -
 or their spouses. Then there were the leather Amiga bomber jackets for
 the Amiga Inc. crew. As Bill McEwen pointed out, "remember what these

  Breakfast with Amigans I hadn't met before. Many marvelous
 conversations with readers and old acquaintences.

  Did Joe Torre really sleep in the lobby Saturday night? Boing shoes
 and all?

  A late Saturday night's visit to Robert Hamilton's room to see his
 "Amiga Altar". A wonderful work of art by a first rate Amiga artist.
 Illuminated manuscripts made of computer paper? Stained glass windows
 of Jay Minor and Mitchie? Of course!

  Overheard quotes - "the difference between this show and a Microsoft
 one is there are no hookers here."

  The announcement by G & G enterprises that their nascent US Amiga
 Magazine would be called "The New Amigans", by vote of the first

  Well attended classes and demonstrations. Despite a very rough start
 Saturday morning with equipment problems, these contributed much to
 the show. The problems were worked out, and things went forward well.

  The new t-shirt design which showed a boing ball breaking out of a
 box with black and white cow spots on it. Slogan: "Get out of the box.
 You'll have a ball!".

      B O X E R ,   A N T I - G R A V I T Y ,   A M I G A

 2 April, 2000

  Not only has Anti-Gravity purchased the BoXeR from Blittersoft, but
 it was announced at Amiga 2K that Amiga has established a strategic
 relationship with them, backing the BoXeR as a platform for the
 classic Amiga operating system. It will be a platform for both new and
 transitional products. The sale of BoXeR was completed on March 31,
 just in time for the show.
  Mick Tinker will remain with BoXeR as Director of BoXeR Development.
  Representatives of Anit-Gravity were present in Saint Louis for the
 announcement, which was made during the presentation by Amiga CEO Bill
 McEwen after the show's banquet.

      P R O B L E M S   W I T H   A M I G A   W E B   S I T E

 7th April 2000

  As many people are aware we are having problems with the web site.
 This is in no way a reflection of how we do business.

  This is a reflection of the inherent problems of business

  When Amino purchased all of the domains from Gateway for Amiga there
 was more than one party involved in hosting Amiga web sites.

  We have been working for months in getting everything transferred to
 our servers and our ownership.

  Now many of the people who were at Gateway/Amiga are no longer there,
 and we still are having problems with their releasing the domains to
 us. This has become very clear with our new web site, and the fact
 that thousands of mail messages are not arriving.

  We are working as quickly as possible on these issues, and hope to
 have all of this resolved today. However there are some people
 (companies) who are making this very difficult as they do not want to
 let go of our accounts. I am purposely not mentioning their companies
 here in this message, but will make it known if it becomes necessary.

  I thank everyone for their patience as we are more than frustrated at
 the lack of professionalism in working with these companies, as we
 take control of our web sites, and mail.

 Best regards,

 Bill McEwen
 Amiga, Inc.
 {Note: as this issues goes out, the problems of accessing the new site
 - which is really the old, early Gateway/Amiga site - seem to be
 coming to an end. Brad}

                  A M I G A   A N D   P H O E N I X

 2 Apr 2000

  Amiga Inc is pleased to announce its membership in the Phoenix
 Developer Consortium. Amiga Inc president and CEO Bill McEwen
 formalized the partnership at the St Louis Amiga 2K Computer Show in
 conjunction with Phoenix chairman-facilitator greenboy.

  greenboy and Phoenix core members Mario Saitti, Clash Bowley and Arto
 Malian will be working directly with Amiga's recently-appointed
 director of developer support Gary Peake to make participation in
 Phoenix an integral part of the Amiga Developer Support Network.
 Details of the developer support structure will be forthcoming through
 official Phoenix channels and were shared at Amiga 2K.

  Amiga Inc ( ) is a Washington corporation founded
 in 1999 with plans to produce a modern Amiga OS as well as a hardware
 reference platform which will take the Amiga into the modern age of
 computing. Amiga Inc is presenting for the first time in almost ten
 years an Amiga developer reference platform as well as holding the
 first official developer conference in almost the same time span.

  The Phoenix Consortium ( ) was formed in
 1999. Phoenix is an international Amiga-inspired organization
 comprised of OS and software developers, hardware engineers, dealers,
 marketing specialists, financiers, and media publishers for the
 specific purpose of designing, implementing and fostering modern
 solutions for digital desktop and convergence.

        P O S S I B L E   N E W   G E R M A N   M A G A Z I N E

  The german Internet news website has announced plans
 to publish a new German paper Amiga magazine. If can
 obtain 200 preorders for the first issue, the magazine will be
 available this coming summer. The URL is

               A F D - C O P Y R I G H T   U P D A T E

 28 March, 2000

 By Dietmar Knoll

 Hello Amigans!

  Here are some news about the project "AFD-COPYRIGHT"(TM) or "Standard
 Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM).

  This Copyright Note is an offer for all Amiga developers who want to
 release FD-Software, be it as Freeware, Giftware, Shareware or

  AFD-COPYRIGHT is now available in fifteen (15!!!) languages - all in
 two formats, as plain text and as HTML-file.

  *The latest addition is the Russian translation by Andrew Boyarintsev
 (translator) and Oleg Sergeev (proof-reader).*

  The files can now be downloaded from the Official Support Site for
 AFD-COPYRIGHT - as single files or full archive. The Address is:

  The webmasters of you are kindly requested to add it to your hotlist.

  In case should go offline again, you can also reach the
 page directly at:

  And of course, news sites are allowed to spread this message. Thanks
 for your attention, interest and support!

             V O Y A G E R   3 . 1   R E L E A S E D

 8 April, 2000

  Welcome to the latest incarnation of the V3 Portal for all users of
 Voyager. Today, we bring you not just one update, but three - and then

  Voyager 3.1 Browser is out, with a zillion more bugs fixed and
 suggestions implemented. Read a full list of changes here and download
 the archive from Vapor UK FTP or from the list of mirrors on the left.

  VFlash 1.2 available, for all your Flash needs! The PPC module is
 complete, but please install ppc.library 46.31 first

  Vpdf plugin released - view Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files as embedded

      I B R O W S E   2 . 2   U P G R A D E   A V A I L A B L E

  With virtually no fanfare and no press releases we know about,
 version 2.2 of the IBrowse web browser for Amiga has been released.
 Since we don't have a press release, and there's little information
 about the upgrade on the hisoft website, we can't tell you much about
 it. However, we don know that lots of Amigans use IBrowse, so for
 those of you interested, head over to  for
 what details there are and a downloadable upgrade.

       F U S I O N   V 3 . 2   F O R   6 8 K   R E L E A S E D

 March, 23rd 2000

 Fusion V3.2 is released.

  All Fusion users (and those anxiously awaiting the pending PPC
 release) will be pleased to here that there is a new upgrade to the
 68K version. This release confirms the continued commitment to the 68K
 Macintosh emulation, but also provides a number of improvements and

  Fusion 68K V3.2 is the final upgrade before the release of the
 PowerPC upgrade, which is nearing completion.

 Changes to V3.2

  * Added ICP Transfer Priority. You can now specify the priority the
 Mac runs at while the drives are accessed from the Amiga side though

  * Fixed OpenDevice problem with ethernet.

  * Fixed ethernet query bug.

  * Added TD64 support. A partition that is partially or completely
 above the 4G point will cause FUSION to fail to start if TD64 support
 is not available.
  Partitions are still limited to 4G in size.

  * Added support for block sizes other than 512. Up to 64K valid.

  * Fixed ICP MacBinary file copy hang.

  * Auto-start doesn't auto-quit if you change the ICP or cpu settings.

  * Added tooltype and cli switch for specifying parameter ram file.

  * Changed ethernet from software loaded to a hardware card for Open
 Transport support. Cleaned up ethernet for better Amiga ethenet card
  Ariadne card now works.

  * Fixed cursor problem with old Lucas Arts games.

  * Fixed problem with QD based video drivers.

  * Fixed slight problem with autosense SCSI data.

  * New ADB drivers with (nearly) all Mac keys mapped.

  * Added tooltype support; switches from cli now have Workbench
 tooltype equivalents.

  * Auto-start now also implies auto-quit

  * Changed 060 initial settings; now starts with only SuperScalar off.

  * Fixed miscellaneous problems with the interface related to the
 auto-iconify feature (Tall thin windows on WB fixed).

  * Fixed Timer interrupt bug that prevented QueBase from playing.

  * Added support for a couple more ROMs.

  * Updates to video drivers.

  * Updates to RsrvCold, and RsrvWarm which is now called RsrvKick.

  To obtain your copy, head for:
 Amiga Update on the net:
  All back issues available at:
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 Copyright 2000 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
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