Author: Titan Computer
Written on: 04-Apr-99


I recently read your mail about the Viper card. I must tell you this is
incorrect the right name is Twister PPC. There were never exsists a Viper
project a user has got these informations from me and release this name.
Now something more about the A1200 Twister PPC Project.
The Project is a cooperation between ACT (Apollo) Haage&Partner and us
(Titan Computers). There
are 3 versions planed: G3 PPC board with 300 - 450mhz, 2 local PCI slots
with 100Mhz bus clock,
2 sockets for upto 512 MB SGRam (also 100mhz clock), 2MB Flashrom for 68k
Emulation, gfx-board
drivers and scsi-driver, 512kb 2nd level cache, turbo board needs a A1200
fit in a tower case.
additional hardwares are a gfx-board bsed on RivaTnT2 2d/3D gfx-chip with at
least 8MB graphics ram
may be 16MB, also a UW-SCSI controller with DVD support.

planed prices Twister PPC G3 300Mhz 1100.00
              TwisterVisionMaster    350.00 (with 8MB SGRam)
              TwisterSCSI            250.00

release 4th quarter 1999. More soon on our homepage


Michael Garlich
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