Subject: AmiWest99 update 7-8-99
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 11:47:03 -0800

                 Press UPDATE 7/8/99

                ! AMIWEST 99 IS COMING !


Dr. Alan Havemose, Vice President of Engineering, Amiga Inc. will attend
Richard Lipes, Director of Multimedia Services Amiga Inc. will attend.
Jim Miller, Director of User Experience Amiga Inc will attend.

                    - AmiWest 99 -

This July 23rd, 24th, and 25th, at the Holiday Inn on Date Ave.
just off Madison AVE. and Interstate 80, in Sacramento,California.USA

                  Get your tickets now!

This is *The* West Coast's only AMIGA specific Exposition.

Confirmed attending AMIGA Incorporated Executives !!!!
          Jim VonHolle - Vice President, Marketing and OEM Sales.
          Darreck Lisle - User Groups Coordinator.
          Bill McEwen - Marketing and Software Development.

               - --- ---- -------------- ---- --- -
              This is a Must See AMIGA event!
                   --------- ---------


Several User Groups have signed on and will give another avenue of resouces
and experience to all AMIGA users.

Each day features fabulous hourly door prizes, demonstrations,
seminars, and instructional classes presented by many famous AMIGA
personalities, and all focusing on both the Classic and the new
AMIGA computer platforms.

 **  Friday **

July 23, 3PM______Demonstrations and Seminars begin.
     to Late      Vendors and staff begin Exposition set-up.
                  That evening we plan a get together with AMIGA
                  Executives and all participating exhibitors.
                  If you have a product---you can't miss this!!!
                  ------ Check out ------

 ** Saturday **

July 24, 10AM_____Vendor room opens. This is where you will find all
     to   5PM     things AMIGA!! If you need new or used items then
                  you must see this to believe it!
                  Demonstrations of hardare and software.
                  How-to classes--popular programs presented.
                  If you have a suggestion--register now!
                  We respect all input.
                  Seminars (some will cost) for AMIGA applications and
                  from AMIGA Incorporated Executives
                  ------ Check out ------

In addition: There is a $35  Saturday Evening Banquet Dinner
with special guest speakers and available only by advanced purchase.
Seating is limited - so order early!

 **  Sunday **

July 25, 10AM_____Same venue as Saturday including those fabulous
     to   5PM     hourly raffles. That's right--Free stuff!!
                  ------ Check out ------

AND NOW .....A few of our confirmed Vendors !!

Amazing Computing/Amiga,
Compuquick Media Center,
FWD Computing,
Lively Computing
NordicGlobal (Holger Kruse),
Nova Design.

Remember----Many products sold at AmiWest99 will have a special
            show price, so come and get that new addition for your
            world's greatest computer.

Among the seminar speakers with be Carl Sassenrath of REBOL Technologies
and "Aussie" Michael Holten of OZware, author of a number of high speed
video and audio tools for use with NewTek's Toaster/Flyer.

Professionals using the AMIGA in their everyday work will present seminars:

Toaster/Flyer Ins and Outs from a successful Sacramento Video producer.
AudioLab's  ProStaion Audio from a recording studio here in Sacramento.

A special seminar on DirOpus Magellan.
Nova Design will premier the new animated ImageFX4 at their seminar.

Not all times are set, here are those that are scheduled :

11:00 a.m. Saturday, Jim Collas trans-Atlantic call.
9-12 a.m   Saturday, with OZware (3 hours - but possible a break in there
                     which would extend the time)  This is primarily for
                     NewTek folk.
10-12 a.m. Sunday with OZware (2 hour block).

User groups have signed on -- so come on down, You Can Get Support!
                              and find others with ... Amigaitis.

Plus, an abundance of other folks "extra" equipment will be available
at excellant prices---here you can See what you Get! No on-line games.

Space is available for rent to companies, clubs, organizations, and
individuals producing Amiga related products and services.
This three day weekend event will showcase the progress that
IS the Amiga Community!

                       (one day)    (full event)
Cost after July 8th       $10            $15

Discounted Holiday Inn Reservations are available.

Call 1-916-338-5800 in advance and say "I'm attending AmiWest99!"

All proceeds for this event are used to perpetuate the exhibition.

Register at:    AmiWest
                c/o Sacramento AMIGA Computer Club
                P.O. BOX 19784
                Sacramento, CA. 95819-0784
                FAX: 1-916-369-7232

And Online at the AmiWest Website:

Vendors!  Contact John Zacharias:
          Some areas still available!

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