OloFight  is  finished!   Official release of this outstanding title was at
Computer  '98  show  (Cologne)  and then available from all good Amiga dealers
around the world!

OloFight  is  a  beat'em  up  game  which  introduces many innovations over
similar  existing  Amiga  titles.  It's produced in Italy by a new software
house, The Real Ologram.


- 10 different fighters with more than 400 animation frames each

- 25fps animations

- 10 special moves for each of the fighters

- power-ups  to  strenghten  fighters and 'buy' 4  special moves of varying
  power (out of the ten available for each player), whose control is easier
  than in other similar titles

- realistic collision detection: the more  precise your moves are, the more
  harm they will cause!

- more than 3000  (three thousand!) colours  on screen at the  same time on
  any AGA Amiga

- objects moving on different parallax layers, behind/in front of fighters

- floor with 3D perspective motion!

- background music adapting itself to the game events

- 100% rendered graphics

- animated backgrounds

- shadow effect reflecting fighters' movements

- multilingual support

- many playing modes (story, survival, time attack, one-on-one, etc.)

It  will  also  handle  high-scores  for  each of the modes through our web
server, thus allowing you to rival with other players all over the world!

In  OloFight's  world,  every  match  increases  the  players'  experience,
according  to the difficulty of the match itself.  As a character gets more
experience,  both his skills and his special moves get stronger.  On top of
that,  new  special  moves are discovered.  A more powerful fighter means a
higher  score  and  consequently  higher  position  in  the  various ranks,
including the general ones which are managed by our web server, thus making
you compete with other users worldwide.


The  game  is available on floppy disks and CD, runs on any AGA-based Amiga
with  at  least  0.7Mb  ChipRAM  and  1.8Mb FastRAM.  If you own the floppy
version  or if you want to install it from the CD, 10Mbytes of HD space are

A patch for Gfx board will come soon!

MC68030+, extra RAM, CD-Drive 4X (if played from the CD drive).


The game can be bought from us and from all Amiga dealers.

The  most  convenient  method  of placing an order is to use our electronic
order form located at  You can also send
an  E-Mail  to or a FAX including your address (the phone
number  is  required!), the payment method and what version you want to buy
(floppy or CD).

A  demo is available on our web site at
and on Aminet (dir game/demo).

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