From: "Ben Rothwell" 
Subject: [afb] Free Amiga Needs You!!!
Date: 4 Jun 1999 18:17:58 GMT

The Free Amiga Organisation, which originally began with just aMozillaX on its
books, is trying to recruit existing freeware projects, and programmers to begin
new projects onto our books.

If you are working on a freeware project, consider joining us, we will design a
web presence for you, we will give you space on our web server
(, we will give you publicity, we will write documentation
and catalogs for your program in upto 14 languages, we will set up other
resources if you require them, such as mailing lists, anonymous ftp, cvs
repositories etc. We have skilled graphics artists whose work has appeared in
the major amiga magazines, who can work on gfx for your program, and programmers
who will offer assistance and help in C, C++, and Blitz. We are working on a
searchable database of Beta Testers to help you find beta-testers who meet your
requirements exactly.

If this appeals to you, please contact me, and I will send you the information
and will welcome you gladly into the project.

Two such projects which have joined the Free Amiga Organisation are Dry Ice and

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