Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Saku 99

ESPOO, FINLAND - April 4, 1999 - Finnish Amiga Users Group is pleased to
announce it's third annual Amiga event, Saku 99. Following the success of
Saku 98, which was visited by some 500 Amiga enthusiasts, Saku 99 is aimed
to be bigger and better than the previous events. Mr. Petro Tyschtschenko
of Amiga has already confirmed his presence and other great highlights are

Saku 99 will be held on Saturday September 4th 1999 at the Science Centre
Heureka in Vantaa, near Helsinki. The venue is the same as last year and
available floor space has been increased by reserving an extra hall for the
event. The event is expected to open at 12:00 and end at 18:00. Admission
will be free of charge. Please stay tuned for more details as the planning

For further information, visit Finnish Amiga Users Group's Web Site at or E-mail
inquiries may be sent to Janne Sirén (

About Finnish Amiga Users Group

Finnish Amiga Users Group (Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.) is a non-profit
organization for promoting Amiga computing and helping Amiga users in
Finland. Also known as Saku, after it's disk magazine, the group is trying
to accomplish it's goals by organizing meetings and by publishing a disk
magazine. Since 1993 the Finnish Amiga Users Group and it's predecessors
have released almost thirty issues of the disk magazine and held several
public gatherings. Other accomplishments include the Web site and Sakunet,
a national Fidonet style network of Amiga related bulletin board systems.

Janne Siren,,