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Press Release

August 3, 2000
Anti Gravity to focus on the BoXeR!

Anti Gravity Products will be focussing all of its efforts into the
manufacturing and distribution of the BoXeR through reseller channels. A
primary goal will be an effort to increase the installed base of Amiga users
world-wide. Meanwhile, Anti Gravity will continue to support its existing

Amigans will notice several changes over the next several months:

   o The development of a reseller network
   o The contact and support of developers
   o The hiring of personnel for all aspects of the new operation
   o The formation of a new company

The Toll free number, 800-747-2848 maintained by Anti Gravity Products for
the past 10 years will be disconnected in the next several days.
Unfortunately, a world-wide phone card company uses an identical number
except for the last digit (800-747-2840). As a result Anti Gravity receives
30 to 50 phone card calls per day. This has caused the Toll Free bill to
skyrocket, not to mention hours of wasted time. The phone companies are
unable to resolve the matter.

With sales focus shifting to reseller channels, Anti Gravity has no plans to
publish a new Toll Free number at this time. We can still be reached at

BoXeR...For everyone who has ever loved an Amiga...

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