This message appeared on Ripper mailing list by D.H. He was speaking with
Petro T. about it, so here it goes:

Okay, Jim did not leave because he wanted to. Jim wanted to make Amiga an
independent company. No longer a "daughter" of GW couple of thousend, but an
independent company. After a couple of years of nothing happening, GW started
to see some opportunities for Amiga (the plans the Jim thought of of course).
Since GW though that Amiga might help them make a healthy profit, they didn't
want to loose Amiga. So, Jim had a choice: Either leave, or leave. Contrarary
to GW official press releases, he was thrown out.

The plans that Jim had outlined before, will be followed by the new Amiga
president. The exact reason that GW wanted to get rid of
Jim, was that in fact they wanted to proceed with the plans Jim had for Amiga.
Jim wanted this too, but not for GateWay. So, he had to leave.

This is a very short version of ongoings at GW. It should give hope that GW
now sees the future for the Amiga so bright, that they even throw out one of
their main man, to keep their Amiga project going. Not nice for Jim of course,
but such is business. We can discuss whether business is always nice for
people, or not, but keep in mind that one of the main reasons Commodore went
wrong with Amiga, was that they didn't have any business sense. How else could
you loose a complete market?

My source for this information was somebody at this new Amiga Avisors Counsel
kinda thingy, who should not have told this in the first place :-). I asked
Petro for confirmation of the above, and his answer was that:
"at this point of time I can not deny it".

Plans for the Amiga will proceed as planned before, no delay because the
sudden moves at the top are expected.

Reporting live for the Ripper,

D. H.