The World Foundry seeks a 2D/3D graphic artist!

The World Foundry are looking for a talented graphics artist to
to help in the development of our revived game Maim & Mangle
set in our Explorer 2260 game universe. It is a RTS game with both
a 3D landscape and models which is radically different from any
other amiga games of this game style. It is currently being developed
for the Amiga 68k and PPC computers and taking advantage of 3D hardware
like that of the BlizzardVision GFX cards and the forthcoming Voodoo
Picasso IV addon.

Any prospective candidates must be capable of the following:

Payment will be in the form of a share of all royalties earned.

All interested parties may contact us at,
or visit our website at:

About the Company

The World Foundry has been around as a group of Amiga developers since
September '97 with the aim of developing high quality, high
specification Amiga games and became a limited company in February '99.
The company's first game Explorer 2260 for the PPC expanded Amiga Computer
is due for release 4th quarter '99.
©1999 The World Foundry, Ltd