aMozillaX Status Report

We are attempting now to put right some of the wrongs that have been
present through out the development period of aMozillaX, this includes
making regular status reports to keep you guys informed of our progress.

Since last weeks announcement, things are going well. We appealed for
help, and we got plenty of replies, and we are currently answering the
backlog of mails. A new recruitment has already been made, Nesset Brodd
joins the team to work on the "throbber" (transfer anim) and the Splash
screen. Nesset has previously worked with the QtMozilla guys and is
extremely talented and experienced.

Around 3 more programmers should be joining the team sometime this week
and we hope they can work to integrate some of the more exotic features
promised. However, the initial release shouldnt be affected by this
and we hope this release will be imminent. Latest alpha versions are
impressive, and the GUI has been cleaned up a great deal, and many
interesting features added. The layout engine isnt finished yet, but
it shouldnt be long.

Until next week...
Ben Rothwell, FreeAmiga Organisation Project Manager